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  1. you thought Gray was going to stick all the way through? That's my nigga but AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH. The kid is busy.
  2. Subz : you may have just giving me a smooth idea, or I may have disregarded your post. You'll have to wait till the release to find out! Azar : Jesse is PENDING doing it. So it might not happen, but I basically begged so it's looking good
  3. Starting Line is complete, Jesse Taub is pending on doing Boss 1. From here on out, I will NOT tolerate any impatience in this thread about the release date or my status. Your post will just get promptly deleted, on the project or not.
  4. Hey Malcos, I worked a small demo of my song, but I can't get it to you today, it will have to be a little later my time Tuesday, but you will get it.
  5. Snap, while we are on the subject, I modded my normal humbucker already, but how would that hotrails sound in the neck position? EDIT - oops, i missed where you said "neck" lol. I will most DEF be getting one. They are inexpensive too!
  6. Shael, too much crap going on in life, can't do song, really sorry, i still love u.
  7. ok guys , in a short story, i was kicked out of my house, but im with my cousin and all my work is saved so ill be back real soon (so drunk right now),
  8. eh, personal and physical issues are kicking my ass. ill try to get on as much as i can after today
  9. redtailedfox and ryan8bit has crafted what is the best song ever. EVER.
  10. well, i can tell the solo guitar isn't fake but it sounds really crap. You can call it shredding i guess, and you have some playing skill in you. EDIT - and don't always rely on shredding, too much of it and you will just sound tasteless.
  11. Hi guys, lemme make this message quick, I'm on a gang of meds right now. Basically I caught some kinda flu virus I can't pronounce that is kicking my white blood cells' ass. I got a shot while I was in the hospital (you guys have no idea how boring TV can get when that is all you can really do ) And it's supposed to rejuvinate (or whatever) the cells. Till then I'm just all types of sick moping around like a little bitch and what not, not getting paid because my bullshit boss has a no work no bread policy. In my absence, Snapple, if I'm not up by Monday, please take over the guitar work on Credits. I was pretty far off in Boss 2 to keep going, and as far as Boss 1, try to see if someone else can grab it on the production end, but I most likely can still provide vocal work to it. Oh, and if anyone can, tell Prizm that I won't be able to rap on his track because anything that can do wrong will go wrong (thanks Murphy's Law... or whoever's law it is). Kep a strong head for me, I feel worse than when this fine ass bitch gave me blue balls a few weeks back at the club. Chow.
  12. NEVER EVER EVER EVER admit to the entire forum that you downloaded a program instead of purchased it. You will be looked down upon.
  13. You lose, for the most part. There are quite a few guitar tracks and piano tracks, but varity is strong.
  14. Maturity is brewing strong with this cat. Anyway, Xenon, you can still try, we are seeing who can come up with the best track.
  15. that's a super waste of space. all that gear is just not needed.
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