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  1. Site Projects Request = Yes! It never hurt to ask... and honestly I would like to know the criteria we do not yet meet to get us moved in there. Does Darkesword have a better insight into this (ie what exactly we need to do to get moved in there)? I only ask because he is involved with this project and is a judge... and a moderator.. and knows stuff like this.

  2. Gray you rock! Unlike the picky sgx, I really enjoyed how you blended styles even deeper this time with the electronic breakdown. Your music never fails to excite and inspire (that seems to be my keyword reaction to all your music, but I think that is only fair because that is honestly how I feel about all your works). I don't know what else to say other than this is a perfect tribute to 5 years of OCR. Thanks yet again Gray.

  3. hey thanks for the feedback on morning sunlight fellas, and yeah seph the master volume scares me on this song... we'll have to fix that.

    Emperor (or sleepy emp now I guess) I love how dramatic and emotional your songs are, your latest WIP rocks!

    Ellywu, nice start buddy, good flow to it so far, keep developing on what you have and it should turn out magnificent. Weird that the main theme you're doing is schala and yet there is so much "Day the World Revived" but I love the transition, and those drums albeit slightly offputting at first add to the emotional impact. I would say your transition is nearly as flawless as mv's in Foray To Eastern Horizons... amazing man.

    Oyeah Bliz I'll just post in your WIP thread so go thurr for my thoughts on your latest wip. Love the new sig btw.


  4. WHATS UP.

    Here is Zeal WIP action, started it last night and got all 2:30 of the arrangement done (I sure wish the song was in the movie for longer than just 2.5 minutes...), its still pretty meh in a lot of areas, so hopefully this will get to sounding better by the time Claado gets back. Just thought I'd post it in here in case anyone was interested. http://students.ou.edu/S/Ravi.U.Sharma-1/SirRus_-_Zeal-01.mp3

    I also wanted to thank Zeality for keeping the thread alive and compiling the comments of supporters of the project. Good deal man.

  5. Beautiful and evocative. Gray really makes me think about music, and that's something I will always thank him and his songs for. There is a lot here to really sit back and wonder at. I let one of my friends listen to this song today and she said it made her want to write. Truly, most everything I have heard by Gray inspires creativity and deep concentration, and this song here is no exception. The song is dynamic in the greatest sense of the word, the listener will find the original Frog's theme entirely deconstructed and then rearranged in a manner that only one man I know could possibly mold with such style and musical intelligence, and I am happy he is here to share that with us.

  6. Like someone said earlier, I have never heard a Ziwtra song I did not fall in love with. There is so much texture, wonder, and beauty to be found in his works. Like djp said, plenty of small things to latch onto and reexperience the song fresh each time. Wonderful drumwork as usual, mindbending synths, and all coming together to paint a fantastic soundscape radiating with life.

    Magnificent, my friend.

  7. I missed a booty call?!


    It was HAWT.

    Larry was all like "Hey why aren't you ladies getting drunk?"

    The girls on the other end of the line were like "HEHEHE, WE DRINK MILK"

    Larry was like "Screw that! I'm gonna play some shitty music for you now!"

    Keep in mind these girls were like 12 and wanted what every other 12 year old girl/VGF fan wants: Larry's Body. We must support Trenthian in his attmepts to get Larry to show us his titties on the webstream!

  8. He played my CHrono Cross wip. :) He's already played Set Sail like twice dude.

    OSHIT. Sorry Larry OJI, I am no longer appalled by the show. W(hen)TF did he play your WIPS? Post-show? Damn you and all your CC songs that will forever and only be WIPs.

  9. On behalf of BliziHiZake, I would like to say I am utterly and totally appalled that neither "Set Sail" nor his old Chrono Cross WIPS were featured tonight. In the time you took to play whatever that crappy music was for those underage girls on the phone you were pimping, you could have easily fit any of those into even the aftershow line up.

    Other than that, great show! Glad to see THE Larry Oji (Yes, I cannot refer to you as just Larry, with a last name like Oji, why would anyone stop there?) back in action on Saturday nights. I have been too long without that sexy voice in my ears.

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