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  1. Man this brought back good memories of killing my teammate on 2P mode so that I could use up his life and play the game single player with double the extra lives.

    In other news, this song is tight. It is really hard these days to say a new Prot song is my favorite, since there have been so many classics, yet there has never been a song by Prot I did not thoroughly enjoy - I crave his style and wish that I had the know-how to cleanly sequence and produce music as he does. But that's the great part about OCR, not everyone has to be versatile and capable of all genres and styles of music to enjoy and contribute. However, Prot has demonstrated quite the aptitude in a plethora of musical areas, and I must commend him for a job well done on this song and also for all that he has contributed to OCR.

    I don't know about any of the inner workings of the judges panel and the myths and rumors that were born behind its closed curtains, but I can say although I never got a YES from Prot, I respected his opinion and still do on a number of issues (minus notation ones) and hope he continues to impress us with his music (because this guy is bursting with potential even after so many years). Thanks for everything Ari.

  2. Good God, what a frustrating day. I spent most of my day just trying to keep my computer from crashing and figuring out why it was - in between, I was able to keep my song project open long enough to record a few seconds at a time to just barely finish work on my song. Suffice it to say my creative juices were struggling to stay alive after the 100th restart of my computer. I am not using this as an excuse for my song though, as I am pretty happy with it except for a short audio drop out of the brass during the introductory build up. Hopefully if I get my computer fixed I can reencode a more stable audio mixdown of my project since it sounds much better without the brass droping out, but I wonder if anyone else will notice it since I am so used to it being there... and moreoever want it to be there. O well.

    "In Search of the Light"

    I changed the name of my song Claado, I hope it's ok with you. "Beginning of the End" was 1) too cliche 2) not the ultimate feel of the song I was going for (more haunting in nature). Since you asked for a description of what was in our minds eye as we made our respective songs, I can briefly explain my title. Basically, Chrono and his friends awake to a yet another normal, seemingly peaceful day in the movie script, and without their knowing are about to become the unkown heroes in an unsung war to save the world. "In Search of the Light" is a song that tries to capture their intertwining destinies as an prologue to their growth in skill, companionship, battle experience, etc. that will take course as the story unfolds.

    Yeah, I hope that's not too cheesy or anything, and I hope my song is up to par with the projects standards.

  3. Haha o no Claado I didn't mean YOU meant orchestral rock - I know clearly what you want out of this project and I want the same thing: orchestral music. I meant maybe Todavsky was thinking along the lines of blending rock with orchestra, although I doubt it, it was more of a semi-sarcastic question, but then the more I thought about it the concept sounds cool, just not for this project. Sorry if you thought I thought you wanted "orchestral rock," since I would have no basis to assume that. Yeah. Just wanted to clarify I'm not stupid or anything. Heh.


    -The entire project (with the notable exception of the end credits theme) will be orchestral. This means, specifically, the use of only brass, woodwinds, strings, and percussion. This means, also, that synths, piano, and guitar are strictly prohibited. Think of a great classical movie ST (Lord of the Rings, The Last Samurai, King Arthur, Star Wars even) and how they use a studio-based orchestra. Exactly. We're aiming for that.

    Or maybe you meant orchestral rock? That would be cool, but yeah... ^^^

  5. hey Roe, I have not tried to extract the wav files from the Sam gigas since I can open them as is. Hopefully Emperor can help you out some more to figure that out, or it seems Bliz has found a way to use them on FLStudio, as he made a comment of how he loves the Sams samples not too long ago, so perhaps he can talk to you about it too. Sorry I haven't experimented with the extraction process Emperor described earlier. Hope you get that figured out, but even without the Sams brass good orchestral songs can be made with free soundfonts - Unknown uses free soundfonts from what I hear, and you can listen to his song on the first page of this thread - IMO one of the best CT main theme remixes out there. Good luck buddy.

  6. Just got an assload of school work dumped on me today - God I hate Mondays. It's going to be a close one for me, like probably literally the last minute, if even that. Regardless, I am going to enjoy this project whether I am a part of its production or just listening to the final product and observing its progress. But here's hoping I pull my shit together this week...

  7. GrayLightning mix = automatic download.

    It would take me much longer than this to write up a review of all my favorite parts of this song, and I look forward to appreciating this one to its fullest extent with multiple listens (many of those being tonight) but I just wanted to say after finishing my first listen that it is already one of my favorites by Gray. Absolutely love the chilling intro, bells and strings in conjuction are enough to establish the hanuting atmosphere. "Hynotizing work" seems to be the catch phrase here, and I couldn't agree more. The choir (SOV or VOA... don't know if I really know the difference) is always put to Gray-t (great) use by Gray. Armageddon had quite possibly my favorite use of choir in a song to date, but this songs style is unique and enjoyable in its own rite.

    And as always, Gray is the man. He offers us some of the most mature and progressive music that challenges traditional interpretations while still being honest to the source material.


  8. sephfire - glad you liked the opening ambience on my song, I think I spent more time on that part then the drum programming etc. that comes on the beginning of the more upbeat section

    Claado - on my way to getting accepted eh? Awesome. Oyeah, you put my song as "Untitled" on the front page. Granted I spent no longer than 1 minute coming up with the title "Beginning of the End" but I wasnt sure if you put Untitled because you didn't see that title or if you just thought it sucked. Cause either way I totally understand, heh. Speaking of which, do we have claim to titling the songs on the album or will you be going back anyway and changing the names to suit the themes etc yourself. Personally, I suck at naming songs, but I try to give them appropriate ones even if they aren't the best. Anyway, just wondering...

