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  1. Excellent. I'll have something for you within the month as well.
  2. Are you thinking of something like this when you say "50s/60s space posters?" Otherwise, could you clarify?
  3. Yeah, I'm still interested. Can you give us an update?
  4. Great mix. "Delightful Spekkio" has a warm little melody that I like, but you took it somewhere just slightly higher than it was before. I'm glad you took out the tack piano (or whatever it actually is supposed to be) comping that was there before. Rundown: I love the sound of these pipes backed by the horns. The pad is nice too at around 2:05; unexpected what with the pipes, but nice. The military snare seems a bit random, but there's nothing wrong with it that I can hear. I don't know if I'm diggin the chimes. Okay, around 3:50 getting repetitive, but I know that's the genre, and I've heard worse. It ends just in time. Edit: I forgot the damn tuba, which also rocks. Congratulations: you made a good song better.
  5. Way better than "Intension," first off. I'm glad you've given us a better ReMix from Ristar. That was such a cute, fun game. And Planet Undertow is about the only song from it I can remember off the top of my head . Anyway, it's a nice, heady original song, and ya done good things with it. You took it in a jumpier, faster, groovy direction, away from its dreamier original quality, and it comes out sounding cool. I also am interested by the "stabs," or whatever you call them; they stay fresh through the whole thing. I especially like the long-release sawtooth sweeps jumping around in front of the drums. They sound watery to me, for some reason, yet funky. They tie the old to the new. Good stuff.
  6. Yeah, this whole shebang has been on halt for quite a while now. I hope he's okay...
  7. This sucks. No, actually, I was just trying to shake things up a bit, but it's hard to imagine a bad review for this. First, as mentioned before, the samples are quite fabulous. I am another fan of the effects-free recording; it sounds as if I'm sitting two yards away from a real string ensemble. Props for that. Second, good arrangement. It stands completely on its own as a strings piece. Here's some badmouthing for sake of the earlier lack thereof: this is kind of hard to listen to. It's not something I put on when I'm ready for action, nor is it really soothing or demure. It's kind of harsh on my ears. Okay, that's about all I can say against it. Nice concise ending, too. I like this song.
  8. Did you ever get attended to? I'll take the job, if it's still open. Do you have a specific typeface called "Metallic Robotic" in mind? If so, could you direct me to where I can find it? Otherwise, I'll find you metallic, robotic letters. I've got a bit of a full plate right now, so it will have to wait for about a week, but soon after that I should have somethin' for you.
  9. Oh yeah. This kicks some major ass. I'm glad you kept the rhythm guitar in. The new cold synth lead at the beginning gives it a more haunting, deserty sort of feel. I like the cymbal; it sticks out at me for some reason. Of course, the guitar lead made it badder. However, the synths are Moogish enough to fill the space. I'm a fan.
  10. Listening to this song is like breathing a fresh breath of icy winter air, and then going inside for the night to a warm fire and a cup of hot cocoa. I had to drive to school in the early, dark hours quite a bit this winter, and listening to "Christmas Cave" on the way made me feel better about it. This is good work: good instrumentation, arrangement, etc. But it's also just really nice.
  11. I'm glad you like it! Really, it makes me really happy that you guys like my work. Wow! Could you host a copy of the sig yourself or on Imageshack, though? I might want to remove the image from my tiny 10MB space to make room for something else. Cheers!
  12. Okay, Taylor. You have not been forgotten. What do you think?
  13. I'm so glad you like it, spacing_out. Taylor, since CapnHulk isn't working on a sig for you, I've come up with something that I think looks pretty neat. It's easier to change Link's hair if I use a picture from a while ago, ca. A Link to the Past, rather than these new-fangled fancy ones (especially screenshots ). Do you want an older Link picture, or are you set on a newer one? Edit: Well, God, I guess I'm done with your sig. Because I'm a loser and stay up until 3:30 AM doing sigs. When I have work to do. Jesus. It looks really nice though. And I learned a lot about Photoshop...right?:cringe: As soon as my FTP host starts working again, I'll post it. You can tell me then whether the hair is brown enough.
