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  1. There are tons of SNK Playmore games released on current systems. http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/company/72758.html The problem is a lot of them don't make it over to the states. Nice extras here too, like controllers/DVDs/random goodies/etc. I try to buy them when I can but they are pricey at times!
  2. Yes. DS online is well worth the cost of the adapter!
  3. A couple weeks ago my friend's son managed to erase my Animal Crossing WW town I spent at that much damn time on...
  4. "You can't get it up! Triumph or Die!" Or at least that's what I've always heard. As far as announcers goes, the worst/best would probably have to be the guy from CvS2. The way he just keeps talking nonsense/bad Japenglish for minutes on end always makes me laugh.
  5. Pokemon Pearl: Nurse @ 2878 6080 1062 I've got some Pokemon in the 20's now, but I'm still right at the beginning. I'd like to do some trading/battling though!
  6. Maybe I'm just dense, but why exactly did that battle turn you off from the game? Anyway, people's opinions differ, and it's true that a lot of people didn't like SVC Chaos. All I'm saying is that more people should actually PLAY it and give it a chance before passing judgement. I found it to be a fun game with an interesting roster and great artwork. It's easy enough to emulate, so why not give it a shot? Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  7. I'd say it's worth it. It's just a fun game. The online battling really makes it. Pokemon was always about playing with your friends, but up until now unless you had a lot of nerdy friends it was tough to find people with Pokemon games. By the way, my friend player name is Nurse and my friend code is 2878 6080 1062. I'd like to battle/trade with you guys eventually!
  8. The bosses aren't that bad, really. But yeah, most of the Capcom characters are a bit underpowered, much like how most of the SNK characters are underpowered in CvS2. Still, if you can play with a weak player and win doesn't that show true skill? Plus Chun is damn strong in SVC Chaos.
  9. Google is your friend. I made it easy on you. If you don't want to mess with a modchip, you can get some swap discs to play imports: http://www.modchip.com/ps2/v12slimkit.php Here's a review of the swap disc system http://www.articlecity.com/articles/gadgets_and_gizmos/article_38.shtml I use basically the same thing on my regular PS2 (I installed a fliptop) and I recommend it. It is very easy to install, it's VERY hard to break your PS2 this way, and the swap process only adds a few seconds onto the boot process.
  10. SVC is a great game. I've had a lot of fun with it. A lot of people complained because it's broken on a tourney level, but how many people here actually play in tournaments? I just like playing the computer or my friends most of the time, and in that sense SVC is fun. If anything, it's cool seeing SNK paying a little homage to some Capcom characters, and the sprite redraws are awesome. Violent Ken is boss. Anyway, check the game out some time. It's not as bad as it's cracked up to be. And the Rumble Fish is a pretty neat Sammy fighter. Not as Crazy as Guilty Gear or Fist of the North Star, but cool nonetheless. Project Justice is one of the best 2.5D fighters ever. It's really a fantastic game that disparately needs a port/sequel. Great cast/story, and the gameplay is just smooth as hell. Worth buying a Dreamcast for, easily! Well I don't know many people with a NeoGeo now, but NeoGeo emulation is at such a perfect level that if you have a computer made in the last 10 years and a gamepad/arcade stick that works for your PC you basically have a NeoGeo right there.
  11. The list on the first page is all jacked up. Please fix this crap!! These games are all multiplatform: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (DC, PS2, Xbox) Capcom Vs. SNK 2 (DC, Gamecube, PS2, Xbox) Garou: Mark of the Wolves (NeoGeo, DC, PS2) These games aren't 2D fighters in any sense of the word. Dead or Alive Ultimate Dead or Alive 4 It should be Guilty Gear X2 #reload, and X2 should be gone since #reload is better and available on more consoles (PC, PS2, Xbox, PSP). You're missing the best KOF game which is King of Fighters 98 (the best version is King of Fighters Dream Match 1999 which is not KOF99 but a polished version of KOF98 for Dreamcast). If you're going to bother putting any KOF games up there you should at least put up a few made by SNK. Dreamcast NEEDS to be added since it has probably the biggest amount of 2D fighters of any console aside from NeoGeo, which needs to be added as well. Some other great 2D Fighters: King of Fighters 98 (NeoGeo, DC, PS1, PS2) Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 (NeoGeo) The Last Blade 2 (NeoGeo, DC, PS2) Vampire Chronicles (DC, PSP) Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (DC, PS1) WakuWaku 7 (NeoGeo, Saturn) Pocket Fighter (PS1, Saturn) Samurai Showdown 2 (NeoGeo, Saturn, PS1, others?) Melty Blood Re-ACT Final Tuned (PC) Melty Blood: Act Cadenza (PS2) The Rumble Fish (PS2) Capcom Fighting Jam (PS2) SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom (NeoGeo, Xbox, PS2)
  12. NeoGeo emulation is the best for now (unless you are lucky/rich enough to have a NeoGeo and the game). I have the Saturn version but after playing the silky smooth NeoGeo version I just can't play it. The framerate and slowdown issues just kill it for me since it's such a twitchy fighter at times. Great game though. The Darkstalkers series and Pocket Fighter play great on the Saturn, along with a lot of other 2D fighters. Still lust after a copy of Astra Superstars but can't justify the $200 or so it costs for the game.