    Emperor - thanks for clearing up how you use the Sams demos without giga, always a good trick to know even though I can open the files as is

    Bliz - haha nice description there, I didn't even see all that but its nice to hear what images are evoked in your mind. Also I forgot to mention that the intro to your WIP reminds me of Jared Hudson's "Chu Chu's Flight" (Xenogears).. yeah thats some pretty sweet Asian style you got there.

    Roe - the brass Emperor and I are using is free from the website he linked to a few pages back in this thread. He also explained how to extract wav files from them above. Squidfont is good for strings and then I would combine them with the Sams brass if I were you. But honestly I think arrangement quality will be the biggest factor here, as I have heard several good orchestral songs being made with free soundfonts, and I think you have the skills to pull it off so don't worry too much. Since you asked, I use Reasons Orkester soundbank, just like sephfire.

    EDIT - changed 2 instances of "sephire" to "sephfire," sorry bud. Also, keep us updated on your thoughts on the high quality orchestral libraries out there, although I probably won't be able to afford it at this time, I always like to know what is worth the money.

  9. wow yeah Frog's theme is very moving and eloquent in your song Emperor, and I think the Magus descending progression was simply badass. Only thing is I feel like you used a lot of themes that weren't part of the 2 songs required to be mixed. Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed your song, just not sure if Claado will be receptive to the allusions to the character themes within the opening piece? I dunno I still contend they are badass and the fact that you pulled it off I give you major props. Also we have the same brass section (the Sam's free demos, muhaha, they are wonderful - bliz you can go back a few pages and Emperor put up a link to the website... I dont know how he converted them to soundfonts since they only come in giga, but perhaps he can enlighten us on the process).

    So yeah sorry Claado I was busy all last week with midterms, and I still have one left this week, but I was able to start working on my WIP last night (I kept justifying staying up late due to daylight savings). I ended up falling asleep while waiting for my project to load after my computer crashed, and then kinda gave up and went to bed when I woke up dazed and confused at my keyboard.

    Alright enough rambling, it's only a short preview like bliz's (little less than a minute) but thought I would show that I am trying to get an audition piece done on time:

    Beginning of the End

  10. I really enjoyed this. The judges will break down the technicalities of its OCR legitimacy, the students of orchestration will find the faults and beauties in the intracies of this piece, and I will forever enjoy this as a wonderful finale to Jeremy's Philharmonic Suites.

    Sil has got MAD Skills. I bow down before his talent. I hope he continues to contribue excellent orchestral pieces to the site.

  11. seph - sorry I don't have anything specific right now to critique on your song (I have to run, maybe later) but I wanted to say I did enjoy it, as well as the traditional sephire tribal percussion (I can never get enough of them b33tz) I will be using Reason's Orkestor bank as well, I hope Claado decides to change the requirement for the same, free sound library, because I think that would definitely drop the quality level of a lot of these songs (wondering if Unknowns was all free soundfonts? If so, good God. Otherwise, I'm curious in general what sounds Tyler uses - those ethnic percussion instruments are awesome)

    Bliz! I'm loving it! Very deep and moving piece so far, even for as short as it is. It's going to be wonderful, keep up the good work buddy.

  12. Wow, I am really impressed so far with the quality of songs here. Not really a surprise considering I have been a fan of each individual member's works before, but I gotta say, with the quality of musicians contributing so far, I am getting really excited about the future of this project.. and nervous about my own audition piece. Deadline is closer than I thought, hopefully I will have something to post here ASAP (somewhere between my assload of work and 3 midterms this week).

  13. This is music at its finest. I agree with ziwtra's description that the best part about Gray's style of music is that even on the 100th listen, I will always find something new and beautiful to focus on within the layers of ambience and lush sounds. Definitely took me a number of times to appreciate it, and I feel that appreciation will grow with time. This song is like wine.

    Gray - you make awesome music. And I mean that very literally, as in I am in awe for those few minutes of my life that are devoted solely to your work, and the reflection that follows. This is a really mind opening song.

  14. I find myself walking back from my classes humming the bass line (also introduced by the cello) and reaching home barely in time to satisfy my craving for this song. As much as I love the cello playing and realize that it probably took a lot more effort to record, for me the most genius part of the entire song is the badass bass. This is also one of my favorites from KIC, great work Adhesive_Boy.

  15. Anyway, sorry to be one of the "this sounds awesome and I am totally supportive but I can't remix for shit so I'll just be watching" guys but, this sounds awesome and I am totally supportive but I can't remix for shit so I'll just be watching.

    Yeah I didn't even apologize for that, but well said.

    And Bliz, thanks for the vote of confidence, but truly I don't have any knowledge of orchestration. You on the other hand, demonstrated some very fine skill with your recently submitted DK ReMix - I really enjoyed that, and I was really impressed by the very positive review by the fella over at vgmix who orchestrates for a living. I would definitely like to hear your take on the CT main theme along with the other mixers already listed, if you have time.

  16. dang this is one of the cooler thematic threads I have seen. I wish I could orchestrate, but yeah I won't even pretend like I know the first thing about it. The musicians you have lined up so far will no doubt provide some very high quality stuff (see if you can get Jeremy Robson too, cause yeah, wow...)

    Can't wait to hear what comes of this project.

  17. Ok fast forward to 2:28 - Right there was the moment I knew I loved this song. The piano, hitting the chord twice each time at the end of the theme - BRILLIANT, ABSOLUTELY FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!

    I'm not even kidding, the fact that the last part of the theme was reiterated that one time - that one swift stroke of genius by the hand of Star Salzman - absolutely made this song. For me anyway. Oyeah and the rest was pretty cool too, I like the humming violins starting at 1:39, but they cannot compare to the piano part at 2:28.

    Seriously y'all, listen up, learn this, big up yourselves. BOOYAKAHSHA.

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