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  1. Dude, all the mixers involved decimated this project.... You guys are in for the treat of your lives....
  3. You need to slow your roll with all this you run this crap. I've told you alreadt that Data Select, plus credits wasn't on me, I was waiting on Kanjika.
  4. NIGGER, I'm basically done, but you already know the deal about the tracks so
  5. QUOTED FOR EMPHASIS. Seriously people, no more of that impatience chatter. It's like 99.99999999% done, the project is.
  6. It's cool. It was a tad inconsistant, and there alot of tracks that were just like whatever to me, but it's alright.
  7. Wu Tang started off with a low quality recording setup. As they moved on they kept that raw sound despite more expensive equipment. Intentional.
  8. Don't take this as a pointless thread, but where the hell is the newbie thread that used to be sticked?
  9. Not sure what that means, or if it even has anything to do with me... Could be virtual quotes? AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH CLASSIC.
  10. I understand, I'm glad you considered it though, oh and by the way, I enjoy your work alot, pop something else onthe site for us
  11. i pmed you about it, oh and danny b has presented me with a wip and :'( man, it's a tough act to follow. Also cpacaud is trying it out to see what he can do with it. I'm going to pick which wip i think fits the most with what i'd like.
  12. steve vai killed it with this song! Wait..... cp and marc killed it???? instant classic.
  13. even if all my tracks are finished today (hint or not, you decide), i still need someone to do boss 1. GAH.
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