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  1. 1) Crits 2) Shotguns should NOT be expected to connect at all from range. Like, period.
  2. The point is, it's going to be a guaranteed hit. Hey guys look at me I sniped with a shotgun for 20 damage, happening to kill him!
  3. That's why I invented the (nonexistent) [/allcaps] tag. Feel free to use it. =D Also, Double Cross is the best CTF map ever.
  4. Dude, buy them now and stow them away for later. My cousin raided a Circuit City when they were liquidating, got like 10-15 PS3 games for about $200 altogether. He only opened 3 of them so far. Get them while they're cheap!
  5. Speaking of Spies, I did this numerous times yesterday...
  6. Got Multiwinia, since I already had Darwinia. XD
  7. Just a heads up, if you wanted Lumines and missed out on it, and you have a 360, there's this little thing called Qubed on the 360. It's Rez, E4, and Lumines, with like all the DLC on one CD. It's also $20 new. Also this sale is killing me. I must've bought like... seven games.
  8. I was skeptical since this game was practically Diablo, and watching my friends LAN partying on Diablo 2 was extremely boring. It looked like point click watch. Wow. Then I played the demo, and snagged it almost immediately for $10 when it was on sale. I wonder why Torchlight is fun and Diablo doesn't (look like fun). BTW, I'm an Alchemist gunner with necromancy. Awesomest combination I've ever seen.
  9. I got my first hat today! It's for a class that I almost never play, too! =DDDDDD *facepalm* Just like my first unlock when Valve introduced the random drop system.
  10. My god that's a lot of proposed trash. Also, I freaking LOVE Double Cross. It's like 2fort, without it sucking.
  11. I think it needs a nerf too. Something like that should not have the ability to OHKO six out of the nine classes.
  12. Graphics shmaphics. As long as I get a solid framerate, I'm down.
  13. Question, why do people like it when the hands are ALL THE WAY out, like a zombie?
  14. I got way more than what I bargained for with that Engineer disguise.
  15. I was wishing the same thing last night on a Badwater server. Dicking around as an offensive BLU Engie. It actually worked.
  16. Dude, what if he gets to charge with his pipe launcher out? Oh wait, he holds it with two hands. There goes that dream.
  17. Re: Demoman Update Me and my guildies on Mabinogi (the ones who play TF2 also, anyway) are rolling about the Demoman update. Demoman gets Assault. XD OH MAN it may sound stupid to you guys, but we think it's totally hilarious. XDDD Also, I'm totally running Swordemo.
  18. In light of the War going on, have another achievement idea!
  19. Seconded, but only if you have Gamecube controllers or Classic Controllers. Snagged mine at Anime Expo for $20 (the Plus version, too!), shouldn't have a hard time finding it for a similar price.
  20. Sounds like he hasn't faced a Pyro who's mastered his gift of Airblast.
  21. How's this map looking to you guys? http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/119087
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