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  1. Well let's see.. what's wrong with this mix... Hmm.. if I had to choose something, I'd probably say that it's a little too short. It's quite good, and I wish there was more to it. Yes
  2. Do I really need to comment on a mix that I vote positively on? And while I don't care for the ending, I don't think that's enough to hold it back. Vote: Yes
  3. Okay, it sounds like while he recorded this, he was shuffling around the carpet trying to build up static electricity... Anyway! There's not enough going on in this mix. I don't find it very interesting, it's got a good sound to it, but I think it's too boring to warrant being listened to more than once. It almost sounds like something you'd hear in the lobby of a hotel or in an elevator. Vote: No.
  4. Wow.. those clap samples actually sound pretty neat like that. Don't care for that buzzy sample around 0:49. Well.. it sounds okay, but it really sounds underdeveloped. There's just not enough there, and as Tom pointed out the ending is pretty crappy. Wish his Reason file hadn't been lost, this sounds like it could be good if it had some more to it. Vote: No.
  5. Okay, the percussion was kinda neat at first, but around 2:10 I'm just getting annoyed with it. It doesn't seem full enough to me. And although I don't think the arrangement is too bad, after listening to the original song I must agree with Dan, this doesn't deviate a lot from the original. I'm kind of torn though, because the artist has made it sound better than the NES format (which isn't too hard to do). But I'm gonna have to vote no on grounds of unoriginality. Vote: No
  6. Hey hey Dan-o! Grab the song here: http://rks.no-ip.com/~ocrjudges/Ultima%20Exodus%20'Where%20the%20Unknown%20Lies'.mp3
  7. ok, let me reitirate: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I don't know the boss names from MM4, but I do know that Shadowman is from MM3. Whoopsie-doodle. I assumed ShadowMan because of "Shades of Blue." I had no clue where ShadowMan was from.
  8. Wow. I remember this theme from Dragon Warrior (which I didn't even play, my parents did). Russell has once again done a great job. He's given this piece a very epic sound. Especially when he hits the full blown orchestral goodness at 1:05. Love that horn. I don't think there's anything about this mix that I don't like.
  9. I really get a kick out of this tune, I enjoyed the new melodies incorporated. There is much tunage here that I don't recognize as being from the original Chocobo tune. And is that 'Wipeout' I hear starting at 2:49? That's nifty. All in all I must say that this is a fun tune, would probably be good for dancing if you were into that sort of thing. I don't do dancing though. But my sprite does! I give it 4 dancing Robs.
  10. I must say this is a great mix from a pretty great artist (I loved Aphrodite Oceanus). This is a nice soft smooth tune with some nice 'tinkly' (Teehee, I said 'tinkly') piano. The guitar strumming is also soft and sweet. The whole tune has a sort of laid back feel to it, until the electric guitar comes in. That bugger busts in with some heavier playing and kinda throws the whole peaceful mood of the song out the window, but it retires quickly. If I had one complaint for this song, it would be that the guitar sample used in the heavier areas wasn't as good, quality wise, as the other samples used.
  11. I'm not fond of some of the synths used, especially in that 8 bit sounding chunk, near the beginning but I think that's just me. Otherwise this mix is cool, and although some of the covered themes don't get enough attention to please me I think it's postable. Vote: Yes
  12. While I don't think this has the musical quality to get posted, I think it would be interesting to post it just for humour's sake. It's like Orky pointed out (although our end opinions differ), if Music of my Groin can make it, why not this? It's been a while since we had a comedic tune posted, as long as they're few and far between I don't think it's a problem. I'm probably the only person who'll vote yes. Ah well. Vote: Yes
  13. Oooh, well I certainly like the way it starts. Something I was expecting from this guy, I loved his Zelda Temple mix. Anyway, I'm trying my damnedest to pick something out of this mix that's bad. Oh! There it is, a sample that I don't like.. much.. well, it's.. okay.. damnit. Nothing I don't like. Vote: Yes
  14. The drums seem.. I dunno, like they don't totally fit. I'm not sure why. Otherwise, I think this is a great tune. Evan has come a long way since his "Man with the Chrono Trigger." Vote: Yes
  15. Reverse samples are neat. Too much are not. So far it's been too much, the intro is too long I think. Okay, the piano is yucky. Tom's right, it is used a lot (although not in this mix necessarily). The uh.. that buzzy sound in the foreground, that's annoying. The instrument that's playing the melody needs to be more prominent. The star-twinkly-effect sample is good, but that's about all I can think of to salvage this mix. Personal preference says No. Judge preference.. sorry, but No. Just not OCR quality. Vote: No
  16. Starts out sounding okay and cute, needs to get better though. Okay, half way through and still sounding the same... You know, I'm thinking something.. the tune is cool and all, but the chiptuney samples are really killing it. Like.. it sounds like it's doing an old school intro for a song, that just.. doesn't end. Know what I'm saying? I know going for the old school effect was the intention, but I think this would benefit from more lively samples. Old school is good sometimes, not this time. Vote: No
  17. *snicker* Okay, I'm about 1 minute in and I believe I'm hearing somebody having gas problems. And I don't mean gasoline. Wow, I'm really stumped on this one. I mean, I try and keep the OCR public in mind when I cast judgement on an entry, but I don't think anybody will really care for this one all that much.. sorry. Parts of this mix were okay, but the odd sounds effects and samples used in the background I think will put most people off. And aside from that, there was nothing really new or interesting about this mix that hadn't been done before. Vote: No
  18. Nice and calm. Very laid back feel to it. What is this a mix of? I recognize the theme.. but not sure.. I'm guessing ShadowMan from the title, but it also sounds like it could be the main theme.. is it a mesh of the two? - Rob Saunders Oh yeah, this part. Vote: Yes
  19. *blink* A car being dragged across cement? Is that what that is? It's kind of metallic and screechy sounding.. okay, joking aside, I don't think this song is horrible, especially in later areas. But that ugly sound at the beginning is just unpleasing. And the drums that come in way later should have come in sooner. Vote: No.
  20. Hey Malcos, it's on my server now, I'm listening at the moment, grab it if you need to. Okay, now this is isn't exactly my style, I find it quite boring actually, and I have a hard time judging stuff I don't care for. But I do think it's nice and sweet sounding, I don't really hear anything wrong with it except for one of the synths sounds odd, I don't know why, but the lead synth just has a sound to it that bothers me. Anyway, nothing holding this back I think.. Vote: Yes
  21. Well I'm kinda liking this so far actually. I haven't heard the lead that you guys are complaining about yet. Er, oh there it is I think.. that sure is odd sounding isn't it? It sounds like it's got some weird delay on it, that just makes it sound really horribly off to me. But as I've said about many mixes, I think this will be enjoyed by the populace. Vote: Yes.
  22. Er.. damn it Orky. You're right. This one's very hard to decide on... but I think I'm just going to have to flat out say no because it barely seems to deviate from the original. Vote: No
  23. Hmm, I've heard this before, didn't care for it.. hopefully that was an old version. *continues to listen* Well, the first thing I notice is the drums don't seem to fit in (they had trouble socializing in school, har har *slaps knee*), and like Tom said, this isn't exactly a dance mix in the way I was expecting, but I could in fact see this as a slow dance at a party or something. The unfortunate thing is that it just drones on and on, nothing special happens in it. It seems like it would be well suited for ambience or something, I dunno. Gonna have to go with my gut on this one though and vote no. Vote: No
  24. BWAHAHAHHAHAH! I'm just going to post a big fat NO because I can and it won't affect the mixes outcome anymore because it's been locked! (Keep in mind I haven't listened to it yet, but I am about to.)
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