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  1. Thanks for liking us! Feel free to send a request to touhoutuesday@gmail.com and I can [probably] play it on the show :D

  2. Thanks so much Modus! Sometimes I can't believe people listen to stuff I finished in 2005, but hey whatev :3

  3. of course bro, is there a next deadline? I kinda needed a reminder, thanks! I'll be in Hawaii until October 5th but I can see about finishing it either before I leave or when I get back.

  4. Hey Jill is that email you sent out confirming your mailing list recipients legit? I'm just checking given the history of the thing to begin with [i think protricity signed me up for it lol] but I do want to remain on your list.

  5. Find Xaleph, IIRC he goes to Otacon [but not magfest wtf?!?! pisses me off] and is the actual owner of Anime Remix.

  6. I wish I were going to Otacon, but I can't fly too often during the year. It's pretty much MAGFest BlockParty and PAX [that's PAX west!] for my convention circuit.

  7. I did bro thanks a lot

  8. Oinkness I have never even heard of Teen Agent until I caught wind of the project :( lol

  9. Yeah I went to Block Party

    Read Thasauce more :P


  10. Yeah I'm gonna have to ask you to log off then :3

  11. Sloopy, uhhh

    What does the site look like? Please tell me there's not a news post from July 2008 on the front page... If so we're STILL having a really crazy issue with the site - don't worry, I think if you wait a while [like a day] it just goes back to normal.

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