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  1. ARG. Two songs in one day that have done this to me. Not unlike the other Zelda song that I reviewed only minutes ago, this tune is done in an orchestral format, and while it's not as slow paced and sappy as the other song, it shares two of it's flaws at least. It's way too short, and also seems underdeveloped. Much more could have been done, and has been done in other tunes. Sorry amigo, if you could toss in some variation on the original theme and just kick it up a notch as far as interest goes, I think this could make a nice submission. But the way it is now it's just good, not 'OC' good. Vote: No
  2. Well, the arrangement doesn't seem too bad, although I'm not sure if that's the original that makes me say that or what. The samples are icky, one of them is downright godawful, it sounds like a dying cat. Better samples could yield a more agreeable result, but the way it is now, it's a no, from me at least. Vote: No
  3. Slow. Sweet. Simple. New takes on the popular themes are definitely encouraged though, and I don't see this mix taking us into territory not already covered by other mixes. Vote: No
  4. More direct link - Haven't listened yet, will judge later.
  5. What can I say? I could honestly say that, to me, the best thing about this mix is the title. The arrangement doesn't seem to be all the involved, and the samples are nigh horrible. Vote: No
  6. analoq? hey this guy's good, he did a mix for the IronMix challenge and i thought it was excellent. but that's beside the point, although this is also very good. i'm having a bit of trouble picking out the original in it, it's very subtle but it is there. great mix, wonderful variation on an old theme. i hated this tune in the game, this made it listenable. Vote: Yes
  7. I don't like it. Not at all. It's too muffled and short. The arrangement is good.. I guess. I can't really comment on it honestly as I don't recognize it at all. Because of that, I'm only stating my opinion. I would vote No, but I think it would be unfair of me to do so.
  8. Can't find anything wrong with this mix. It makes me sad. Kidding. Nice mix, won't be my favorite, but sounds OC. Vote: Yes
  9. I have .mid's that sound better than this (sample wise). The arrangement is.. well it's not horrible I think. Try sprucing this up with some tasty soundfonts or samples, anything if you can get it sounding less like a .mid file. I like Zero's theme and to hear it not be done justice breaks my heart. Vote: No
  10. I disagree. It's music. I don't find it to be likable music, but it's music none the less. Sounds like it was done on one of those old electric organs with the auto Bossa Nova, Waltz, etc on it. Vote: No
  11. Sounding pretty nifty so far, no real problems with it. Okay, so uh.. it should start doing some new stuff soon right? Hmm. Okay, so it doesn't really go anywhere, and I don't believe it expands on the original much (I'm relying on memory here, so I could be wrong). It does sound really good, and I like it, in fact, I think I'll keep it. But.. my personal likings shall not hold sway upon my judgement. Sorry, just not OC quality. Vote: No
  12. Gotta say I'm not too impressed with what I hear sample wise so far, sounding like some .mid samples, especially with the guitarish sounds, which is unfortunate because the arrangement seems to be top-notch. I'm torn on this one, I'd really like to have a listen to this with some better sounding samples, but I'm gonna go with my gut on this one. Vote: Yes
  13. Hmm, I've heard a piano arrangement of this theme before, so that's all I have to base this on, but it's still sounding really... plain. There's not too much interesting going on that I assume isn't in the original song. Also it's quite short. Just when it sounds like it's about to go somewhere, it fades out. Put some variation in, extend it a bunch, and let us have another go at it. Vote: No
  14. What's an .eqf? Okay, I'm hearing some really odd background noise, coming from the mic I'm guessing. So far it's not so bad though, some well played guitar and- HAHAH WTF? Omg. The cell phone ... oh man. I'm sorry I can't let this go through, cus it's neat, but it's just not OCR quality. The recording is pretty bad, and while the phone is entertaining it doesn't make up for the rest of the song. Vote: No
  15. Kentaro.. I recognize that name.. I think he did a pretty decent FF7 remix a while back in the WIPs. ANYway. I like the way this starts out, always been a fan of the organ, but the guitar sounds bad. And the guitar squeak sound is unneeded too. I've always felt that "guitar squeak," as I like to call it, shouldn't be included in something electronically produced. Especially if you can tell the guitar isn't real. Sorry buddy, it doesn't sound too bad, but if you had some better guitar soundage I think it could be way better. Vote: No
  16. Not nearly enough bass to the guitars. They sound like they're all treble. There's all this hard assed guitar playing through my headphones, my head should be rumbling the whole time. It's not. The drums are adding a nice percussion angle, but the guitars sound whiny and incomplete. I dunno about drum panning like Tom said, but the guitars just ruin the mix. I like the arrangement though. Get some real sounding guitar in here and this will be great by my ears. Btw: Tom, are they required? I thought they were suggested and it made the process easier or something. I stream most of the time anyway so I wouldn't really know about ID3's or not. Vote: No
  17. Wow. This is sounding good. It really is a new take on the LoZ overworld theme as I see it: No techno, no vocals. Not much else to say really. Vote: Yes
  18. Hmm This is sounding odd... The intro piano sounds okay, but the crystally sample sounds like it's timed wrong and the guitar also. The attack on the flute makes it sound out of synch at points, and of course there's the pointless little trill at 0:54. 1:10 brings it into some percussion and bass and really begins to sound a lot better... at first. Then some guitar comes in with some messy flute backing it up. Sounds like the artist went overboard here. Vote: No
  19. I'd love to say yes just because it's a piano piece, but like DiscoDan pointed out recently that's unfair to other remixers who do songs in other styles. So I will wait it out and listen to this. Damnit. I've heard this before, it's one of the songs that helped me keep my sanity on the family holiday this past summer. Maybe I'm biased, I'm not sure! ARG! I can't help but say yes, I don't hear anything wrong with it. Vote: Yes
  20. Hmm. Can't say I'm very fond of this so far. The synth doesn't seem to fit in with the drums, and later on around 1:00 there's a sample in the background that sounds like a squeak or something that was put in there by accident. The way the mix starts out sounds like it might be an intro of some sort, where the listener would expect to hear the song blossom into something with higher quality samples and just more going on, but it pretty much stays that way throughout the mix. Not very much goes on, and there are some parts of the mix that sound okay, but for the most part it just doesn't seem up to par with OCR expectations. Vote: No
  21. Nope, but I just emailed him asking. I just finished listening and review the one Zelda piece on there only to realize it wasn't a Hyrule castle piece.
  22. "Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo dodododo doooo!" - This song. Lead sounds like a .mid file sample. Gotta agree with Thomasino here. Vote: No
  23. bwahahahhhaha!! what happened to professionalism and tact? haha EDIT: It went out the door with this ... uh... song - Pro
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