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  1. Ha ha! Thanks timaeus222 :)

  2. She returns from the great frozen tundra of the north!

    It's been a good number of years, Aurora. It's great to see you're still around. How've things been for you, and how went the studies that kept you snow bound for a while?

    As for me, I'm doing alright. Had some ups and downs, but life likes to do that to us all, doesn't it? I'm still working on the occasional remix, doing illustrative/graphic design work, trying to get a trio of novels done (very far in #2 now), 'Twas is still a thing (did #13 last year), and I'm still tinkering with sprite work. I've got a DeviantArt account now, since I got tired of my freebie site hosts going belly up on me. It doesn't have everything, but I've gotten a fair bit uploaded...


    So yeah, that a quickish summary of it all on my end. Hope to hear back from you, especially since I was just wondering a week or so ago what you were doing these days. Hope everything's going your way :)

  3. Heh, I remember you. It has been a long while , hasn't it?

    I'm still here outside of the 'Twas stuff and An OverClocked Christmas albums, I just don't post as much as I once did. Still come by at some point each day, though, seeing if anything of interest is going on.

    What about you? How've you been since the last time you were visiting and posting regularly (which seems like a decade ago :lol:)?

  4. The project files before blowing them up are 356 x 356. The CD is 300 x 300.

    And of course people are allowed to print them. By providing such things, it keeps the OCR staff in the peoples' good graces as said staffers plan their diabolical schemes of evil intentions.

  5. Considering the gratuitous amount of sprites I used for the website and album art with the Gunstar Heroes album, unless this GameBoy album is going to be actually sold for cash money, I don't think there's going to be an issue using game sprites (excluding anything by Squenix of course).

    As for the cover, I think I've already got an idea forming, so hopefully I should have a WIP of it by the end of May. Just remember, this is going to be a 1x1 pixel cover that's enlarged. So expect squares in yo face.

  6. I can certainly give such a cover a whirl. A couple of questions; what games are featured on the album, and when would the cover need to be done by?

    As for what I do to make the covers, it's usually a mixture of original pixel work, and edited sprites/backgrounds from the game. The six An OverClocked Christmas albums I made covers for (which are here... http://www.obtusemusic.net/OCR_Christmas/index.htm ) are done like that, as are some of the other covers I've done over the years (one of which was for an album that isn't out yet).

  7. Thanks much, Rexy :)

  8. Thanks, jmr. And a nice birthday to you as well :)

  9. Thanks, on both counts :-)

  10. Thanks chimpazilla.

  11. Heh, thanks jmr :-)

  12. Not sure if you're aware of it, but there have been five unofficial Christmas albums done on OCR that feature both VG remixes, and remixes of Christmas carols. You can find them here...


    While I can't recall every song's source, I know "A Few More Miles to Go" (Arcus Odyssey), "The Dead of Winter" (Necromancer), "Falling From the Sky" and "A Journey for Generations" (both from Phantasy Star III), and "Cranky's Christmas Mojo" (one of the Donkey Kong Country games) are game remixes, and there are more. Sadly, the song sources were never listed anywhere as far as I know.

    Oh, and there's also the Super Metroid album (unofficial OCR project) done for bLiNd when he was ill a few years back...


    Just thought I'd point them out in case you didn't see them :)

  13. Go for it. I have no clue if the old archive is still up, so it'd be cool to have it available again for at least a little while.



    Er, I mean, hey *ms. Haven't seen you in a very long time, but glad my sig put a smile on your face. How goes things at your end of the world?

  15. Yeah, that old site's basically been abandoned. 110MB kept crapping out for weeks on end (at one point, it was inaccessible for nearly six months because of a server problem at 110MB), so I went elsewhere. Namely, here...


    Someone already took my regular name and the underscore version, so I had to add the dash. I've been a bit slow to update it, but little by little, my stuff's getting on there.

  16. Oops... I keep forgetting about this message area.

    (A belated) Thanks for the compliment :)

  17. Thanks :-)

    She wasn't in there when I originally uploaded it, but I decided to add her the other day.

  18. You're not the only one. Seems Brandon Strader has the same problem. Images there just don't show up for him either. Maybe your ISP has the site blocked for some odd reason?

    Whatever the case, thanks for the compliment. It was a lot of work to make the ponies and recreate the background from the show, but I liked the idea was determined to get it done.

  19. Thanks. Hopefully I'll get a chance to make a new one soon. It's been a good while since I made one.

  20. Very late response (I forgot all about this visitor message stuff until today), but uh... no :lol:

    I was gone from May until August, taking a three month break from OCR. So, I wasn't around.

  21. Two things...

    1- Holy shit! You sent me a message over a year ago, and I just now saw it for the first time. I'm guessing the FF9 album project's long since underway/done. Sorry about not responding.

    2- I don't know why it gets blocked. Are you able to unblock it? I've used it for a long time for sigs, images and whatnot, so I don't know why it would change to being unsafe. Out of curiosity, can you see my sig, or is Datanest blocked as well?

  22. Thanks. Glad you liked reading through it :-)

  23. MAHA! Been a while since I saw a post of yours. How've you been?


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