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  1. You know it's weird, but I've beaten Diablo 2 well over 100 times and I don't think I ever watched any of the cut scenes all the way through, and sure as HELL didn't listen to any of the NPCs. Diablo 3 could have us battling the easter bunny for I care.
  2. I can't believe you lived in Japan for some time and didn't go to a single arcade!! Anyway, the competition is fierce. There are some mid-level players at some arcades, but most of the time they guys are just insanely good.
  3. your balls is doing fine but I can't use him until I get the forth gym badge, d'oh. over level 30 noooooooooooooooo
  4. You mean the official Wi-Fi USB connector? Yeah, it works perfectly. It's a really cool little piece of hardware.
  5. I like how the article, despite railing against Sony's actions, does a pretty good job of promoting the game itself. When I read that I thought, "hey, I'll have to check this game out..." Good job media!
  6. I think I've played a few round of it at an arcade, but I haven't gotten the PS2 version to play it in any depth yet. I've heard a lot of good things about it and I've been wanting to pick it up. But I think I just burnt myself out on 2D fighters to be honest though. I played nothing but 2D fighters for years and I guess I'm kind of on a break now. And also I've realized that compared to Japanese players I'm just trash. Especially when it comes to KOF. Sometimes I can put up a decent fight, but most of the time the dude will wipe the floor with my whole team with just of his players. I play casually, but some of those dudes do NOTHING but practice all day.
  7. Yes, you do! If anything, traded Pokemon have a HUGE exp boost. It almost makes me feel like I wasting my time leveling up the pokemon I caught myself. Plus the GTS system works really well. If you put up a reasonable offer you will get your Pokemon quickly, even if it seems like you're getting a MUCH better deal. Plus underground and other online aspects are really cool.
  8. speaking of eevees, some dude on 4chan was giving out eevee eggs earlier this evening. got one for myself, woo
  9. Yeah, I lost all of my Tetris wins this way T_T
  10. Yeah, just google for flip top and or swap magic and your type of ps2 and find the site with the best prices. eBay probably has a lot as well. Also, be careful to check which version of whatever PS2 you have. Some older PS2s have more/less screws than newer ones, for instance, and some slim PS2s have some plate or something that needs to be dealt with. Again, Google is your friend.
  11. Take it to the dude in Oreburg city (the mining town, I think), and he'll give you a Pokemon in exchange for the fossil.
  12. I was going to make the EXACT same post. PLEASE be Diablo 3.
  13. Yes, that's where the mods come in. You have to get the import in there WITHOUT resetting your PS2. Which is where the flip top/slide card comes in. Actually it's the opposite. The slim ps2 already IS a flip top. You just have to modify it so it doesn't reset when you open the top. With the flip top you install a new top on your clunky PS2 that makes it open like a PS1 or slim PS2. It looks like this: It usually comes with a set of swap discs. You put the appropriate boot disc in the machine, boot it up, and when the screen pops up you open the flip top, place your import/backup in the PS2, and press X on your controller to boot the game. Takes just a few seconds and it's very easy to install. You just unscrew about seven screws, carefully disconnect the power button ribbon, then reconnect it to the new top and screw it back in. Takes all of 10 minutes. Another advantage to the flip top is you can easy access your laser for cleaning which should take care of most disc read errors. Edit: the slide card is the same basic concept, but except instead of opening a flip top you use this weird little card to rip the CD tray open while the machine is running. Once you get the hang of it the time it takes to swap discs is about the same but it's kind of hard on your tray motor. It will probably break with time.
  14. I use a fliptop and I have no complaints. It's easy to install, cheap, and works like a charm.
  15. EVERYTIME I GO THERE ITS DEAD I'll try later today. Also, thanks for the tip. I think I just got in Jubilife town? Is that the one with the third gym?
  16. Any Diamond players want to trade for a Pearl exclusive? I have the ghost type Pokemon Misdreavus at level 19. I was going to level it up TO THE MAX but I've decided not to for now since I'm working on some other dudes. I've also got another Pearl exclusive up for grabs, a level 20 Sheildon. I'm not really picky about what I want, just something decent I could level up that is around level 20 or so. Bonus points for cuteness! Also, I can't seem to find this GTS forum. Anyone have a link?
  17. I don't think there's any way you can compare the PSP to the Virtual Boy. The Virtual Boy was a complete and utter failure. The PSP might not be doing as well as the wildly successful DS, but it's not doing badly at all and has a huge library of great games (at least in Japan).
  18. Yeah, I played it for a total of about 10 minutes and then chucked the DVDR somewhere in my room, but some people seem to insist it has some redeeming qualities. Graphical presentation is definitely not one of them, but we all know Capcom is lazy right? Anyway, I guess the only good thing I could think of in the game was that they included Karin. Sweet sweet Karin.
  19. Whoa, thanks for the heads up! Getting this one right now. The Real Bout series is one of the most underrated fighters of all time, especially RBFF2. What an awesome game. As far as Capcom Fighting Jam goes, I didn't get into it myself, but a lot of people seem to like it. Just trying to fill out the list. But I still think it's one of those games like SVC Chaos that gets a lot of bad hype and a lot of people don't even really try it. And you wonder why no one bothers to make 2D fighters anymore! Everything gets compared to SFA3, SF3TS, Guilty Gear, etc. Not every game can be as good as some of the classics we have around, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth playing. And if you didn't like SC2 don't even bother with 3. I had some fun with it but overall it didn't get a lot of play from me. The custom character creation bit was fun for a while, but the fact that you have to play some really boring strategy game to get parts was annoying.
  20. all the mods are dead. let's overthrow the board!
  21. You shouldn't regret it. There are only two fire pokemon in the regular pokedex so it will be very helpful to you. Plus if you have trouble at the first gym just catch some a water pokemon and crush kill destroy.
  22. Ken, Yun, and (to a lesser extent) Yang are very strong, but Ibuki is defintely not top tier. She takes a lot of damage and her godly super was nerfed from Second Impact. But honestly she is an awesome player to learn. I use her 90% of the time in fights. Why play all the same characters as everyone else? Isn't that incredibly boring to you? Play what you like. You'll get a lot more respect beating someone with Ibuki or Dudley then beating someone with Ken, Yun, or Chun (the godly three). Good luck!
  23. nice favorites thread in b4 lock lol btw ffx sndtrk pwns
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