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  1. Okay, let's have a listen shall we. Liking it so far. Has that classic chiptune feel to it, but it needs more yet. Of course, I'm not even at 1:00 yet. Maybe this is still intro? ...*waits*... Okay, well I think it's fairly obvious it's gonna stay like this. It kind of sounds underdeveloped, like there's more to do that hasn't been done yet. It's sort of dramatic sounding with all the strings and stuff, like it'd be the intro to a Soap Opera. I must say, I don't really care for it personally, but it is well done, and would probably be liked by a bunch of people. The thing I'm not sure about is the chiptuneyness of it. It doesn't seem that a lot of people care for that kind of stuff.. oh well. I'm voting it in. I think it deserves a place here. Vote: Yes
  2. As for my judgement, I like the song and I don't like it. It's kind of iffy, the guitars are a bit too distorted for my personal tastes, but I think that the mix is well done, although messy in areas it seems. Overall though I think this mix would be enjoyed by the OCR public, so I say post it. Vote: Yes
  3. Well it starts out pretty cool. Didn't like that sudden transition to just percussion near the beginning though. Or that sudden percussion to flute transition, weird. Around 1:40 or so I can hear some strings or something come in that give it some nice backing... then it all suddenly dies and goes to flutes/pipes?? The hell... And then that dies and goes into some brass instrumentation. I personally sorta liked where it was going at first, but the mix is rapidly sounding like artist just couldn't make up his mind about what to do with the mix.. There, another big change, near the end it just swapped into piano solo, this is madness. Parts of the mix were good, but it seems like there are clips of about 5 different mixes tossed in here. I'd say figure out what you want to happen exactly and try again. Vote: No
  4. I don't know about this mix. As previously stated it has potential. The arrangement is good, although a little empty sounding at times, which was probably the intention: to give it a "sad" feel or some such thing. Wow. I just noticed the part Malcos was talking about with the off key notes my second time listening. Those sound pretty awful actually, even though the guitar mostly masks it. I'd say that those have to be changed for sure. As for the rest of the mix, it is good, but I think it might benefit from a sample overhaul. Vote: No
  5. Well, I think it sounds much better when the strings come in close to the end there but before that, it sounds kind of messy to me. I just went and listened to the other stuff Beej has on VGMix (this song is there too) and I think that this is probably the worst one there, but it's not really bad by any means. I'm going to give this one a begrudged yes, but only because I think it will appeal to other OCR visitors (who are the most important people really). Vote: Yes.
  6. Hmm, this sounds like it could make a really good 'spooky' mix if only the samples were less buzzy sounding. Anyway, this tune has some synth samples I don't care for (ie: the sample that starts at 1:49), but that flute type thing sounds pretty cool. Well, it's already done now. I don't know.. I think this mix would benefit from a good sample reworking, cus I like the arrangement, but a lot of those synths are just bleh.. I think this would actually sound pretty good with some more natural sounds, like the flute used. Maybe it's just my dislike of buzzy sounds (0:12-0:18 kinda bugged me), but I'm gonna have to go for a no here. Sorry bud. Vote: No
  7. Dude, this is complete ass, I can't believe you even consider this music! Only kidding. But I'm bored waiting for it to downlo- oh there we go. Okay, well it's another Final Fantasy mix, so no. ;P Kidding again. Well I'm really liking all the background stuff, but the intro seems to go on a bit long, where it's just background and then lone piano. I don't care for the sample that comes in at 1:42, what is that? A muffled pipe or something? Ah well, chalk it up to preference. 4:08 :: Horrible transition. I didn't like that at all, it just like stopped, it felt like it tripped or hiccuped or something then changed up the song. Okay, other than the above problems I personally have with it, I felt it was pretty good, albeit less interesting than I would have liked. Honestly half way through it I found myself skimming through it because I was bored, once again that can be chalked up to preference. The only real problem I can see with it is the ugly transition I mentioned, I don't like it at all, and it doesn't seem proper, or intentional. I'm saying yes, but I think it would sound much better if that were fixed up. Vote: Yes
  8. Okay, if this was a serious mix, I apologize for my previous comments, and as for details, see Pizza's post above. If this was not a serious mix, and you were trying to make my ears bleed, congratulations, you succeeded, as I was also a poor fool wearing headphones (I assumed Malcy-poo was kidding around).
  9. Hmm.. this sounds like it's- OH MY FUCKING GOD I THINK I JUST BURST AN EARDRUM! Vote: I cannot vote because I am dead.
