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  1. I lost my father 2 months ago to a heart attack. I think of him today as I have every day. We may fight and disagree with our parents on and off in our lives, but we are lucky to have people who care so much about us. Respect and love your father in whatever way your relationship with him is, and thank him for bringing you along and having your back since the day you were born.

    Happy Father's Day!

  2. Seeing the latest posting on the old OCR frontpage reminded me of one my favesies I lost in the great hard drive crash of '07. Gecko Yamori's Streets of Rage 2 SID of Rage remix was once updated and I believe posted on vgmix from whence I originally downloaded it. It was, in my opinion, infinitely better and catchier. If anyone has Gecko's remake of SID of Rage and wouldnt mind sharing a link to it or emailing it to me I would be eternally grateful.

    Tank you.


    if i hadnt left this community gray would still be here and also this news would not have just reached me about an OCR hookup. prob b/c zircon would have picked me over pixiedicks

  4. prot = virt = gray = djp = shnabubula = wingless = mustin

    i solved the conspiracy. notice the subtle similarities of musical tonality and rhythmic sytlings. its like pandora radio listening through a playlist with these artists.

    oh and speaking of pandora, i was pleasantly surprised to find out you can create a zircon radio on pandora.

  5. wow... I was not expecting this at all! I share djp's sentiments of concern after reading through this whole thread finding not a single person who has been in contact with gray in ages... unbelievable. The whole alter identity theory was pretty interesting for about 2 pages of the thread but I'm not sure I want to find out that Gray was not a real person hah. Anyway, just missed talking to the guy and I'd rather not talk about him like he's dead so hopefully he'll pop back up with a new song or two and his magnanimous personality on the boards in the near future.

  6. hahaha dude. i have to give you major props for that intro. do you watch arrested development? that song will always be tied in my memories with Gob b/c of that show. love it.

    and the rest of the song that is actually your creation is dang good too. ultra super mega badass catchy. love it whent that dance filtered bass thingy comes in. it's so hawt. i'm so wet.

    this is one of the best ocr wips i have heard. finish her up!

  7. one of the last songs in the game. man haven't played the game in forever, so yeah. like when you are fighting... lavos or some shit.

    I got bored of studying and busted this baby out. so i lied about not doing any music until after my tests and also lied about finishing that other crappy WIP I put up last week. typical SirRus, eh?

    ok back to work, hope you dig this one more than the last


  8. seph! whats up bro. I have to say, I was not expecting this sound when I hit the link, but I'm impressed. I dig it and really want you to finish it, this is my kind of music, and makes great backgrouhd music to zone out to while studying or driving. A very different type of music than I'm used to from you - although I have been known to study while listening to above the rising falls, esp. when tests are right around the corner, gives a good sense of premonition, ha.

    Hope you and yours are doing well, and good talking to you again.

  9. OMG ITS SIRRUS 2 SEXy 4 WORDZ. I know, I know, lady(s?) of OCR I'm excited too, and guys try to keep it in your pants, cause this music is going to be an eargasm like you've never had before. There's a first time for everyone.

    Lufia - Introduction Theme

    The Original

    The Remix

    I got test block for med school in 2 weeks, so I'm starting studying 24/7 as of tomorrow. I will get back to this after I PWN GROSS ANATOMY - and I promise I will FINISH the song. I know GT will give me crap if he sees this post, but truly after 2 more weeks of studying my ass off, I will definitely be in the mood for wrapping this song up and doing absolutely nothing other than that. Unless you all tell me my song sux0rs. In which case I will be depressed and fail my tests.

    So (most of) your comments are much appreciated and will be taken into serious and loving considertion next time I get a chance to work on this.

    Hugs & Kisses,


  10. going to pick up a macbook pro 15" 2.2Ghz, comes with the 2GB of RAM and enough HD space (don't know the RPM value or whatever that thingy is of the HD but I'm sure its good enough...)

    thanks again for all the input. anybody know much about the novation sl? should I get the novation zero and midi control it with like an m-audio keystation or are the novation keys a step above? I could not find a novation product to test out at my guitar center... maudio keys are piano-ish... I've heard novations are a bit better, but I'd love to get y'all's opinions on midi controller feel.

  11. thanks for all the responses guys, zircon and analoq, just so you know I've been listening to your music (and the new FF7 album) all week while studying for my first test block of med school - I'll have you guys to thank here in a couple weeks for the music that kept me going.

    and to tie school in here - the laptop is because of med school partly too. The convenience for studying around campus and elsewhere is starting to seem like a must - so if I do go with a laptop, I appreciate your suggested specs dannthr, although the 7200rpm HD may have to be a sacrifice I haven't checked pricings for laptops yet.

    zircon I believe I remember you got a v-synth and then returned it because you were not content with the workflow, and analoq I believe you work a LOT with hardware, so its nice to have both of your opinions.

    laptop + novation midi controller (the auto-mapping seems ultra bad-ace) now the decision is mac/pc...

    thanks again

  12. yo! I need to get some musician opinions on something.

    I've been having fun playing around with the Yamaha Motif xs and the Korg M3 and I have always wanted to have a brand spankin new workstation, but I've always just stuck to a midi controller and software sounds. I do appreciate the power of this setup, although the freeze ups due to my old computer have been causing a problem. so here's the deal:

    new M3/motif xs or new laptop? and if laptop, what kind, how much RAM, what other specs should I be looking for a smooth workflow, etc.?

    I'm especially interested in those remixers who do a lot of work primarily through a rack or synth and how that workflow feels, and it would be a bonus if anyone has any specific advice on either of these two synths or if I should be looking at any other ones as well.

  13. I have a dilema and I wanted to run it by you audio gurus here at OCR. I have one audio file in stereo 44100 Hz 32-bit and another in mono 22050 Hz 32-bit. I want to concatenate the two into a single stereo mix. Now I realize that the mono file will not just magically become stereo by combining the two in an audacity project and exporting to stereo .mp3.

    My question is about if there should be any major concerns with actually doing this and playing back on a big sound system, the kind you listen to in big concerts. Now I don't think most of the people in the audience will be that audio savvy to notice TOO much of a sound drop once the mono recorded audio file kicks in, but I just want to make sure it won't sound completely horrible or if there are any tips to minimize the sound quality loss. I've been reading some interesting stuff online about how create "fake stereo" from mono recordings which I'm not too interested in doing, although the technical aspects of how the stereo sound is achieved is pretty cool. Just any little things I should be aware of since this is for a big Indian culture dance show and I don't want anything to mess up during the performance.

    As always, thanks for your time and help.

    - Ravi

  14. Just curious as to what this VST does in general. When I use it on my Cubase mixes everything sounds much more spread out, as it the name would imply, but why is that? What is it doing exactly, I mean if my audio is panned to a certain distance L/R what exactly is the stereo expander doing to make this overall sound crisper and more spacious in the audio field? Are these generally recommended to add onto the final mix, and if so how much (on a scale of 0-100 with my Steinberg plug-in)?

    Thanks for any advice in advance!


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