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  1. Interesting! In that case, we might see more games geared for western audiences, which usually means watered down gameplay but hopefully won't. I'm curious if character designs will change a bit. They are so good at their Japanese pop idol look I'm curious what kind of characters they would come up that they think would go over well. I'm guessing a big rappin' black dude, some busty babe, and maybe some emo kid. Wait, they already made FFVII! Sorry to say I can't really tell you... I'm so far behind on console games. I mostly stick to my DS or PSP these days, and only a couple of my friend here play console games. Only one of those has a PS3 and he hasn't bought too many games for it (I think the main use is a blu-ray player). I want to get a 360 or PS3 eventually and when that happens I'll start paying more attention to the games.
  2. If they release it over it I doubt it would have much impact on Sony. The 360 is pretty much a fringe system like the original xbox was. You can find it just about anywhere but the game library is limited and it seems most people have a Wii and/or PS3.
  3. basically it could make the wii what everyone imagined before the wii came out, not waggle your hand and watch the guy on the screen do some mildly related stuff like it is now.
  4. Yeah it's a totally worthy game! It's just that a lot of people aren't aware of the Super Mario Bros 2 that came out in Japan which is a really solid and challenging game in it's own. It's really Mario 1.5 or Mario Hard Mode if you ask me, but totally worth playing for those up to the challenge.
  5. SMB USA (aka DokiDoki Panic) has been one of my all time favorites. Beaten it many times, and I even like it better than SMB3, which everyone seems to like the best. But I have to wonder if it would have gotten as popular as it has if Nintendo chose not to release it in abroad as SMB2... I mean, the main reason most people played it was because they played the original so much and it had the Mario name. It is a really easy game though so perfect for kids to play. Most kids would probably get frustrated with the original SMB2, although I love the challenge. But I have to correct myself because DokiDoki Panic WAS developed by Nintendo... for some reason I thought it was done by a different comanpany and only pubished by Nintendo.
  6. Not to pick bones with you but the "real" SMB2 is the game known as the Lost Levels. The game released in the USA as SMB2 was made for some Japanese TV show, then had it's sprites swapped out for Mario ones. Great game but pretty unrelated to the Mario universe. Still one of my favs though!
  7. Well, the point is that you're not supposed to be struggling. Mario 1 is way too forgiving.
  8. Sometimes its hard to tell but I think I was a better platformer gamer back when I was growing up. Probably due to the fact that I had a lot more time to sit around playing games, and platformers were big back then. I beat the Lost Levels on All Stars when I was younger, but doing it now would take longer. Still, I've been working on it again. Hopefully I'll be able to go through the whole game in one sitting without warping eventually, but I'm still on the first few worlds.
  9. No, not the radish pulling Doki Doki Panic resprite known as Super Mario USA in Japan (still a great game) but the REAL Super Mario Bros 2, originally released for the Famicom Disk System and later released on the Super Mario Bros All Stars SNES compilation. Does anyone else think this is the best Mario game ever, or maybe the best platformer ever? The level design is brutal without being unfair, and since you at each world if you die you really have to master the levels and picking up the hidden one-ups, chaining enemies with shells, and collecting coins becomes critical. I really like the weird enemies like the flying jelly-fish/squid guys, the green springs, crazy Bowser battles, the floaty Luigi, completely bullshit castle levels, and all kinds of crazy jumps. It's like a really well-done difficult ROM hack of the original Mario, except its actually released by Nintendo only for true Mario masters. It was released for Wii download and for the Famicom Mini Series for the GBA (import) with the hidden worlds taking it up to 13 worlds total. Anyone else love this classic as much as I do? It never seems to get to love it deserves, probably because it never got a stand-alone NES release in the states.
  10. Now I have to start taping pillows to my walls in prep for my random punching fury when I lose all my power ups right before the boss...
  11. Well, increased maneuverability has a lot to do with it, as well as practically unmilited sub-weapon/spell usage. In the old game you might have 7 or 8 axes to throw then you were done. If you missed with those you were probably screwed. But with the newer ones you can just spam subweapons with little thought, and a lot of the spells auto-hit or are homing in some way. Makes things a lot easier! Speaking of which, I wonder how much of the spell/subweapon system will be incorporated into the Wii game?
  12. I just don't see why all the boss battles in the new Castlevania games, especially the ones for the GBA/DS can't have harder boss battles. You can save right before the battle, so it's not like the old days where you have to go through at least a 3rd of the level again to get there, and it's not like if you had a really hard time you couldn't level up until it was a little easier for you. I like the exploratory and equipment aspects of the Castleroids but the boss battles always make me sad. It's not like a level up extra long anyway. I just fight the bosses as they become available and I always rape them. Though I guess with the extra modes these days you can play a more difficult game, but it's a little dissapointing that he's watering down the games for the masses.
  13. Really? It's one of my favorites, probably in my top three after Castlevania 1 and Rondo of Blood. It's got everything a classic Castlevania game needs: demonic level design (difficult but not cheap), great graphics and soundtrack, and boss fights that actually were a challenge. Nothing I hate more than facing an impressive looking boss in a game and beating it quickly without taking much or any damage. Seems like that's the case with most games these days, including new Castlevania games. In fact, I've played all the Castlevania games since Rondo of Blood and not one of them had a boss that I had to fight more than two times to beat. The GBA/DS games espeically were pushovers... I wish they would make a new Castlevania game that retains some of the challenge of the classics.
  14. Chrono Trigger is serious business. Seriously, I can see not buying this for a few reasons, but there is definitely a market for a port of one of the most popular 16-bit RPGs for the most popular portable system. I already have a cart as well, but it's thousands of miles from me right now. If I had an inkling to play through it again, which I don't, the DS port would be the best option. Personally I'd rather have a port than a 2D remake, though a 3D remake for DS like SE has been doing with the FF games would be ideal. Guess there isn't a big enough market in Japan for such a thing. And it's not like Square is bad as Nintendo when it comes to ports. Most of the old games they rerelease are total remakes, and the PS1 ports were sold as compilations so they were a pretty good deal. CT was one of those games that were graphically appealing enough to justify a straight port.
  15. Meh, I have all my old original SNES and Genesis games and none of them have any problems, but that is a point I guess. You idiot. Also, what Coop said. You idiot.
  16. Yeah, you can get some 3rd party ones that are bigger but they are of questionable reliability. I've always got my eye out for the official leopard print VMU to match my sweet leopard print DC controller.
  17. Nah. Cart based systems rarely break. No moving parts mean the things last forever, and the SNES is one of the most solid cart systems out there. The carts are the same deal. Unless you wash your CT cart, the worst thing that can happen is the contacts getting dirty, and in that case a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol will have it back to perfect shape in seconds. If CT was originally released for the Sega CD or some old disc-based system you'd have a point, but it wasn't, so you don't. Nothing wrong with buying a rerelease of a game you love, but so far this doesn't seem like anything an SNES emu on the PSP couldn't do just as well.
  18. Evilhead

