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  1. Hadyn. WOW. You my friend are done. 6 tracks to go, 4 of them involve me. 2 of mine are almost done, 1 of the 6 (Joker)is basically done. The other 3 includes a rap track (fast work), Kanjinka and I, and Lava Reef whom will still need a mixer for. In other words, REAL CLOSE people.
  2. -mic- not guitar, and man, Ice CAp has never sounded this good, and thanks too Red Tailed Fox, wow.
  3. Hetcenus is a star, watch this kid. Anyway, 155 bucks I just copped plus going to guitar center within 2 hours equals YEEEEESSSS.
  4. Actually Rexy, me and Myth are supposed to do it, so give me about a week to see what happens with that.
  5. oh my god, no no no. My mic just stopped working for no reason at all. I just got IT. ARGH, what the?
  6. Better be warming up the stream Larry. Look for CHAOS to erupt real soon......
  7. Meh, zircon hates me, but I'd love to lend a hand to the project. I guess I'll just sit back and wait for the awesomeness.
  8. Sorry I wasn't present yesterday, had a little family drama, but I will resume my normal presence withing a few hours or tommorow for sure. EDIT - oh yeah, and I'm done with Starting Line. EDIT 2 - Steve Vai rules, regardless of what you say SNAP!
  9. Damn, I send my heart out to Sixto, and as for you Snap, good deal.
  10. Damn dude, I'm really sorry to hear that. Remember when that shit happened to me? Sucks man. I hope you find it :'(
  11. Ok, I'm asking to cease the project title talk. Me and Snapple will handle that, so it's not an issue.
  12. Haha. I don't know, Headgehog Heaven seems ok to me. I don't mind the name Project Chaos, but was thinking a thread title like "Sonic: Project Chaos" would have made more sense and get more people aware; like they have for Doom, Kirby, Dragon Warrior, etc. I didn't know about Chaos Emeralds, I don't read magazines on games when I play them, but alot of games have chaos; so I'd still say it's not a very distinctive title. Most games are about shooting things and blowing things/people up (eg. chaos), so that would only narrow it down to like a million games... right? Sounds like a fun project anyway, can I expect to hear alot of people causing havoc and blowing instruments up in the tracklist? No.And dude, we have SONIC arrangement project for the longest as the thread title AND it's on the first page, and when it gets a spotlight there will be a huge Sonic picture or logo, right on OCR. kthxbye.
  13. Uh, maybe cuz some people nammed them? Oh and Rexy, that Saka... whatever Bar title doesn't fit. It doesn't feel right. No offense.
  14. Make it public plz ... We can give feedback too ya know! It needs no improvements or feedback, dont worry..... You can bet your ass on that one
  15. Nah homie, it's cool, and a very good move considering all the stuff we have to do anyway. I applaud you, and welcome to the team Rexy!
  16. I think it's a decent idea if you want to get it out early. I'd say wait, but the Special Edition idea is pretty cool, as long as you pack in extra content.
  17. dafydd, I can record guitar for you instead of that god awful sample you are using lol
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