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  1. Kiyobi

    Beat Hazard

    I'm considering getting this in the future, loved the demo that's on my 360. Is there any reason to warrant forking over another $2.50~$5 for the PC version instead?
  2. Neh, more items a week than ever before? For actually playing instead of idling? I see no serious issue here.
  3. You're using a mouse? o_o Keyboard's waaayyyy better, IMO.
  4. do that while youre unemployed also i play on a laptop im that pro
  5. I dunno, I kinda like it. Long as I get my framerate up, I'm perfectly happy.
  6. Oh, that. I already have that. *sulks away in disappointment*
  7. I play it occasionally, but I'm usually surfing to my favorite J-Pop tunes. <.<;
  8. real men use w+m2 Also, learn to spam that fire. Spies can be anywhere. *stares* ANYWHERE.
  9. I had this idea for an Engie unlock a few days back. Clefairy might remember this. It's a backpack. It replaces your shotgun, but gives you the ability to literally carry a buildable on your back, completely functional. It slows you down at high levels, though, especially level 3 Sentries. Like... Heavies-look-fast speed. Mobile dispenser at the expense of your shotgun? Discuss.
  10. Achievement! Inb4: Beat Kotaku to posting something truly epic i'm sorry i'm extremely bored please forgive me
  11. Oh my god that is so epic I almost came.
  12. Solike. Recent events gave me another custom achievement idea. Undeniably Pro: As a Pyro, destroy a Level 3 Sentry Gun with your Flamethrower, without being under the effects of an Ubercharge. Chyeah, I circlestrafed a L3 sentry. also *does the happy birthday dance*
  13. YES YES YES Probably joking but this would be my reaction regardless
  14. I find it kinda funny how the second spray can refer to the first.
  15. This. What can you actually do in an idle server? Besides idling, of course.
  16. Quoted for emphasis. Sometimes when you roll the dice you win big, sometimes you lose big.
  17. doesnt sound like a clean shot
  18. Land a clean shot with the FaN and you'll see.
  19. Kiyobi

    Gamer IQ Test

    Holy shit Spelunky is in there
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