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  1. I'd say that a truely single united composition would have had one source of sound fonts/samples and more coordination between the composers to plan volume levels, bass levels, etc. to truely unite the album (and subsequently make Compy Fox's life a bit easier). For instance, you would have agreed to a set amount of violinists, pianists, trumpet players, etc. and utilised them accordingly in a more united fashion. I suppose this is a bit anal retentive, but it would be quite united.

    I believe at first we were being limited to using the same free soundfonts like squidfont, cadenzza, etc. Then we all realized that only Bliz and Unknown can make free orchestral soundfonts sound like the shit. So we got to use whatever OMG$$$ samples we wanted. I am still confused about Unknowns use of guitar in his track, I think that might have been overboard or something.

  2. I have listened to nearly the whole album in random order and am now going through "chronologically" so to speak. A lot of these have rocked! I'll give my full impressions of some of my favorites later, but for now I have to say to seph, it's a good thing we threw in those church bells into our collab - it flowed real smooth into Darkeswords "Blue Skies" mix, I think it might even be the very same bell sample! Hah, great work everyone, I am very very impressed with all the talent that went into this project, from music composition to production to organization and presentation. We rock.

  3. This month is already good enough. The probability of it coming out tomorrow is 13/30, which is about 50%!! That's good, isn't it? :D

    The probability would have been 1/13 = 7.7% if you consider 13 days left starting tomorrow...

    but there are 14 days left in November starting tomorrow so the chance is actually 1/14 = 7.1%

  4. Lyrics are always an individual thing though. Personally I think of them as simply another instrument without real concrete meaning. It's the quality and tone of the words that impresses me. I think that's why many people can enjoy something like "Pillar of Salt" or "Prayer" without knowing exactly what the words mean.

    Songs can impress me lyrically but for the most part I enjoy songs just as Harmony has described it. If anyone has heard of a band Sigor Ros they just sing a bunch of jiberish in a made up language and it is some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard, and their concept is based on Harmony's idea that the beauty is found more in the sound and how it makes you feel and visualize etc. In "Dragon Song" for example my favorite part is mostly the nonlyrical singing starting at 2:30 with the "uhhhhs" and "oooohs" and textures therein.

    It was at this part in the song that I definitievly acknowledged Harmony's sweet chocolate voice as orgasmic.

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