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    So right now I am reading the manga. Clare absolutely slaughters in the northern war if only for a bit. Super speed ftw.
  2. even though he is not exactly a final boss. I raped sephiroth on KH 2 pretty hard. Simply trinity limit then berserk charge. A little healing and he doesn't pose much of a challenge. Now the final boss well not being hard he is annoying as hell. Xenmas was a fun fight.
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    Anybody other then me watch this anime/manga? Its seem pretty nice. The art is well done plus its a bit dark. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claymore_%28manga%29
  4. Majora. Get mask then its just rape from then on out. He is actually pretty hard without the fierce deity mask. I also pwned the first boss on that game with no effort mostly because I was doing jump attacks and when ever he tried escaping he got caught by my attack. He dealt me no dmg and it took 30 secs. he didn't even move.
  5. They are giving her, her twilight princess look which is a brunette or a least a dirty blond. Though yeah all of her other looks are blond.
  6. Feliz aniversário Zircon! 1 more year and Zircon can legally get blasted. lol.
  7. Wow. I am surprised with the number of us. I guess it comes with the territory(Video games/Music).
  8. Not entirely. One of my teachers has somewhat stated that when I get good enough he might send me on some of his gigs. He happens to be one of the people who recorded the soundtrack for the Godfather.
  9. Cool. I'm not in Fullerton right now because school is out but when it starts I'm there. If you ever need a sax...
  10. Hmm My degrees a BM. Bachelor of Music. Its rather hard program.
  11. I am just wondering how many of us are majoring in music. Just state where you go what you play/sing. I go to Cal State Fullerton, and my major is Music Performance in Saxophone and I can play Saxophone, Oboe, English Horn, and Clarinet. I can sorta do flute and bassoon. I can also sing Baritone/Bass. I am just wondering who else is out there.
  12. Nice atmospheric beginning. Could have had a little more reverb with the vibraphone but works. I think its a little heavy on the hand percussion but still fits. Guitar solo is nice. When you add in the Violin it could have used a bit more soulfulness but nice effect anyway. The last section is extremely good between the Sitar and Violin. Good Job.
  13. Apparently with the Tempest, they made it so it can't target other flyers. That means unlike carriers they can be raped pretty badly. The protoss units look good but they are going to need a massive amount of counters from the other 2 races. I can make a balance judgment until I see the other races changes and improvements.
  14. At the beginning it might add more effect if the main melody slowly comes out of no where and ends strong before the drums come in. This would make it more dramatic. I would try building the tension even more before the flute and harp break. The accelerando during the flute break works pretty well. You might want to try finding a much better english horn sample. Finish the ending and lets us see what you can do.
  15. The ReMix right now is mostly just a refurbishing of the source material. Add some of yourself into it. Try messing with the rhythm, change the repetitive harmonies, maybe even have a section where the melody changes to a minor key. Try making a few counter melodies and please break up the main theme a bit more. Its incredibly repetitive.
  16. If your trying to make a tango the sound set is going to have to change. It needs strings and horns. Right now its sounding like a techno remix and needs some more variation. They are points when the tension is good. You should add some contrast in your dynamics, a new sound set. Just a few suggestions.
  17. Overall not bad but About 1/3 through it loses its energy. It regains some of it when the piano comes in. When you hit the break it doesn't have the impact it could. The guitar parts are nice and it could use more of them. Overall what you need to do is try increasing the energy of the song. Experiment more with dynamics and maybe have the tempo increase at some point. just some suggestions. Id love to hear the finished product.
  18. Nice quality of sounds. The bass line is extremely repetitive but the higher parts make it alot more harmonically interesting. I might suggest on the flute break that you might add another flute and make it add a third harmony that is not moving parallel to the other 2. This would make that part a little more interesting. I love all the sections when you change the lost woods them to a minor key though. Nice remix just a little suggestions thats all.
  19. I would rate it one of the best arranged piano mixes on the site. Not the best but one of them.
  20. It's a very nice rendition of perditon. Its a bit repeditive tho.
  21. First thing i thought was: "What the hell a FF X-2 remix?". Well Good job at making ok music into something cool. I like the funky fill of it. Good job.
  22. Albums great had as soon as u guys got done with it. Sad though that not al the mixes got accepted in main stream OCR.
  23. Great arrangement, a little jazzy. Keeps the mood throughout but just a little strong on the Sop. Sax. thats about all i have to say about balance issues. Nice fade at the end.
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