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  1. Wow, congrats on a job well done guys!! Haven't gotten a chance to play the game yet but I have to say I love the work you did with the soundtrack... SFII is one of my all time faves, and the soundtrack is one that will be part of me forever. You did it justice and that much more. Hope this extra exposure is as good for you guys as I think it will be! Now where's a Nice Work Guy when you need him?
  2. For me it would have to be Phantasy Star II. I remember watching my brother play Phantasty Star for the Master System a lot, but it was too complex for me at that age. When Phantasy Star II came out, my dad and I played through the whole game together. We would play it together almost every night. He would actually control the game most of the time, but I had the strategy guide and maps and would help guide us through all the dungeons and whatnot. Not only was the first RPG I played through, but it really is a great one. Cool futuristic setting, pretty deep plot/dialog, awesome music and graphics, and challenging gameplay. It still stands up to the test of time and is a challenging, rewarding play! I've played through it several times, and the Sega Ages PS2 remake is quite good.
  3. I thought the second game was a bit better, but I liked the first one as well (I seem to be one of the few). I guess I'm just a huge fanboy. Loving OoE. Happy they brought a little bit of challenge back to the series. I was getting sick of beating all the new Castlevania games without dying a SINGLE time. I actually got mad enough to punch stuff in my room a couple times, which tells me it's a real Castlevania game.
  4. Evilhead

    Wii Music

    I usually don't like to use this word to describe something in a negative way but: shit looks so gay
  5. I have most of the old gaming systems, and multiple regions of some, but the only one I have hooked up to play at a moment's notice is my top-loading Famicom. Lots of good games too. Most of the other systems are either ready to be hooked up and played at any time, or back in the states. My gaming set up in my room is not really good for having lots of systems hooked up at the same time, but when I get a house one day I am definitely setting up a gaming room with all of my systems hooked up and a huge library of games. I use emulation for conveneince but nothing beats playing on the original system! The only systems I am lacking really are a good Turbographix setup (I'd like to get a Duo system with the CD system built in) and a Neo-Geo with games. Just a matter of time really.
  6. Seems this devolved into a regular favorites thread... I think he meant games you play over and over and STILL play to this day, but I could be wrong.
  7. Let it be a decent game and not more silly attachments... Seriously, with all the crap you have to buy to play the Wii wouldn't you be better off just buying a system that comes complete as is? and has better games? (cough cough xbox360)
  8. Personally I can't stand trance. It's just a matter of taste I guess, beause I like other simple/formulaic music like punk and blues. I guess it's the fact that trance DJs spin the same damn song for 3 hours straight and it's so lame to dance to. Especially "famous" DJs. They are so into their little sub-genre of trance that they pick records that barely sound different from the last, mainly because all the music follows the same simple patterns, uses the same instruments, etc. Some psy-trance stuff is a bit more musical, but generally it gets old after about 15 minutes. Trance is a sure fire way to make sure a party is going to suck. Give me house any day. At least there are some samples in there to make things interesting and it's dancable as hell. When was the last time you had some girl grinding her booty on you at a trance show?
  9. For me puzzle games, classic platformers, and 2D fighters seem to hold up the best. I've been playing these games for years, have them all on multiple systems (through emulation or hard copies) and never get tired of them. Tetris Puyo Puyo 2 (or it's incarnations) Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Super Mario Bros Super Mario Bros 2 Castlevania Minna No Golf (Hot Shots Golf) series (doesn't matter which game because they are pretty much all the same, but the PSP games get a lot of play since I can take them anywhere).
  10. Evilhead

    Car Audio

    That's why if you have a truly good set up you get some 6's in the door and tweeters up in the dash for your high frequencies, 6x9's in the back for mid-range and a sub in the trunk for your bass. At that point your stereo sounds amazing. And it could be argued that the acoustics in a car could be better than in your home stereo. Think about it, how often are you in a room the size of a car? With a big room you have to take a lot into account as far as sound distribution goes, but with a car you are concentrating everything into a very small space wich can result in some amazing sounding stereos. Plus if you have neighbors/housemates it's rare that you can totally crank your home system without being a total ass, but when you are on the road are free to destroy your hearing as much as you like. Nothing like diring on a nice road with a great system bumpin.
  11. GRRRRRR The Dreamcast has way more quality games than say, the N64. If you wanted any of the great mid to late 90's arcade games in your home without spending thousands on Naomi hardware the Dreamcast is the perfect solution. Problem is a lot of the games were rare or didn't get released in the States/the US. The DC's graphical engine was so damn good though... The 3D games looked a lot better than most PS2 games of their time. Just look at Project Justice, Tech Romancer, Ecco, Ikaruga, etc.
  12. Evilhead

