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  1. - Eep. Loud. - Too busy, bring it down a notch. - Repetitive. More variation = good. Vote: No
  2. - Catchy, enjoyable mix. - Nice, high quality samples. - Not as varied as I'd like. - Pretty short. Vote: Yes
  3. - On a quick listen, it's not unpleasant, actually quite nice. - Not much variation from the original. Too simple. Vote: No
  4. - Good samples all around here. Realistic sounding horns and strings. - Almost too long. If it weren't more varied then it would be quite boring. My headphones are messing up. I'll have to cut the review here. Vote: Yes
  5. - Spooky intro transitions well into the warm symphonic area. - Samples sound high quality and realistic. - Nice variation of a simple theme. - Could be longer, with some more interpretation. Vote: Yes
  6. - Simple, pleasant, relaxing, nothing harsh or grating. - Samples all sound great. - Noticed an audio glitch near 2:03. Bad. Vote: Yes
  7. - Great coverage of the theme. - The Metroid-like noises at the beginning are very reminiscent of the game. Gives wonderful atmostsphere to the tune. It's great. I'll have to do a more official review later but I'm tired now. Vote: Yes
  8. - Would be more enjoyable if there was a smoother transition out of the intro at 0:34. - Drum line is too soft, plain, easy going. "Kick it up a notch." - Twangy sample that starts at 1:43 is a bit too hard/sharp for where it sits. If it's surroundings were harder, or it was softer, it would fit nicer IMO. That's all I can think of for now. Vote: No
  9. - Guitar sounds wonderful. - Not much variance from original. - Drums are repetitive. - Overall song is repetitive. Vote: No
  10. - Pretty sounding. The sines are very mellow and relaxing, it's a good take on the theme. - Didn't care for one of the drum samples. - Ending is not good. The song just ends. Too short. Vote: No
  11. - Samples could be better. Specifically the percussion. - Ending is funky. The drop in tempo throws the whole thing off track. Vote: No
  12. - The introing samples really give it a baroque feel, which I enjoy and don't often see. - The cymbal crashes sound unrealistic and unpleasant. - The prolonged silences sound kind of odd, but not altogether bad. Vote: Yes
  13. Locking. Even if Orky and Prot said Yes, No is in the majority.
  14. - Enjoyable catchy beat, but that comes from the original. - Too repetitive, doesn't really go anywhere. - Too simple, not enough to it. Vote: No
  15. - Too close to original. - Volume way too high. - RKS are my initials. Instant no vote. Vote: No
  16. - Sounds good. Enjoyable synths/samples, no discordant notes. - Nothing much happens. Fairly repetitive. - Percussion could maybe have been improved with more variance, but okay as is. Vote: Yes
  17. - Guitar is played well but recording sounds horrible. Like it was recorded through a bad microphone or at low quality. - I also hear background hiss. - The guitar effect sounds cut/copy and pasted. Example: 0:30-0:40 it sounds like an effect was suddenly applied and then turned off. - The drums don't do a whole lot, fairly simple/straightforward, but that alone wouldn't hold it back from me. - Change in drum loop at 3:00 would feel nicer if it wasn't so sudden. Vote: No
  18. - Music box was great, sounds very nice, as do most of the other samples. - Panned left harmonica was rather bland/simple. Could have used some reverb, delay, something to make it stop less suddenly. - The sample brought in at 2:31 sounded out of place and too frequent/repetitive. If it was supposed to be a cricket chirp it sounded unnatural. - The usage of the "Cricket" sample behind the lead at 3:52 doesn't work. Would sound much better without it. - Arrangement sounds top notch. But: Until I get hold of an original, I'm going to take Protricity's word that the mix isn't well developed and is a basic sample swap mix. In such a case, it isn't the arrangement that appeals to me, it's the original. Vote: No
  19. - The percussion sounds kind of messy, like you tried to make it too complex*. - Some of the synths are louder/sharper/harsher than my ears would like. Don't know what to suggest for that, I assume you chose the synths you wanted, but if it hurts to listen to a song, it significantly lessens the appreciation/enjoyment value. - 2:20 is like an all out ear assault. It just goes nuts, and maybe that was your intention, but I don't think it came out sounding real nice. - The ending is too simple, it just stops**. I can't provide any ideas, but you really should try something else. Vote: No * I usually write my comments before reading the other judges' comments, so it only now occurs to me that everyone else felt the complex drums were the best part. My opinion still stands though, take it or leave it. ** My file is 3:55. Maybe it ended improperly?
  20. Hey now, there's always worse . . . btw, what's your vote? He told me it was a resounding yes, and you can believe me because I'm.. uh... Canadian. We never lie. It's genetic. Really. Anyway! On to the song. So far it's not bad, heard an interesting placement of the dying sound effect. Well, my only qualm with it so far (2:45) is that it seems fairly repetitive. I think it could do without the vocal sample, but that's just me. Well, it's done now, and I didn't really hear enough to hold it back. It was fairly repetitive, specifically with the percussion, but it seems high quality. Vote: Yes
  21. The rap doesn't seem to relate to anything having to do with the game, but I can't be sure because I can't understand most of it. The background music isn't much of an improvement on the original NSF. Just different samples. Vote: No
  22. Well, this is definitely 'loungey', which is unfortunate cus I can't stand this kind of music, hah. Anyway, it's sounding good so far. Definitely has that laid back feel to it, sittin back, chillin out, etc, etc. I'm not hearing anything that sounds bad really. There's nothing here that I like honestly, but I don't hear anything to hold this back from posting. Ooh, liking the stringy bits around 3:30. This mightn't be my style, but it's definitely OC quality the way I see it. Vote: Yes Whoa. Scared myself for a minute there, stupid browser crashed just as I hit Submit. Damned MSHTML.dll
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