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  1. You're not the only one, I get the same error.
  2. Well it's working now. Mix sounds great so far. I'm sure it will definitely be a keeper.
  3. Link is down? In fact, all of escariot.net appears to be down.
  4. What the hell? What prompted you to dig up this old thread?
  5. Yeah, I caught that too. Most evident from 1:28 - 1:38. It's definitely a chunk from the 600 AD overworld music. Oh uh, awesome song too!
  6. It never really dawned on me before I read this, but I think this is the exact reason why I like this song SOOO much. Now I'm thinking you should go through every character's theme, Star, write lyrics for them all! (Awesome, I started page 4)
  7. That was about the only part I didn't love. The rest is just awesome to me. I burned this to CD, then recorded to audio cassette so I could listen in my car (old, no cd player). This is one of the songs I look forward to getting to while listening to the tape.
  8. I'm assuming it's the town theme that's been remixed here. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Thank you. We need more Wild Arms mixes around here, and it'd be best if they're as good as this. Could have been longer though.
  10. Wow, I'm liking this a whole bunch actually. I read the comments posted by the other judges a while ago and anticipated something I'd really dislike, but so far this doesn't disappoint. When Dan said Grocery Store techno I guess I was expecting elevator music, but that's certainly not what I heard. Pizza made a comparison to David the Gnome, I haven't seen the show so I can better make a comparison to Kirby (Yay, Kirby!). This sounds like it could be background music for a level having Kirby riding a Chocobo. Okay, I'm rambling now. Getting back on track, I personally couldn't find much wrong with this, even with the points the other judges made to go on. The one thing that did stand out would have to be the ending, I also felt it was too abrupt. Anyway, that's all from me. Vote: Yes
  11. Well, it's nice, but it doesn't really do a whole lot. It's a little too simple. The whole time it feels like it's about to go into something a little more complex, I believe this is what Dan and Tom refer to. It just seems like half (or less than half) a song. Vote: No
  12. - Very bassy. Too bassy maybe. - Can definitely hear some default FLP samples in the synths and percussion. - Not overly exciting. Well, I'm not personally impressed by this song, and the truth is I am really torn on it. On one hand it doesn't sound bad, but on the other hand it's boring and not much happens. Going with the 'gut feeling' here. Vote: No
  13. - Guitars do sound like ducks right at first. Have to agree with Dan there. But they change after that. - The song isn't overly exciting but it's not bad. I've been listening to it for the last 20 minutes or so and can't find anything overtly wrong with it. Vote: Yes
  14. - Some of the notes sound off, like the "instrument" is out of tune. - I can hear some sort of noise in the background, makes it sound less crisp and clear. - Percussion is boring, doesn't seem to do much. In fact, the whole mix overall is kind of boring. Vote: No
  15. Melody and the drums don't interact. They sound completely separate from each other, like the drums were pulled from another song and added to the original. Vote: No
  16. - Right at 0:07 it makes my speakers go wonky. - Sounds like I'm listening to it from far away. Vote: No
  17. - Doesn't bring anything new to the song. - Seems like some of the timing was off. Vote: No
  18. - Sounds like the original with new drums. - Repetitive, doesn't really go anywhere. - What's with the fade out? With my volume settings I ended up with like 20 seconds of silence on the end. Vote: No
  19. I "prophecy" that you should spell correctly and use less retarded capitalization if you wish to be taken seriously.
  20. - Repetitive, boring, nothing interesting happens. - Spelled 'Beginning' wrong. Vote: No
  21. - Not enough variation. Original with new samples and effects. Vote: No
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