    Diablo III

    Don't worry, an internet petition has never accomplished anything, ever.
  19. Please tell me this is an attempt at trolling.
  20. Evilhead

    Diablo III

    Yeah, like Azul said it would be cool to fight in heaven or some other areas. D2 had a pretty good variety of areas besides the usual gloomy places. Desert, ice caves, etc. I'm sure the guys at Blizzard will have some surprises for us.
  21. I'll probably put this on my R4, but Chrono Trigger is one of those games that plays better in my memories than in reality. The 13 year old me playing this on my SNES got a lot more out of the story then I would now. Unless they put some new spins on the battle system or add some significant new content, I can't see playing through this again. For some reason turn based JRPGs just don't hold up to the test of time as much as their action RPG or SRPG counterparts.
  22. Evilhead

    Diablo III

    Yeah, I have to say those edits suck the life and dynamics out of each scene. In the first screenshot especially. Warm orange glow of the candles? Gone. Light cast over the statues? Gone. Faint blue light coming from (perhaps) the moon through some crack or window? Eradicated. The eerie green glow of the witchdoctor's spells? Nixed. Your edits (and I'm not trying to pick on you) make the game look like a late 90's pre-rendered background for an RPG rather than the dynamic environment Blizzard is working on. Looking closely at these shots made me reaize how much great lighting effects there were, and that's just looking at stills. Seeing the environments in action will really be impressive. I'm not sure what you guys are whining about anyway. When I saw the gameplay video I sighed a huge sigh of relief. First they kept the same isometric viewpoint while upgrading the mostly static environments into destructable 3D spaces. This is exactly what I was hoping for. The graphics are impresssive enough and keep the atmosphere without needing top of the line gaming rigs to play. I could probably run D3 on my 4 year old lap top without much problems, though I'll probably upgrade by the time it comes out. I'm sure there'll add options for kids with $800 graphics cards, but one thing I like about Blizzard games is that you can play their games on just about any machine without missing out on too much. Anyway, once you've played the game for a few weeks and seen all the new areas, the graphics will all take a backseat to the action in the end. With Diablo 2 sometimes when I was taking a break or something I'd sit and look at some area I've played through 1,000 times and go, "Wow, there's some great detail here!" Most of the time you are too busy blasting demons to notice.
  23. Different=messed up? Ethnocentric much?
  24. Yeah, you guys just have to realize what is considered cool/manly/attractive in Japan is not as in other places. Look at any male Japanese pop idol. They all have long colored hair, wear lots of jewelry, dress in a particular way, and have small, sharp, feminine features. This is just the image of what is cool/attractive for a lot of Japanese people, hence it reflecting in the games.
  25. Some great games for DC: Bangai-O, Tech Romancer, Project Justice, KOF Dream Match 99 (Best port of KOF98 IMO), among many others.
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