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  1. The guitar sounds very professional. However, the mix seems... hollow in some way. It's more or less a guitar solo... Maybe it's just not my style, but I found it kind of bland.
  2. I really liked this. I wish I could say more, but I can't, because I have no idea why I liked it. I just do.
  3. I like it... smooth. Unfortunatly, it's smooth enough where the ending will slip right by you, if you're not listening intently to it, but regardless, I still liked this one a lot.
  4. Wow. Great stuff, especially for a first mix. I've never even heard this track before I heard mixes of it, but whatever, it sounds good enough
  5. I liked this one overall. It's very resourceful, if nothing else, and considering the instruments used, it's played very well.
  6. DarkCecil more or less summed it up... it was difficult recognizing the original melody, but really - this is better. You won't be disappointed with this one.
  7. Nice work, as always, by McVaffe. I didn't recognize where it was from, but it was nice nonetheless.
  8. Agreed... not one of my all time favorites, but certainly better than average. I could use some lively songs in my playlist anyway...
  9. Do not EVER use the default instruments that come with fruity. download soundfonts, use the softsynths that come with it, use vsti synths [some of the coolest ones are free, come on], and download drum samples. but dont ever use the stuff that comes with it. i swear, gol detunes half of it on purpose to laugh at noobs. you can import -any- wav file. why do you chain yourself to the things that it comes with? the stuff it comes with sucks on purpose. so you dont use it. so dont use it. its really rather simple, but i'm tragically amazed at the amount of people that ignore this fact. ~starla Ah, that explains it.
  10. Very nice, like all of McVaffe's Remixes. Very different from most of the others, too
  11. Actually, the FF9 "loss of me" part is considered a completely different song, called "I must protect"... anyways, it's a great mix... the transitions were seamless, and like all Ailsean mixes, the guitars were amazing... However, there is an updated version of this mix floating around! It used to be on VGMix, but now that VGMix is down, I have no idea where you can find it... It's called "The Knights Come Marching Home... Again"
  12. Know what? It grows on you. Big time. The (obviously intentionally) skipped notes actually add something to the song if you listen to it a different way. 9/10.
  13. Normally, I like a few extra instruments, but I think you focused too much on the extra instrumentation than the actual melody. On other tracks, this usually sounds good. But on You're Not Alone, the main thing I liked about the track was the melody... sorry to say, I liked the original more. Still a nice mix though. 7/10 Edit: Now I realize what I don't like about it. The actual melody is incomplete, having a note skipped every few beats. It's not the foreground stuff as much as it is the missing notes... at least for the first 1:50 or so.
  14. I also heard this in "testing" as well, so my initial and usually most detailed review was already given. A very light and peaceful mix to a track that should be very light and peaceful . Good choice of instruments, great mix.
  15. Nice stuff. I like the transition from Chocobo theme to Wipeout, and back to Chocobo theme. Very smooth transition. Very innovative. Very good dance music. Very good remix.
  16. Very true to the original, yet different. Very good work, especially considering it's by a new author. Keep up the good job.
  17. I know this is my second post on this thread, but just wanted to say the more I listen to it the more I like it. I've got to say, this is one of my favorites, and definitely the best DJP best mix, and one of the best overall, I've heard. Edit: And Kawasaki, Media Player reports the song to be 1'36 for me as well, but it keeps playing on my computer until the end. I wonder why that is.
  18. It does sound like love hurts towards the beginning. I didn't really recognize anything familiar until about 1:40 or so. Though it is kind of a misnomer, it's a very smooth flowing, quiet, peaceful song. I like it.
  19. I didn't like the very beginning of the song too much... but somewhere along the line it picked up (Wish I was listening more closely, I'd tell you the exact time where the transition happened)... the rest of the song was great though. Much slower than the original piece... actually, this is how I play it on the piano... Good job.
  20. This remix is one of my favorites... kind of makes me feel like I'm in a Mario RPG concert or something. This would be the last song in the playlist... I can just imagine everyone applauding, getting up, and going to their cars which this is playing
  21. Pretty nice... all I have to do is imagine that FF6 was remade for the original NES and that I'm playing it
  22. Heh, I fight them as soon as possible without trying to level up. Everyone was around level 75. I think my Calc Wizard got me through it in the end, it was a long and hard battle
  23. Velius was easy I used mostly Summoners against him. I dont think there was any real hard bosses in FFT I think the only hardest one I had to face was Elidibs which was a secret boss at the bottom of the deep dungeon but that was a walk in the park if you had TG Cid in your party. Interestingly enough, I beat him without TG Cid, and took the time to learn Zodiac while I was at it It was just Velius that gave me tons of trouble for some reason
  24. But does impossible qualify as difficult? I think that downright I-can-do-no-more-than-0-damage-per-attack is not difficult, it's just not meant by the game developers to be done.