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  1. I mean, hey, far be it for me to be so audacious to say he should change his own genius creation, but he didn't so much mean for it in the first place.

    Did he really not mean to put the CT Frog theme in there? Seems to me like that was one of the "allusion" themes Vig purposely molded into the song, I think there was controversy over some other theme that he didn't realize he was playing, but I could be wrong.

    Anyway, let's just cross our fingers for the revamped Zebesian Midnight and leave our fanboy fantasies at that.

  2. Maybe you could revisit this song a few years on, it would be an ORGASMIC experience.

    It would have to be one hell of a song to make you orgasm.

    But I agree, kind of like what Vigilante has planned for Zebesian Midnight, reworking (now) after some time, just with the new skills and production techniques he has picked up, it would greatly please all the fans of your song, maybe even help a few reach that ultimate climax of musical experiences.

  3. hmm ok yeah I know how gating works and what it is, but I've never really done it myself. In any case, there are demo files on this so no need for anyone to go into depth on that here unless there is something special to know about vocal sample gating and/or they are feeling extra generous.

    But what about retriggering vocal samples effectively. A lot of times the stutter wont just be gating the original sound file, but it will retrigger the beginning a few times before finishing the clip (I hope I am making sense with this). Any effective way of doing this within Reason or do I need to be editing the clip with a sound editing program?

  4. so.. whats the best way to do stutter effects on vocals (or anything?). loading a bunch of wavs into redrum and overlapping and tweaking volumes and omg such a mess, and I'm out of ideas... but being a n00b I have very few ideas so not really all that surprising.

    oyeah and if anyone has any other cool mixing effects on vocals (im still learning my way around the vocoder... i have no idea what I'm doing on the backside of the Reason rack) that would be pretty sweet.

    help? thanks!

  5. Just wanted to mention, as a sax player myself, that your sax playing is incredible. It has that sweeping jazzy feel to it, a beautiful tone (which is perfectly suited for the song) and fits the song perfectly.

    Ummm, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Vig was being facetious, and the nature of the instrumentation is actually the other way around (meaning live GUITAR playing and sequenced sax)? You know, if it turns out Vig really does play the sax that well, I don't know what I would do. That's why on my comment o so many pages ago I said "I love your sax" in reference to Vig's "pirated gigasample."

    In the end, I'll just say that this is probably my favourite ReMix to date. It's fantastic, overwhelming and breath-taking.

    I saw nothing wrong about this comment.

  6. Awesome, I'm still learning my way around the interface, thanks for the help. Another question about that though, now that I have created the sequencer track how come the only way to automate it is manually within the track, like on the graph. When I hit record and mess with the knobs with the mouse nothing gets recorded, like it does on say the track volume of a NNXT device. I'm glad enough that you have showed me how to automate it at all, but for convenience, wondering if it is possible to record mouse modifications on the knobs or if I can only go to the graph for this. Thanks again.

  7. another quick question:

    How do i record changes on the mixer? For example i press record, then play, then for one of the tracks i can mess around with the device its attached to and it'll record those changes. But what if i want to change the volume of the track on the mixer at a certain point? or even the master volume?

    ^^^ Came here to ask the very same thing... right clicking the sliders on the mixer gives a greyed out "Edit Automation" link... and yet I have seen Reason projects that fade out the master track and individual tracks as well - what up wid dat?

    I was also wondering if it is possible to automate the dry/wet setting on digital reverb. (SGX's tutorial on making those easy drum fills would be a lot cooler if I could automate the dry/wet setting to actually record them.)


  8. Now this is something one could go to sleep to. The piece is almost like one dreamlike journey or state of mind.

    My sentiments exactly Blue - in fact I did fall asleep to this last night.

    Disco Dan, WHERE ARE YOU. The peoples of the world/OCR demand more Disco Dan. Seriously though, the next time I see Disco Dan on the front page of OCR, I will probably cream my pants.

    As for this song? One of the best OCR songs... in the history of OCR.

  9. This one is truly worthy of showcasing the KIC project, excellent work Vig, I heard it for the first time last night on VGF and I have yet to finish my torrent download to listen to them all again (at much higher quality) but this one was one of my favorites, if not THE favorite.

    Frog's theme made me go huh? I heard the same progression as Zebesian midnight right after that too if I am not mistaken, so that whole ending passage kinda threw me for a loop, but not in a bad way. Kinda cool actually. O yeah, and I like your sax.

