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  1. 5 in the AM?!?! Yeah, I got back late Sunday night to my college where I had conveniently left all my music gear over break, so I decided it was about time to invest a couple hours into getting one of my two solo WIPs a-ready for the Dec. 1 "Even Crappy WIPs Will Keep You in the Project" Deadline.

    Here's the script that I tried to work into my song so far:


    The three come through the cloth-band door of the structure, and look at the dazzling site before them.

    On a pedestal in front of them, a beam of light sits on the ground, with a hole in the ceiling that it goes up through. Flowers and decorations are everywhere within the skyway.


    Wow...didn’t think I’d see something so pretty in such a desolate place.


    An eerie feeling doesth haunt my thoughts. Shall we step into the portal?


    Well, we’ve already done it twice, and both times we ended up in a place not exactly to our liking.

    (rubs snow from hair)

    But you know, maybe the third time’s a charm.

    He steps up into the light with the others behind him, and they become three thin bands of energy that shoot into the sky and disappear.


    The three materialize in a room exactly like the one they were just in. They look around.


    We didn’t go anywhere?


    (looking out door)

    Well, it’s not snowing...


    And there are people here.

    They walk out the doorway into the...


    ...and gaze about at the things going on.

    Books are opening and shutting themselves, spewing fire and lightning and wind and water everywhere. People are casting small spells constantly, to light candles, to put them out, to fix a chair.


    A city of magic.

    So the first minute of song is supposed to depict a beautiful/eerie scene... and then the transition to where they look upon the city of magic... I started to pick up steam at the end of the WIP, but all it is for now is a beat and flute lead. So yeah... that's really not all that exciting, but I promise I'll throw in a whole slew of wonderous instruments later.. when I don't have to wake up for class in 3 hours.

    Good Night Claado, et. al.

    Zeal WIP

  2. Yeah this is really really sweet. I have always wanted to hear a kick ass take on ken's theme, and here we have it. Probably more than I could have ever asked for. I have to admit at first I was skeptical when I read on djp's write up that there were lyrics to this one, being afraid they would ruin an otherwise good remix. But after hearing this, all I can say is - wow. Rock on man. Now all you need is a music video and OCR followers everywhere can vote this onto TRL.

  3. Darke - haha glad to see you're alive, what a gentleman, taking whatever is left :wink:

    Seph, didn't Emperor or ellywu say they would be willing to collab with you earlier? If that didn't work out, I'd be more than happy to switch from Epoch to one of those two and collab with you, I haven't ever done a collab project and I think it would be pretty cool. I'm a Reason user like you too. This of course, would only complicate the shuffling of tracks around for Claado... yikes.

  4. I know you made this a long time ago, and you won't feel bad if I don't like it. So...I don't like it. :wink:

    Haha, not a problem bro, I don't especially like it all that much anymore either, I was just considering if I should try my hand at that song again or not. Really wasn't wanting to spend too much time on that one (it wasn't one of my top choices) so I'll let someone else do a much better job with it.

    So I'm down for Zeal right now.. that's like 2 minues of song. If I can claim another song right now I'd like to also do The Epoch song still, but I can hold out on that and see if some of the other mixers are going to claim it. I really would like to see them put their names to some of these songs since I am a fan of all of their stuff and am more excited to hear their takes on them than my own, haha.

  5. umm hey Claado, I just remembered I have made one other CT mix besides the one I did for the audition. It was Guardia Castle, with Secret Forest mixed into the intro/outro. It has some sax and a little piano, but other than those two instruments all orchestral. If you like it, I could go back and rework it (I made it quite a long time ago, and have learned a lot more since then). Thing is, I find it perfect for this movie type project, since when I made it I had a story in my head and was trying to narrate that (you can read about that on the vgmix write up):

    Storming Castle Guardia

    Let me know what you think about that idea. I won't really be offended if you don't like it, or would prefer a totally different take on the song. Just thought I would mention it.

  6. Yeah, the whole concept of "film scoring" is what really boosted this projects appeal for me in the first place. True, GrayLightning and other very liberal and expolorative remixers like yourself Ben would be turned off by soome of these contstraints, but I found it to be a good exercise and challenge even to design my music around certain criteria. Just a matter of perspective really... you made some good points, but I hope you are still willing to work within the guidelines Claado set out, cause in my opinion, that's the fun part.

    Yeah, so I hope all the tracks get assigned today - is Darkesword just contributing his Millenial Fair song or did he agree to work on another one for the project specifically? Just curious.

  7. Alright then, just Zeal for me until others get around to claiming songs. Also, thanks for sending me the script portion Claado, but am I blind or where do I find these short snippets on the scene with the recommended song lengths that Ben has been quoting? I don't know where the song length can be found for the Zeal scene...

    Edit - Although looking over the list and how many have been finished/reserved for other people in conjunction with how many mixers there are (11)... it will be about 2/person, and that's why I chose 2 scenes to work with. But I agree, we should let the others get a shot at picking their first choices before we claim our second choices (who didn't get here early enough! I respect Emperor for be here before everyone, as I assume his time zone made that kind of difficult...)

  8. I'm sorry I just got a little thrown off by the selection of scenes rather than songs... and I had specific songs picked out - so let me clarify something real quickly then: we are allowed and encouraged to mix different songs from the OST into each scene that we do? Kind of like what Emperor did with the main theme then? I was under the impression we would only be working with one song, and could possibly throw in "To Far Away Promises."


  9. haha o man it has begun! Why did it have to be that everyone wanted Lavos Battle - "World Revolution" was at the top of my list of songs I wanted to mess around with... and now since two people are already disputing over it, I will go ahead and make the song selection that is probably most feared and taboo:

    ZEALOLOLOL (ahem, "Corridors of Time")

    Also I would like to reserve The Epoch scene. "Wings That Cross Time" is the song mainly used for that one me thinks... sorry Claado I did not plan out how I would use the songs for the scenes - only which songs I really wanted to focus on. If my two selections go through, I will get back to you on how I will approach them. Hmm, I might actually change my mind about doing Zeal in a little bit, I wasn't planning on doing it at all until I got mad at myself for not getting up early enough to claim Lavos. But either of the two contesting over it will do a great job, I hope it gets settled soon.

  10. Weird that I haven't commented on this song, since it was the one that introduced me to OCR and led to me emailing Shariq to learn all that I could about the world of remixing.

    Shariq - I sitll listen and love this song. I have lost myself for literally hours in the world you have created with this piece, and I will never tire of revisiting it. Just thought I would go ahead and throw my support for Shariq into the mix, as this is my favorite song by him.

  11. yeah so what happened to mv? If he just couldn't finish up an audition piece, I still hope he's wanting to participate. I was just listening to his remix over at vgmix Darkest Omen that is Stuff of Legends, and it would be perfect for this project. My point is, if mv doesn't have time to make new songs for the CT Movie Project, perhaps he could "donate" Darkest Omen/whatever other CT orchestrations he worked on for the CT video game remake project he was doing...?

    Claado, in case you haven't heard mv's Darkest Omen, here is the link: Darkest Omen

    Umm yeah, is that cool Claado? Or do you want all new pieces for this project... I was just wondering a)what happened to mv and B) if his old stuff could be put on the album (with his consent) if he's too busy to make any new songs.

    Man the "showdown" is in 9 hours, I need to get to bed. Here's hoping I wake up in time... I already have my songs picked out :wink:

  12. I think sephfire will do an excellent job with Magus's theme, I can already here those sweet tribal beats kicking away to the epic battle scene - go for it seph!

    For my part, I think I have to download the .nsf file and listen to all the tracks again to get an idea of what I want, so that will be my "homework" for tonight.

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