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  1. Hah, wow as a hardcore CT fan myself, I feel like we have really done a service to CT fans everywhere. This was a spectacular idea - once again gotta give props Claado for the idea and seeing it through. Good job everyone, this is a classic project that I never get tired of listening to from time to time, because the themes are so nostalgic and we all did a great job with our reinterpretations and making them our own.

  2. man Blue, you've really mastered the art of soundscape design with your instruments. everything clicks and gives a vast and epic sound overall. I'd really say you do this better than most everyone at OCR.

    I like how you bring in the bass to fill it out after the sweet intro, and the guitar melody interspersed with chimes and synths all just come together to make this a beautiful song so far. I could keep raving but I'll just wait for the next update and then for it on the frontpage!

  3. This is really great. Very appropriate title as well. It definitely has the Pocohontas vibe and in a good way too.

    I keep asking my sister to let me know when you and her are hanging out so I can join and finally meet you in person - haha I almost got to this weekend - I told her to call me if you were at some friend's "moving to a new house party" she was telling me you might be at. Anyway, I'm in town on the weekends so hit me back if you want to hang. And by hang I mean you can play this song and all your other OCRemixes for me haha.

    Great job buddy.

  4. Roe! You did what I've been failing miserably at lately! Congratulations for getting on the site - this is some classic Roe hottness. I haven't talked to you in forever now that I think about it We used to go back and forth on the wip forums back in the day, so it was a great surprise to see you up on the front page! I love the song man, especially the drum and bass programing as JJT noted. You need to be hired to make music for matrix-esque high energy hollywood movies or somethin.

    Take care,


  5. this is hot hot hot. I am definitely a fan of BGC, and this one is my favorite by him thus far. The melodies are always catchy, the beats in this one are definitely more interesting... the string lead is the highlight of this mix for me. Fits in perfectly with the style and all the intricate hooks going on to make this mix amazing.

    Congratulations again on the marriage. Thanks for bringing us more mixes!

  6. has anyone else mentioned exploring other art forms yet? Probably sgx :P

    but really, not just drawing/painting/filming/photography, even reading mind opening literature could open new doors of creativity. This could all be a part of po!'s advice of just taking a long break... travel, read some books on the beach, explore some exotic locations that remind you of your most mind blowing dreams, such as your new songs for the South American temple's soundtrack...

    Studying abroad might be an awesome opportunity in your college years to really explore not only the musical talents abroad but the lifestyles and beauty of their lands.

  7. * Parametric EQ (only making very small modifications, +/-3db, and usually only to the lows/highs)

    * TRacks compressor (I love the sound of this, and I set it so that I get a nice, saturated mix given the type of music I do)

    * TRacks limiter (some colored limiting to keep my levels in check)

    Could you or somebody else elaborate on compression. I have found that a lot of the industry audio-engineers are frustrated with being asked to make CD's as loud as possible through compression. On OCR, the judges also tend to look down on overcompression of tracks as it loses the natural audio quality of the instruments. So my question is what is a "nice saturated mix" setting on a compresser such as the TRacks compressor. Also, do you not generally compress individual tracks like your drumset, guitars, vocals independent from each other? How do you achieve a good balance with this if you are only applying compression to the master track?

    As for what I can contribute, I found a really great series on mastering through workbooks and associated ear training from Dave Moulton (one of the top audio engineers in the world):

    Some Links:

    About Dave

    Dave's Website with GREAT mastering articles

    Golden Ears Training

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