  14. Do you mean you want Frog to be about to cut The Walrus, or did you want The Walrus behind Frog, or something else? BTW, it's almost done. Answer this, and I'll show ya what I've come up with so far. I'm pretty pleased with myself Edit: Never mind, it's done! Here you go, spacing_out: Tell me once you've saved it on your hard drive so I can take it off of my 10 MB ISP slot. I can make any minor tweaks you want. Hope it fits the bill!
  15. I'm still out of town away from PS (still interested in doing a sig for you), but what does this bit mean? What's a "beyblader," and what's "this next thing?"
  16. I can do it. I'm actually going out of town for four or five days, but I can do it after that. I'll see how you like it.
  17. I don't mean to be a bother, but I'm interested in this, so here are a few more samples of my drawing. I've learned to draw Kirby more truly to his original rendition. Life drawing Inking Really good penciling Collage of Kirby Please don't steal my treasured creations if you were for some reason going to. Hopefully these are more "impressive." Okay, that's all. And Kirby's "Air Ride" is really hard to draw. Anybody else run into that?
  18. Wow, thanks, Mythril. That 3D Nintendo is fabulous, Pixle. I love it.
  19. Let the man title his project as he wants. Okay, here's my bid. I don't draw Kirby very often, so I'm not great at him in specific, but I daresay I have the necessary skills. Here's something that I did rather too quickly in Photoshop when I should have been writing an essay. It would look a little better if I had given it proper time. This is a little doodle that I did when I should have been doing math. And this is my "masterpiece" to date. The best comic I've ever done, it was a school project over the summer two years ago. Unfortunately I haven't done so many comics since then. Anyway, I have some other (non-Kirby) pieces that I rather like, so if you want to see them, I'll scan them after I get my work done. And StarZander, those are cool. I especially like "Slight Impossibility."
  20. I'm good at drawing. I'll have something that you can look at in a few days.
  21. Well, after having my little tagalong's dance of joy, I suppose I should give a proper review now that I've listened to HH a couple of times through. Is there going to be, as someone mentioned, a regular feedback thread like there is for RotC? And you can link it to the HH pages? In any event, here 'tis: Faves: Chemical Reaction, Hill Top Heaven, Next My Generation, Casino Jazz Club, Robeatnik's Theme, Sonik Caves Congratulations on doing the first Chemical Plant remix that I really like. The original song is my baby, and I've heard nobody do it right except Snyderman. Super Sonic Ska was a great solution to a tough task--remixing Super Sonic--and comes out having fun. Props to Jason Litrio making Hill Top no longer annoying, but actually quite friendly to my ears. Of course Next My Generation kicks, and Casino Jazz Club provides something cool that finalizes this album. I wish that there wasn't so much of an electronic feel to some parts of Hedgehog Heaven. Kong in Concert achieved that, and it shines for it. Tracks 1 through 7 of HH (beside some others), however, are a lot of computer music broken only by the breath of fresh air that Hill Top Heaven brings in. The songs sound good and are well-made, but it sometimes feels like too much electricity and too many binary numbers. I would have done Is This The End? differently. Nice sound, but it toes the line of the original too much, and it doesn't take advantage of the original moods as I would have liked it to. I stand by my earlier statement, though: "Hedgehog Heaven kicks ass." Good job, mates.
  22. Jesus, 7 pages in one day? DarkeSword is right, don't jump into this too quickly. I wanted to be part of this, but I wanted some time to refine my skills. Hedgehog Heaven just came out, and you want to shoot off another project in less than a month? I give you all of my encouragement, but timing, guys, timing! I want in, but I'm not good enough yet with a synthesizer, and I don't know how to use soundfonts. *sigh* If you absolutely need somebody, talk to me, but I'm a "remixer-to-be" as my sig says, not a complete remixer yet. I'm saying all this because my hopes are crushed and I need to vent. COME ON! I was all excited to be part of a project. God dammit. Okay, I'm done.
  23. My speakers were set too low for the bands he was using. It's even better than I thought.
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