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  1. This one really caught my attention, being of the Indian persuassion myself, I do enjoy a good ethnic mix, and star succesfully represented the traditional Indian flavor through his media in a manner rivaled only by Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, both being excellent works of art in their own rite.

    Star, thanks for this exotic and satisfying work of art, you've got the voice of OCR.

  2. wow, praise be to zircon, your post is extremely helpful. I grabbed most of that stuff that I didn't already have.

    There is such thing as a "better" soundfont player? So if I loaded my soundfonts into the sfz VST I would get a "better" sound than the commercial FL one I am currently using? Just curious what you meant by that. Also if you could look into my question I posted on the Software/Hardware sticky - would Native Instruments more cost effective than a Korg Trinity rack module/Reason. Now I'm really comparing apples/oranges/grapes, but I don't know how to spend money! I guess I couldn't go wrong with any of these quality products, but curious what the zircon has to say about it, if you had to choose one (since we both currently use FLStudio)

    "upgrade" to Reason for its professional sounds etc vs Korg module vs Native Instruments

  3. I would have to say zircon really is one of the hardest working mixers. He is all over the WIP boards and remixing forums lending a hand and his extensive knowledge when he can as well as providing OCR now with a brilliant debut mix. I heard this on the WIP boards and fell in love with its hard hitting and evocative style. I can't wait to hear more songs from this remixer.

    Rock on zircon.

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