  10. I'm don't like the lead. Not at all. It's just sickly sounding, kinda breathy/whiny. Although 0:43 brings something a bit better. It's catchy, although if it's supposed to be a dance tune it needs more bass. Way more. It makes it sound empty. Okay, it's 1:50 now, and I'm getting sick of the lead. It was whiny. Now it's 2:05 though, and this piano thing is pretty cool. Oh there's that weird synth thing again, it's not quite annoying, but it verges on it. Ew, around 2:45 i was hearing something that sounded like mp3 click, yucky. Okay overall, I liked the arrangement, but I think this mix could benefit from a sample overhaul, and the it needs to be given a nice strong bass line. Vote: No
  11. The tinkling (music box?) sounds okay. But the other stuff is sounding really.. well, bad. Sorry, but the sample quality on this mix is fairly low. 0:36 - This is where it really starts to sound ugly. Vote: No
  12. Agh! No. What is that? The kick right off is bothersome. And what the hell is this? That general midi instrument 'voice' is ugly as beans. Vote: No
  13. Okay, the music box is nice and all, a little too reverby, but I had to skip ahead to where it got more involved because it had gotten boring. Okay, this parts not so bad except the synth string lead-in. That was ugly in my opinion. And the drums here could really be a lot better. I'm thinking, either make them more involved and apparent, or drop them completely. The occasional snare and quiet snare doesn't seem to fit. Uh oh.. now I think I'm hearing bad notes (3:00 two consecutive bad sounding notes, very apparent to me, more after as well). Okay 3:27, really liking this. Faster makes it better. But still a little too reverby/delayed for my taste. Oh, that piano works well, although maybe a bit too quiet? I'm not sure, and it doesn't stick around very long.. Wow.. the ending two notes are uhm.. strange. I don't know if that's good or not.. but it's different. Vote: No
  14. Well, no, I don't like Tetris, not much anyway, hopefully I'll like this mix. Okay, this is sounding.. okay. Although the clap sounds too... loud? No, it's not loud.. it's like.. very unrealistic and strange sounding, sharp. The samples and stuff used in this mix are kinda gross at times. Not much variation in the mix, seems to be the same thing more or less over and over. The last 10 seconds are the best part. Vote: No
  15. Hey, this one starts out pretty cool. Don't care for the synth at first, but that's a preference thing. I'm actually semi-enjoying this one, at least compared to the rest of the stuff I've had to listen to today. Okay, well I've gone through the whole thing now, and I've had nothing to comment on. I don't know if that's good or bad.. I guess it means there's just nothing remarkable in the mix. Straight forward techno, nothing exciting or interesting. Vote: No
  16. Well, I like Zero's theme. But a) The synths used for intro are ugly The kick used is uglier c) Are those default Fruity samples I hear? Hmmmm.. Some aspects of this mix are really cool sounding, but I think this is yet another tune that could use some sample swapping (ooh alliteration). Vote: No
  17. The guitar sounds strange.. so does the piano.. in fact, the whole thing sounds kind of strange so far. Okay, the samples/instruments sound pretty plain, and honestly, boring, and there's virtually no variation throughout the track. I'm thinking this will have to changed around a lot before it could be accepted. Vote: No
  18. Not much to this mix. It sounds.. okay. But I dunno. I'm just not seeing this as OCR caliber. There's not enough going on for one thing, it seems rather empty. I personally find it downright annoying. Vote: No
  19. Humourous. I clicked, got a 404, perused his site, and eventually found a page he had his downloads available on. Underneath his description for the mix he's trying to submit I found: Removed 7.1.2002 [Available upon request] Interesting.
  20. Gack! I haven't voted on this yet?? Shit. I'll edit this post in a minute with my vote. *edit* Wow. Uhm, I really like the way this starts out. But when it gets bunches heavier it kinda loses something. That background guitar is a little too distorted for me. Then.. then the intro comes back. Is there anything different here? I don't think so... Well. I only like certain parts of the mix (intro/outro) but I think that overall this mix will be enjoyed by the OCR public. I say post it. Vote: Yes
  21. I pity bob@bob.com, he gets all my signed up crap.
  22. Uhm, okay. I'm voting no simply based on the fact that it starts exactly the same as the "Children" song. And for anybody who needs a link for comparison: I shall provide. Re-Vote: No
  23. Super Mario RPG 'Farewell, Star Guardian' I must honestly say that I don't care much for this tune personally. But that's because I prefer more upbeat stuff. This is a well done mix, that I've heard before from VGMix. Great song. But I found it rather boring. Sorry, Russ.
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