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  1. People playing on idle servers? Holy crap this is news to me.
  2. I don't see the logic... Shouldn't you be... you know... idling? Like... AFKing and doing something more productive at the same time? You could also just go console "volume 0" or whatever the exact command is...
  3. Is it wrong to be nearly addicted to Badwater? DX
  4. Well, it depends on the game, Sir. Are we talking mature stuff along the lines of Call of Duty and Team Fortress, or something more family friendly?
  5. Modern Warfare 2. Tried landing a Nuke killstreak (25 in a row). Had the Hardline perk, making it require 24 instead of 25. Died after 23. By a noobtube, no less.
  6. wat the achievement generator is broken Achievements: Bodystabs, True Skill: 10 Butterfly Knife kills, backstabs/taunt kills don't count. Insult to Injury: As a Sniper, shoot someone with a fully charged sniper rifle shot, then shoot him in the head in 5(?) seconds. Medic? What Medic?!: Kill 50 people while they're currently being healed by a Medic.
  7. *has scroll wheel bound to nothing* ...what? I'm perfectly fine with my basic Microsoft Notebook optical mouse! Also, chalk another vote for custom achievements.
  8. So it's not just me? Actually, I'm not sure when my TF2 framerates started dropping...
  9. I'm in the UI beta too, it's totally slick, but they're very sloppy about screen real estate. There's so much empty space! D8
  10. This is just my speculation, but such a grand revival of an old-school style demands an epic remix of Green Hill.
  11. Seconded. Also, if Swiftwater is what I'm thinking it is, I thought it was a pretty sweet map.
  12. The pose and all that though. I can't imagine the Medic doing some over the top kung fu style EPIC STAB
  13. I'm gonna miss the distorted violin. Also doesn't seem very Medic like... Also, man, I'd love to join in on the commentary but I just got hit by a cold and my voice sounds terribad.
  14. I still demand a damage nerf for the Direct Hit. Also, I thought the Targe was already at 50% blast protection?
  15. To Paranoid: I'm there practically every night.
  16. I'm just thinking, with the non-random pellet spread, someone could have a very good guess where each pellet could land, so they could shoot at it from a distance (btw, I'm talking like mid-long), and have a pellet hit someone. Sure, the pellet is going to barely dink the target for a few HP, but that could mean the difference between life and death. I can't count the number of times I managed to scramble out of a warzone with less than 10 health. In unrelated things, YEAH TOAST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avU5onrWfYo
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