    Car Audio

    Depends on the car. Yeah, it probably won't sound as good as a home system but it can be damn close. Before I moved out here I had a series of amazing car stereos that I dropped a few grand into that sounded FANTASTIC. Certain cars have better acoustics then other though. For example, basically the same setup sounded much clearer and louder in my Jetta then it did in my Accord. And on the frequency issue, if you have a good system it shouldn't be a problem. Unless you leave your stock speakers in and just throw a sub in the back, you should have good enough speakers to put out high frequency as well. I like Rockford-Fosgates or Cerwin-Vegas the best. When I had a convertable I put these pairs of 3 inch Rockford-Fosgate headrest speakers in and even with the top down on the highway the music was clear as ever, and the kicker in the back made sure you could still feel the bass. Now I have the crappiest little stereo in my car. Actually have a spare set of Rockford-Fosgate 6's I could throw in but I've been too lazy. I'll have to do that this weekend.
  13. I've got plenty of vinyl. A lot of underground punk/hardcore/grindcore is ONLY available on vinyl, so I had to buy a lot of it that way when I was into it. I've got a lot of cool limited edition vinyl in weird colors and sizes (5", 6", 8", etc), picture discs, etc. I've got a few records I could probably sell to punk collectors for some decent coin, but nothing compared to a friend who has one of the most complete collections of original early US hardcore vinyl I've ever seen. Some people pay hundreds or more for old 7" EPs. I've also got plenty of new wave (B-52's, English Beat, etc), jazz (tons, including a lot not available on CD), and classic rock albums (Steely Dan, Yes, Iron Maiden, etc) on vinyl as well. If you are ever interested, read up on vinyl as a superior format of music. The compact disc cuts out a lot of information that while so subtle to be almost inaudible in the end actually adds a lot to the listening experience. Which is why vinyl sounds so much "wamer" than CDs. To be honest, I don't like listening to jazz CDs compared to jazz vinyl or live performances.
  14. You could always cut the bass levels with your eq. I'd rather have too much bass than not enough, but maybe that's just me.
  15. see my previous post also mario 3 sucks
  16. they sell to non-gamers with the shallow wii tech demo games and satiate their core fans by churning out the same franchises over and over this time not even changing a single thing from the gamecube generation except tacking on craptacular waggle controls. they got lazy, and since they are making tons of money while being lazy, they don't give a shit.
  17. Back in the 16-bit era renting games was one of my main joys in life. There were so many throw away games back then, and for a lot of games 5 days or so was usually more then enough time to get all the enjoyment out of them. Now I don't have the option to rent anything (Japan must be like Europe in that sense), but I just pirate anything I want these days...
  18. Maybe it's not overlooked but the Mario vs. Luigi multiplayer in New Super Mario Bros is probably the most fun I've had with a portable game, ever. Totally outshines even the excellent single player mode. If you're playing with a good mario player you can have some EPIC battles. I play it with a buddy of mine almost every time I see him and we never get tired of it. Main reason I'm looking forward to New Super Mario Bros 2 (or whatever it will be called) is Mario vs. Luigi with more stages (hoping for an underwater level, a ghost level, bowsers castle, one of those mushroom platform stages, etc). If you've never given it a shot, try it out. At first it seems a bit shallow, but once you get into it you realize the depth it has! Set for 3 lives, 5 stars, best 3 out of 5 battles.
  19. smash bros more like button mash bros get a real fighting game twighlight princess yay i can play the same exact game for the 50th time zak & wiki just sounds gay no more heroes more like no more thumbs from button mashing through mobs metroid prime same game with shitty pointer controls yay super paper mario lol mediocre lostwinds looks nice plays shit toki tori play it on your gba re4 good game already played it on ps2/gamecube/etc okami good game already played it on ps2
  20. only good game in that list is warioware
  21. I find it funny that whenever I go to someone's house and play the wii, the best game is still the shooting gallery game from wiiware. What a joke of a system... Just goes to show that when you lower the bar to appeal to mom's and grandma's you get crap games or no games at all.
  22. The Ting Tings are alright. If you want to listen to some other similar indie rock artists, check out Cajun Dance Party, The Blow, Eux Autres, The Do, The Headlights, Born Ruffians, Tapes n' Tapes, Tokyo Police Club...
  23. Yeah, for me music/sound is completely unrelated to any kind of visual properties, aside from a lack of them. When I'm performing with a group in a session or solo on stage, I've had the experience several times in my life where I just kind of "black out." My vision fades completely to black, I lose awareness of my surroundings and just play the music on autopilot, without thinking at all. It's like I'm not even there in that physical place. These are usually the times when I play at my best. I've also experienced a similar effect practicing martial arts once. In zen practice it's called the state of "no mind" and I've heard other musicians talking about it. Has anyone here experienced this?
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