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  1. This is absolutely amazing! A most beautiful voice combined with the great arranging of seph and the master of production Gray, yet another 3-way powerhouse team. Honestly the ambience and production value on this is superb and one of the most professional sounding on the site that I have heard. Pixie's singing has been one of the greatest contributions to OCR I have heard in a long time as well, I am so glad she's here providing her music making and especially singing talent. And finally for seph, I haven enjoyed every song I have heard from him, and this is in my mind his best work/collab to date, which is hard for me to say since I loved his KH mix so much. This just really stands out as a fine example of 3 individually strong mixers combining their respective talents to make a great GREAT song. Way to go guys (and gal)!

  2. Claado, can I submit my finished song?

    Btw, the orchestration on To Far Away Times just makes me more tingly and emotional now. :) Good job on the orchestration.

    Yeah Reu that is some of the best dynamics I've heard on strings you really did a great job with that. Mind if I ask what you are using for your string samples?

  3. it is reviews like this from people I've respected that have helped me most. 20 songs is a lot, but remember it is quality that matters, not quantity.
    but no matter how good the intention it is somewhat lacking in the "politeness" factor to rip apart one's collective works, methods, and skills in front of the entire community. I always appreciate it when one musician does his best to help another, and Gray might welcome that help with open arms. He may have needed to hear that, but there are more courteous methods in which to communicate the message

    I'm completely with Soraya on this one. I'm sure Jared has noticed improvement in the quality of Gray's music since 20 songs ago, or at least has something nice to say in that regard.

  4. OMG. This is aMAzing. I listend to Harmony's first SOM song and was blown away by how deep and intricate the musical atmosphere was, but here we have something that completely blows any atmospheric OCR piece away... this my friend is stellar work, you have GOT IT. Harmony, please continue making your music because you are one hell of a musical pimp. I love the sweet and delicate guitar playing so don't ever leave that out of any of your songs! Very very cool.

  5. Congratulations Mythril! I have seen you around ever since my first days at OCR and know you have always been a huge member of the community. The success story you have written about on this thread reflects a lot of the same sentiments I share with you about going for your goal and how much this community has changed you for the better musically and in meeting lots of great people like Gray. A very unique and interesting song and definitely one to be proud of for a first on OCR, keep up the great work buddy, you rule!

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