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  1. How about three words: Narrow-minded Predilection
  2. A shining example of true objectivity.
  3. I completely respect that. However, my initial response when I listened to this is that it sounded a bit amateurish. I'm not saying that to insult you or anything. I just think that your "lead synth" needs to be honed down. I don't want to be distracted thinking it sounds like a MIDI, I want to be thinking that it's an aural reference to the SNES. I wish I could offer you offer you some more clearer criticism. I am not, however, well versed in any form of music. But keep up the good work, you've got something worth pursuing here.
  4. On this page: http://www.ocremix.org/mixing/ The links to ReMixing, WIP - OC ReMixes, and Judges Decisions look like they're the links to the previous forums.
  5. Unfortunately, I don't think that this is "OCR done". I dig what you've done here (I wish more people would try their hand at the TMNT4 soundtrack) but I don't think it would be accepted as an OverClocked Remix. The first problem that I see is that it sounds a bit too MIDI-ish (especially the beginning of the song). The drums and the electric guitar at the end are great... but I think the other instruments could use something more. Secondly, I'm not so sure you've taken enough liberties from the original composition. It's kinda just a direct cover of the original song with some extra solo sections. I think you should try to give the guitar solos a bit more emphasis. On the plus side, I think the last 1:20 of the song is just great. Like I said, I love that electric guitar. With a bit more of your own personal interpretation of the song, you could have something to submit here.
  6. Anyone remember when Mr. Garrison used the word 'nigger' at the end of the Season 05 episode, Here Comes The Neighborhood? Mind you, in a great use of comedic timing, the episode ended mid-word... but it was there nonetheless.
  7. Decoy Octopus


    300 only has a 61% at rottentomatoes.com. I think I'll go see Zodiac instead.
  8. I second that. If you had told me I would still be watching South Park in 2007 some nine years ago, I would have thought it impossible. It didn't seem like the show could have a long shelf life. But Matt and Trey have managed to change the show with the times and kept it current, relevant, clever, and entertaining. The Simpsons, by comparison, were a pale shadow of their former self by seasons 10 and 11.
  9. You and me both. I guess we're just hopeless racists. Honestly, though, how often do we ever refer to anyone as a "nagger"? And, beyond that, no one ever uses it in plural form.
  10. South Park. Season 11. Tonight! The episode synopsis: 1101 - With Apologies to Jesse Jackson New cases of people using the “N” word are on the rise. While the citizens of “South Park” must contend with the widespread use of the racial slur, Cartman fights a midget.
  11. I bought the DVDs. Watched the first disc last night. It's really not that good of a show. The writing is poor (even for a children's show), the animation is choppy at times, and the writers obviously never played the games they amalgamated. I mean, Metroid is a lifeform... not a goddamn planet. I don't think this show received any unfair criticism. It's a half-assed effort.
  12. I have to admit, I'm glad you brought this up. I hadn't heard this cover and I'm rather enjoying it!
  13. Everyone aware that South Park Season 11 begins on Wednesday? And that Season 9 is on DVD Tuesday? It's about time this thread get active again!
  14. I just Googled the title... I got THIS. That what you want?
  15. Really..? I know plenty of people who have waited between one and two years from proposal to marriage.
  16. I dunno. Listening to some soundtracks have inspired me to go out and play the game. I did this both with Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Shadow of the Colossus. The soundtracks were so good that I went out of my way to buy the games.
  17. Hahahaha MaliceX, you're a moron... Inimitable, you are not.
  18. Why does Snake need to be played by a known, big name actor?
  19. I have to assume that people suggesting Steven Segal, Chuck Norris, etc. need to be in a MGS movie are joking around. Otherwise, they're being asinine like it's nobody's business.
  20. Hahaha There are weirder things is the MGSverse!
  21. Or... even with Kojima involved it could still be ass. There's a problem when brilliant men from one medium attempt to create in another. Their brilliance does not always translate. It would be best not get your hopes up.
  22. How about a Zelda game where you get to play as Ganondorf? Huh?! Any takers?
  23. Aye. My sentiments exactly. I don't want to overemphasize the Metroid Prime vibe to this song... but I hear it. And I dig it. You did something good here.
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