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  1. Sounding really messy to me. Like it's all just mixed up, the percussion particularly. I also noticed some off notes in that part in the middle. If the percussion could be cleaned up a bunch then I don't really see anything wrong with this. Even the few odd notes in the middle might be acceptable.. maybe. Vote: No
  2. Wow. I'm really liking the stuff coming out of my headphones right now. Not so close to the original to be boring, and not too far as to be unrecognizable either. I really get a kick out of the effects used, and have to say this is a great remix. Vote: Yes
  3. Offhand I can't find anything wrong with this mix. Vote: Yes
  4. I always liked this theme. And even after so many interpretations of it (several being crappy) I still like it. I've listened to it looping about 10 times now, and while I can't find anything wrong with it, I can't find anything remarkable to say about it either. But I think it's good. Going with my (rather large) gut on this one. Vote: Yes
  5. Come on guys, what's going on with this one? Are we just gonna let it sit for a while and then vote on it or what?
  6. Excellent mix. I know it's locked, I'm just adding my 2 cents. (This was another tune that kept me sane during the long trip during family holidays)
  7. Well I'm certainly liking the way this starts out. The beat is cool, and the flute is pretty. It needs some more though, I mean, this is okay for an intro, but it really should have kicked into a higher gear at 0:25 or even 0:44 (well, I suppose it did get a little more filled, but near as much as it should have). Well, I really like this mix except for two problems. 1) It never seems to pull itself out of "intro" mode. The entire song sounds like the beginning to a more complex and interesting arrangement. 2) The ending. I'll say no more. Vote: No
  8. Well, I definitely like it. There are some aspects of it that I'm not sure will be well received by the crowd. But the mix is so varied, that I imagine there might be something in here for everyone, or at least a sizable portion of everyone. If I had to complain about something, I guess it would be that some of the synths don't really fit with what's going on around them. Vote: Yes
  9. Well, I've had this for a while, but I honestly don't even remember listening to it. Which is a shame, cus if I had listened to it I might have pointed out stuff I didn't like to Starky at the time. I'm just going to have to agree with Protricity's "No real variation from the original." Aside from the beat and drums, which aren't even that noticable, it's the same old song. What I hear is exactly what Tom said actually, "it sounds quite a bit like the original with a bassline and drumbeat on top." Sorry to quote other judges instead of giving my own review, but as far as I'm concerned, the opinions are the same, why change the words. Vote: No
  10. There are parts of this where it sounds kind of empty. 1:00 springs to mind, as it's playing through there right now. Are those still supposed to be sax's? Cus they sure don't sound like it. They sound like... sick harmonicas. Also, the area around 1:45 is really.. odd. There seem to be misnote problems, am I hearing things? Actually, the whole thing right from 1:45 up to 2:33 is just bad sounding. Now, I don't know anything about vibrato or tremelo like the others guys are talking about, but I do know that the saxaphone sounds like there's something wrong with it. Or maybe it's just me, I haven't heard a lot of good saxaphone in a while. Vote: No
  11. Sounds nice. I'm not really having any problems with this mix except for the buzzy sample that showed up at 2:15, that kinda seemed out of place. The following buzzy sound sorta had the same effect, but it wasn't as bad. Aside that I don't find it particularly exciting, I don't see any reason to hold this back. I mean, I don't find a lot of Dale North's stuff particularly exciting, doesn't mean it's bad stuff. Vote: Yes
  12. HAHAHHAHAH!! Okay, I'm sorry. But those guitar samples (sounds like the midi samples on my soundcard) were just too funny. Although, I'm thinking if those were real guitars, this mix wouldn't be so bad. A little repetitive maybe, nothing new or exciting after the first loop really. Use some better guitar samples (or real guitar) and spice it up a bit and I'd vote yes. Vote: No
  13. Er, what's going on? Who's spray painting off to the right there? Okay, those louder bells (1:02) just.. don't belong. They spring out of nowhere and stand out way too much. Is it just me or were there bad notes too? Plus, the mix is boring. Nothing interesting or exciting happens. Take two loops, add a fade out ending, and you've got this mix. Vote: No
  14. I'm really getting into Evan's stuff. He's making some good shit now. And I'm too sick and tired to jabber about what makes this mix good, so I'm just gonna vote and be done with it. Vote: Yes (but only if we get a lower bitrate version) (Note: I didn't just cast this vote offhandedly, I really listened to the song and I think it's good, I'm just too tired to go into details now.) (Note #2: Read this.)
  15. i liked it, but i dunno if that's the remix i like, or the original tune. from what the rest of you are saying, it's just drums+chiptune if that's true then i'd have to say no, but i haven't heard the original so i'm a little torn... actually, i didn't like the lead anyway, it was scratchy and unclean sounding so based on that, and the fact that it sounds like the original... vote: no ps: why does it end with megaman-death sound? ;P
  16. i must have listened to this tune dozens of times during the holiday (my dad even liked it!) yes
  17. Uhm... Okay, I've heard some stuff from UBB before, and he had potential, but the fact that he couldn't do any more than a few hours work on any piece (to me) ruined a lot of his stuff. If I understand correctly he now has a full version of FruityLoops, so we shouldn't hear anymore one-shot remixes from him. Anyway, as for this mix, I find a lot of the samples just sound awful, there's the clipping that has already been mentioned, and I'm not sure, but I think I'm hearing some bad notes in one of the underlying instruments (I don't know what instrument it is.. almost sounds like a really low piano, I can't tell over that sanity breaking kick drum). This one is just much too sloppy for OC. Regardless of what has been posted on OC before, restrictions placed on the artist by software, or the absence of any remixes of this game. That's not how we judge, we judge based on quality in the here and now. Vote: No
  18. Not really much variation from the original. I had a listen to this here and well, to me I didn't think there was much done differently. Higher quality instruments is about all. Vote: No
  19. I never played Sonic games, I never owned a Sega, so I'm gonna have to vote No on this one. Seriously. Okay, well not so seriously. Nothing really new or exciting about this mix, nice generic trance/dance stuff. Vote: Yes
  20. I didn't care for this theme in the game, I always got sick of it having spent so much time in the Dark World. This mix made it listenable again. Vote: Yes
  21. Vote: Yes Star sent me to this before my vacation. I liked it then, I like it now. Btw, you forgot your vote Orky, but I think it's fairly obvious anyway.
  22. 2100 AD? How do you get there? Must be some mad cheatin skillz yo. Welcome back Monsieur Pizza.
  23. Link updated! For all the people who care. You can find more information about this mix here: http://therks.com/topgear/ Read the About section (click the white car).
  24. Inverted Silence? Would that be noise? Cus that's what this is! Har har har! *slaps knee* Okay, but seriously, I can't stand this kinda stuff. The guitar sounds okay but the guttural vocals are just annoying. The parts with the SFX from the game and all were, well as Tim put it, useless. That part with the cutesy little acoustic guitar was meh. I mean.. it sounded okay, but like, where the hell was that supposed to be from? Cus it certainly wasn't this mix. Vote: No
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