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  1. One of my favorites. I love how he mix straight orchestral with orchestral-tecno.
  2. Good Heavy metal mix. great job goat at all of it. I escialy like the drums.
  3. Over pretty good mix. little long of a start with just drums other then that its form is very similar to a jazz peice.
  4. good job for the first remix of FF9's Dark Messenger song. Nice part where you added in a little of Kuja's theme. overall good mix i rate it a 8/10.
  5. Yah first review. cool start as it builds up. Wonder where the voices are from. overall very nice remix.
  6. The only thing i can think is DAMN. Great job on of the better chrono trigger remixes.
  7. The FF9 them in is protecting my devotion. which is a faster version of Rose of May. still i like this and it can get suck in your head.
  8. Thats diffently an english horn. I know the tone because i play a real one. My model is a Fox 500.
  9. I first heard this on one of my friends cds he burn anf when i found it here i almost bowed down to my computer. good mix, one of the best.
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