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  1. Wow. I've heard this before, and as much as I don't care for it personally, I do think it's very well arranged. Very ethnic sounding. I don't know what ethnicity to place it in, but it sounds like it would be sort of tribal, I almost expected to hear some native chanting. Anyway, good solid mix, not my preferred style or sound, but well done as far as I'm concerned. Vote: Yes
  2. It's interesting. But... no. I don't think so. A) I don't think it's as good as Music of my Groin. Even if it was I don't think we'd accept it based on that fact alone. I don't think we'd accept Shael's piece now either. C) It's really short, which is sort of redeeming and bad at the same time. Maybe if DJP wanted to post it as sort of humour post, but otherwise sorry. Vote: No
  3. http://rks.no-ip.com/~ocrjudges/DDR_3rd_Mix_-_Joga_-_Dam_Dariram.mp3 Unfortunately it got cut off, but I think it will give a general idea. And after hearing this, I have to vote no. Sorry Malc, just not enough of a rearrangement. Vote: No
  4. Well.. it certainly sounds cool. But as there are a bunch of unresolved issues I think I'll abstain from voting until some stuff is cleared up.
  5. Dan was right about it not varying much, as it repeats an earlier part later on, but it's still way up there on the quality scale as far as I'm concerned. Vote: Yes
  6. Nice to see Wild Arms getting some more recognition. Too bad I don't really care for this mix, but hey it's not supposed to be everyone's cup of tea. Sounds good, love the music, could care less for the lyrics, although I guess it would sound empty without them. Good work.
  7. What what? I PM'ed you with the URL a while ago! Re: Can't get file Uhm, actually I lost the file. But I just got it back from DarkCecil, and I'm going to re-encode it and repost it to the server. [10 minutes later] And here it is:
  8. Mmmmm... you guys are making 80's comments. May I just say here, I liked a lot of 80's music. Overall it's kind of quiet, not so great, but the arrangement seems okay and the samples are.. well they aren't bad, but they aren't anything to orgasm over either. Sounds like a high quality tune to me. Vote: Yes
  9. Uhm... I didn't get the email for this one or anything, but AntonioPizza informs me that I should post it up here, so here it is. Hopefully he has the artist info, etc. I only have the song. The remixer is Suzumebachi, that much I do know. ************************************** Nice sound coming through my headphones here. I'm not having a blast listening to it, but that's cus I'm a fan of faster paced stuff. But even so, I am enjoying it. It sounds really good, samples are well chosen, nothing sounds bad actually. I don't have the original on me for comparison, so I'm not sure how rearranged it is, but I still like it. Vote: Yes
  10. Maybe it's the liquor speaking.. but I don't think there's a whole lot done to this mix. Reduced tempo + new percussion and bass. Also the samples are icky. Vote: No
  11. I.. don't know what to say. Well done, can't see anything wrong with it. Kinda wish I had the original to go on.. oh well. Vote: Yes
  12. Cute, happy, doesn't sound like crap. That always makes for a good mix. Vote: Yes
  13. HAHAHAHHAHHHA Okay, I must make a note, that was Ginnsu. I was at his house and logged into my account to check some things and it would appear I forgot to log out. My mistake! Sorry Ginnsu!
  14. Donkey Kong Country 3 'My Red Hot Pursuit' This is one hell of an interesting piece and my goodness, what a saw. That's one sound if used to mimic an electric guitar but still recognized as not being an electric guitar, that I really like. As for the rest of this piece, normally I don't like pieces with signing, either because it just doesn't fit, or it just sucks, or both. But in this case I must make an exception, this guy's got a good voice, a voice I would expect to hear as the lead singer for some Alternative band. The drums just rock, end of story. That sitar (I hope that's what it is) gives this piece an Asian sort of edge that has always appealed to me. Overall this is well put together, I love it. Excellent work Wintermute.
  15. I wonder.. Malcos, did you maybe hit Edit instead of Quote? We can all edit eachother's posts here, so maybe that's what happened.
  16. I'm afraid that I can't say yes to this mix. It sounds like it's incomplete actually, there isn't much going on, the whole thing sounds like a chunk of the mix has been disabled, like the entire bassline or something. Vote: No
  17. ... Well I'm honestly not liking the way this starts. Although now it doesn't so bad, in fact it's gotten downright upbeat (that almost seems oxymoronic). Hmm, I like the way this is changing up it's sound a lot, although I'm most partial to the upbeat stuff like I'm hearing right now 3:40. I gotta say, I really like this mix. Aside from the intro which is kinda ugly, but I think it was intended to be that way. Like Prot said, the samples were kind of ugly, but they were used well enough that the mix didn't sound bad. I think that if you know what you're doing, you can make any sample in a mix work well. Vote: Yes
  18. I really liked this when it was first given it to me to host a while ago, but I'm gonna have to agree with the rest of the judges, it's just too empty. Also I'd like to note that this file is quite old, I've had it since August, and I'd like to think that OCRE's skills have improved since that time, and that he could give us a much better rendition of this now if he wished. Vote: No
  19. 3 yesses so far? And one of them is from Prot? Hmm, I'll have to listen really hard to find a problem with this mix. Well, the first problem is that it doesn't work well with my favorite visualization, so that's gonna be a definite no. Although honestly the guitars almost seem a little too light for my taste. Not a problem though. Vote: Yes
  20. Prot: Because it was a geocities site you had to copy the url into your address bar instead of clicking on it, geocities is kwazy like dat. On to the mix... Well, I always found this theme boring, I honestly didn't hear a lot of music from FF7 that I didn't think was crappy or boring (just me). Oh near 2:10 I hear a bit of Seph's theme, that was a tune I liked, unfortunately it dissipates quickly. This mix is getting a borderline yes from me, because I don't like the theme itself but I still like the arrangement, and it's not really fair of me to say no to something just because I don't like it. Vote: Yes
  21. I've had this song for a little while now. I likes it. Vote: Yes
  22. Ow. I'm kind of disappointed actually. I was hoping for something good so that we could actually have a Pokémon remix up here, but I just can't let this through. The synths are loud and, quite honestly, painful. The drums are boring and I had to fight to hear them under the synths, also sounds like some bad default Fruityloops samples. Vote: No
  23. For Prot: http://rks.no-ip.com/~ocrjudges/Chrono%20Trigger%20'Lavos%20Battle%20dnBoss'.mp3 Well this is certainly a style for a Lavos mix that I didn't expect. Unfortunately I'm none too keen on the mix, some parts kind of sound empty, maybe that was the intention? Maybe I'm just used to mixes with lots of reverb. I'm not too sure on this one, but I'm gonna have to go with my gut. My gut says, Maybe Only kidding. I like it, just not too sure on the emptyness I'm hearing. Vote: Yes
  24. Unlike Pizza, I actually liked the intro guitar. Although after about a minute it's starting to grate on me, I'm just glad there's some other stuff in here to detract from it now. It's only 1:30 in and I want to say yes already, but I suppose I should listen to the whole song, especially in light of what the other judges have said about the ending. *continues to listen* Not too keen on the vocals sometimes, and the ending isn't very good. It just.. ends. But I still think it sounds good. Vote: Yes
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