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  1. How do I go about sending you the money?
  2. All right, I'll get Paypal lined up either Wednesday morning/afternoon or Thursday. ...I'm not familiar with Paypal transfers, I could use a walkthrough. ^^;;;
  3. I've really wanted to get into hacking Brawl, so I can get into Brawl+, but I heard there's some repercussions into getting the Homebrew channel and all that, besides legal issues. Something about losing the ability to use the Wii Shop channel? There's some good Wiiware in there and I wanna support those indie developers.
  4. All right, write me down for that Classic Controller then. I'm still debating about that black 360 controller. Passing on that. So, how much do you want for the controller, after shipping and all that?
  5. God damn I bet my girlfriend would jump on that Wii in a heartbeat. if she had the money I've always wanted one of those Wii classic controllers... how much would shipping to the L.A. area be? I'm juggling around my money for Anime Expo.
  6. I watched a few episodes of this anime called Ga Rei Zero a while back, I wanna finish it someday... It's got supernatural stuff all over it, and a bit of gore and stuff, but nothing to Elfen Lied. Also, a bit of yuri service, if you're into that. Has anyone seen Last Exile? I heard that was good too. i've never watched cowboy bebop Also, that manga someone referenced a few pages back is TOO. EPIC. You NEED to read it, it's so awesome. IIRC, there was an anime adaptation too. And re: Fullmetal Alchemist, FMA: Brotherhood follows the manga better, if you're picky about that. I also hear it's very different from the original FMA.
  7. The only thing I didn't like with the HighFPS config is that he disabled ragdolls and eyes. You might want to check out the config to turn those back on, if you wish.
  8. If that isn't enough, use N64-o-Vision! http://www.m0re.nocrits.com/index.php?site=files&cat=1
  9. Fight for the most heads, kill the titan? I'm down for Eyelander night.
  10. Or one of two things is happening: -Your team is really really stupid and gets backstabbed by a troublesome Spy constantly -You really want to give that failspy a bad day.
  11. You know, with the Engie update coming, you think Valve will finally throw down some love for the 360 version? I remember people saying they'll update the 360 version when all the updates come out or something...
  12. Sounds like someone's spending $21 for someone.
  13. i have no problem with those cute little signatures it shows modesty and politeness among other things -Kiyobi
  14. As an Engineer's best friend, this has me torn. Help unsap or keep the Axtinguisher?
  15. So like. The game dropped me another Tyrant's Helm. I mishmashed that with the terrible Scotsman Stovepipe. The result? VINTAGE TYROLEAN F*** YEAH
  16. I think that's why they're called development builds. Stuff changes very dynamically.
  17. Joy, time to tinker with my class.cfgs Also, I figured a better shotgun airblast script: alias +airblast "slot1; +attack2" alias -airblast "-attack2; lastinv" bind mouse2 +airblast This way you can keep holding down M2 to airblast as long as you want. I have an odd feeling this needs some fine tuning though, like a wait delay to compensate for weapon switch cooldown.
  18. I must try this! (I think it's +attack2, not sure) If I plug this in my pyro.cfg, will I have to rebind mouse2 to attack2 when I change classes?
  19. This. Pyro seriously didn't need a burn nerf though, come on.
  20. I finally got a hat for a class I actually play regularly! (Brigade Helm!)
  21. ._. 21, can't hear beyond 10... Should I be worried?
  22. I was going to call that Valve would have completely removed hat drops in favor of the crafting system but I just remembered as I was typing this post that I saw someone get a Modest Pile of Hat this morning.
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