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  1. I'm starting to think that they just don't give a shit. With the way that Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker were related, I thought we would start to see a more coherent storyline emerge. However, Twilight Princess proved to be a bit underwhelming for those of us seeking to find a greater continuity. The entire game didn't tell us anything more about The Legend. It was just another "Link kicks the shit out of Ganondorf" tale. I think I might resign myself to the fact that some games are obviously related... others might not be. It doesn't change how much I enjoy the games.
  2. The reason it hasn't been cited is there is certainly an assumption that individuals posting in this thread are familiar with the basic schools of thought on the Zelda timeline.
  3. Out of curiosity, how many people do you actually have on your block list?
  4. I wouldn't cite the write-up from the back of the box as a source of information. Consider that the American marketing team that designed the packaging didn't have anything to do with the development of the game. Y'know, sorta in the say way that Super Castlevania IV was professed in North America to come after the events of Castlevania and Castlevania II: Simon's Quest when, in truth, it was a reimagining of the events in the first game, not a sequel. And, to be honest, my problem with your timeline is not so much that you place A Link to the Past before Zelda 1 & 2, it was that you made ALttP the first game in the timeline and put Ocarina of Time post almost everything else. Ocarina of Time is the first game in the series (or at least the part concerning Ganon). This should be obvious from how Ganondorf is presented in the game.
  5. Ehhh... no. You're wrong. You couldn't be more wrong.
  6. Hmm... I suppose SMB3 is better... but it seems weird to say. It's like the difference between perfection and perfection+1.
  7. And what differentiates this video from the dozens upon dozens of other Metal Gear Solid tribute montages that can be found on youtube and beyond?
  8. Hahaha A bit melodramatic, no? I have faith that the UnModders will go on to lead long, productive, happy lives despite having their "livelyhood [sic]...shattered into a million pieces."
  9. I'm just curious whether or not the quote formatting is inherent to vBulletin or if there is plans to return to the traditional format. On that same note, there's no longer the quick quote, URL, bold, italics, color, or size buttons and options when making a post?
  10. I'm actually surprised that name hasn't been taken up until this point.
  11. And I'm the ignorant fuck who incorrectly ran to The Orichalcon with my spambot grievances. My apologies... again.
  12. I'm sure the information will still be available in a few hours...
  13. Zuh..? Red Sleigh Down? Really? I suppose it has such brilliant scenes such as Jimmy singing The Twelve Days of Christmas and Jesus being turned inside out by a shotgun blast. Still, I consider Woodland Critter Christmas to be the pinnacle of South Park Christmas goodness. Hell, as long as nobody says that Trapped In The Closet is the best of anything, I'm quite willing to accept their opinion.
  14. I just noticed that this thread was on the verge of being purged. I figured I'd save it since I was too late to save my original thread. So, yeah... South Park. Why is it this thread only stays alive while the episodes are airing. There's tonnes of things we could talk about in the off season. ...I just can't think of any.
  15. Black Hitler? I have to say that was my first thought. Otherwise, is it supposed to be Hironobu Sakaguchi?
  16. Is it even important that there aren't octoroks in the game? I mean, Ocarina of Time didn't even include the Zelda theme and we all got over it.
  17. Maybe the development team took note of how many remixes there are of the OoT Gerudo Valley theme and didn't want to encourage another generation of them.
  18. Just making excuses..? So, if someone feels that the dungeon music was appropriate in Twilight Princess they'd be wrong because it didn't live up to your expectations? I agree that the dungeon music isn't very memorable... but I'm not sure that it "blew". Like Radical Dreamer said, "it was not invasive or annoying." It sets a mood and creates an atmosphere. In that way, I think the music was exactly what it should be.
  19. EDIT: Thanks for the heads up on the spoilers formatting, Arek. I've been away from OCR so long I'm feeling a lot like a n00b.
  20. Young Link's speed and sex kick make up for his lack of strength. Just play Link fast... and his sex kick is good too. When you actually get real good with Link, you'll be saying "Who's Young Link?" Edit: I'm not saying you shouldn't play Young Link, but the older one definitely outweighs the younger one in terms of killing and winning. In my experience, I win a lot more with Young Link because of his speed. Link does have the strength but he's much more sluggish and takes more damage. With Young Link, I'm able to jump around like a coked-up jack rabbit and make quick guerrilla strikes all the way to victory. It all really comes down to personal preference, though. Maybe, in general, Link is better than Young Link. I just know that in my case I'm better with the latter.
  21. I ordered a computer from Dell this past week so hopefully I'll have it in the next week or so. Then I'll be able to actually watch these new episodes and participate in this discussion. The world is so cold without South Park...
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