  13. Well, except the 360 is still a joke in Japan and as far as SE is concerned it probably not even worth bothering with. The stateside release is a different story, but they did release FFXI on it so it wouldn't be that big of a surprise.
  14. Really? I was holding out on playing the Japanese versions for so long because I wanted to play with all of you honkeys when the English version finally came out but knew I wouldn't have the patience to restart my game. Kind of sucks that not everyone will be starting at the same level though! I thought it would be cool for people to all be battling weak pokemon right when it came out and then gradually getting stronger together. Oh well.
  15. When Diablo 3 finally comes out, I'll be dead to the world for at least 6 months, I know it. I still get the urge to play D2 from time to time, but I managed to have TWO sets of game CDs destroyed. I took that as a sign from god to stop playing. But I've mucked around with some single player mods and open battle.net since. Anyone have any favorite D2 mods?
  16. Seems pretty cool since you can play GBA ROMs with it, one things the slot-1 cards can't do yet. Too bad it's only 512 megs, but that's still enough for plenty of games.
  17. Well, you just download a save file and pop it in there instead of the save file you have on your card. Takes all of 3 seconds assuming you have an R4/M3. Haven't done anything like that, even though there are some games I physically own and have beaten nearly 100% and have to start over completely using a the ROM. What's the point really? You're just cheating yourself out of gameplay. But when it comes to smashing people over WiFi... hmm....
  18. Yeah, what interests me in this one is the WiFi battling/trading. Before you were pretty much limited to a couple people to play, but now you can battle anyone in the world! Quite different, although I'll surely be discouraged by the people who do NOTHING but play Pokemon.
  19. If Nintendo gives you a DS lite because you have ONE dead pixel on your regular DS, they've crossed the line from good customer service to being downright stupid!
  20. Agreed! Great gameplay, too. Probably the best 3D Capcom fighter aside from Tech Romancer. I would be happy with straight ports of those to newer systems, but the Dreamcast makes both of those games look good enough to keep it hooked up to my TV at all times. Maybe one day we will get Project Justice 2... We can only hope. That game had a great story as well, and the way the prefight dialogs decided your team structure was cool. I can't think of a fighter with a better story mode; most of the time it's just some generic tournament with some loose character relations/rivalries. The Rival Schools world is more more complex.
  21. There just isn't the fanbase for it. People complained about all the rehashes so Capcom up and made the best 2D fighter ever (SF3:TS), complete with an almost entirely new cast, great fighting system, some of the best 2D graphics ever, etc, and it... pretty much got ignored by most people. Then you have the nerve to ask for SF4!! Go rank in a SF3 tourny before you start complaining... A lot of people still play the game.
  22. I just find the d-pad to be less responsive in general since it's so squishy. It works perfectly fine for most games, but compared to the regular DS's clicky d-pad it's just less accurate. I'm more likely to mess up when going very quickly in tetris for example. If they would have made the d-pad a little stiffer it would have been a perfect balance of form and function. As for the lite, to me the screens make all the difference in the world and totally justify the purchase. The regular DS's screens were just awful, espcially the touch screen. It just looked like crap, and it was practically unplayable in sunlight. The size difference is a huge plus as well. I could only take the regular DS anywhere in winter when I was wearing a coat with big enough pockets. Now I can slip the light in even relatively tight jeans pockets. The speakers are a bit quieter, but most of the time I am playing the thing on the train with the sound off anyway. The lite's stylus is a lot easier to hold too. The start button on the lite is complete crap though. Too small, in a weird spot, and it's hard to push. And I guess I had a stuck pixel since it was kind of a light blue color. Weird, because on my PSP it's pretty much the same color so I wonder if it will come unstuck one day. And for those of you with the ability to play homebrew, I saw some utility floating out there that's some kind of stuck pixel fixer. If you have a flashcart/card and some stuck pixels it might be worth a shot.
  23. I have one of the light blue DS lites and I don't notice the smudges unless I'm looking for them. White seems like it's even better, but both of them get a little dirty as far as the matte parts go (mainly the hinge and L/R buttons). My black PSP also seems to get pretty smudged up but usually just around the d-pad and buttons. Black glossy things are just made to be scratched/smudged. Still, not at all a reason to not get a lite, especially with the lighter colors available! While the regular DS has a more responsive d-pad, the lite vastly out performs it on just about every other level. Also, on a different topic, have any of you guys experienced a self-fixing dead pixel? Right after I got my lite I noticed a dead pixel right in the middle of the lower screen. At first I was annoyed but it wasn't noticeable during gameplay. Then one day I realized it was gone completely and has yet to return. Anyone know how this happened? Maybe cycling through the brightness levels a bunch of times did it? I'm happy, but it's a little puzzling, since the dead pixel on my PSP has stayed dead for a long while now.
  24. Well, that's overlooking all the Darkstalkers games, the fantastic Rival Schools/Project Justice series, Tech Romancer, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Red Earth, Cyberbots, the Power Stone series, Star Gladiator, Plasma Sword, the X-Men and Marvel fighters... There are plenty of non-SF Capcom fighters out there. Also, wow: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Street_Fighter_games
  25. Well, I'd like to see new games too, but it's something I'd definitely download for the online services, especially if online play is decent.
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