  10. Klutz,

    Seriously, based on these remixes here on this site, and the remixes that I've downloaded off of your personal site, you should seriously consider applying for Juliard. Although there may not be much that they can teach you any more, but I'm sure there's a master's course. :)


    It takes a lot more than you think to get into Juilliard.

    I was on a bus going to a concert in D.C. filled with a bunch of musicians and sat next to this girl who I started chatting with. She said she was going to be attending Julliard. When we got to the concert it turned out she was the main act and the piano she played that night was the most beautiful music that has ever graced my ears. Plus she was hot.

    /hot Julliard girl encounter story

    Anyway, kLuTz, I admire how you play with passion and soul, and it really shines through in your music. I have enjoyed every song of yours here at OCR and on your website, and this one is one of my favorites. I can't wait until you give us another OCR piano arrangement!

  11. I think this is the second time I have heard mv say he put together a mix in a matter of hours (someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he said the same thing somewhere about "Forray Into Eastern Horizons") Anyway, its just one of those things you've got to admire and from my perspective envy that he can produce OCR quality songs with such efficiency. Perhaps this one is not my favorite mv song, but I respect practically all of his music, and this one is no exception. I enjoyed the mood and overall feeling of this song in spite of some of the more lackluster individual parts (Prot pointed out the flute sample and percussion for example). In the end, the song as a whole is a wonderful thing. Keep it up mv.

  12. Larry rapping over SpaceBeam at the end was simply amazing.

    your interpretation with skillfully manipulated off-beat singing and harmonizing "doo doo"ing absolutely MADE your remix of this remix. plz record and submit, direct post YES OVERRIDE.

  13. Thanks Tossy that makes a lot of sense now, I was looking at it in the totally opposite direction.

    Just wondering, what is the benfits of using Cubase Rewired with Reason other than just tempo changes. What exactly is the true power of Cubase that would make someone want to go through the trouble of having these two programs linked together? The tempo automation is a good one, but that is the only thing I know of, perhaps adding VST's which Reason cannot do either, but in general, why is Rewire such a "cool" thing?

  14. I have a question about Reason.

    I understand that Reason has no audio track capabilities... it's completely MIDI (unlike Cakewalk which does MIDI and audio tracks). So with that I'm wondering how you would incorporate song-length audio (say, a recorded guitar track) into a song you were making partially with Reason.

    Is it reasonable to load, for example, a three minute long .wav of a guitar track as a sample in Reason's sampler, and play it the whole way through? Is that possible? If so, is it a decent idea, or will that be extremely awkward/unmanageable?

    The only other method I can think of would be to downmix all your Reason tracks and then combine that with other audio tracks in another program. (Or export each Reason track individually, if you can do that.... can you??)

    Well? :)

    Yeah I use both of those methods. The only problem with loading a very long sample into reason is that you have to start at the beginning of the song each time you want to hear it.

    The second idea is much better, and essential when you want to add vocals. Just solo out an instrument on the mixer, and then export. Continue soloing tracks and repeat.

    Sorry that I am bringing this up again and also that I could not understand this fully the first time it was resolved, but I was hoping someone could break this down for me with more specifics. I want to get about a 4 minute guitar recording onto Reason so that I can mess around with other instruments, effects, etc. So what I understand is that I have to first make all the accompaniment in Reason, then record all the tracks as individual mp3s. After that, I'm confused about how to put them all together? Should I/can I use Cubase to import the individual mp3 tracks on top of the guitar audio recording? I still don't understand how I would sequence the accompaniment effectively because I would still have to use the midi trigger of the sound wave in Reason to find at what point in the song I want specific drumwork, orchestration, etc. so how does compiling everything into Cubase or any other program help?

    Sorry if I am missing something very elementary here, but I have never tried integrating any external audio devices before, and thanks for any help I can get.

  15. This song really calms me down while inspiring me at the same time. I have heard many songs where the artist lays down vocals and it simply ruins an otherwise great song, but this... this is the epitome of how it should be done. But that's not even the majority of the song, everything is just oozing with flavor and attitude, and I can't get enough of what all has come together here, thanks for this most badass interpretation, Vig.

  16. ^^^ I'm glad to see the wingless putting his skills to good use, usually I get all emotional and sappy hearing his stuff, this just cracked me up.

    And the source material is just golden, a very interesting (educational) conversation guys... I think all sex ed classes should get a copy of this.

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