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  1. OMG one hour of VGDJ? I'm in heaven...now commencing downloading, burning, and driving-around-town-listening.
  2. I'm looking forward to it. By the way those pics are amusing. I wish I could have been there.
  3. I was wondering where my VGDJ was So, did everybody have fun?
  4. Two's company. Three's a crowd. And knowing Rayza, Jack was there too.
  5. Still looks pretty sweet. I saw Land of the Dead but I couldn't find you. Do you know in which, if any, part you can be seen most easily?
  6. Come to think of it Wingless, you're right! By the way, fix the first link in your sig; the comma got included in the URL. Is the VGDJ promo thing still on? I'll have to think up something for you guys if it is.
  7. I would go for a pink shirt too, but whatevs. Official art is classy too. BTW, great job on the sig, Wingless. How the hell am I supposed do a barrel roll now? No wonder the ladies are looking for other graphic designers.
  8. I'd buy one, as long as it was cheaper than 75 bucks.
  9. I guess I agree with you guys. I, as an aspiring remixer, like what people are saying about how they made their mixes and other stuff they ramble on about. I think that what I don't like about a lot of the clips is that they use three or four times the number of words that they need to say what they're saying. Again, I prefer that DarkeSword knew exactly what he was going to say and said it. It sounded sort of unnatural and rehearsed, but it was also no crap. So I shouldn't say that nobody cares about technical details or defense against criticism. Many, including I, do. But please, don't ramble on and on as if everybody is hanging on your every word.
  10. Yeah, it was a good show. The "lazy days" feel was prevalent, but it worked well, in fact. DarkeSword, while your clip sounded too scripted for my taste, it had a distinct advantage over every other clip that I've heard on VGDJ (perhaps excepting Jivemaster's subsequent clip): NO GOD DAMN BLAH BLAH BLAH. THANK YOU. That is currently the show's greatest weakness, especially for attracting new people to the show and to OCR in general. Nobody wants to hear seven minutes of you defending your choices for the mix against criticism. Few people want very technical and comprehensive details about the production of your mix. The clips from DarkeSword and Jivemaster were good role models, I think. They were concise, engaging, and say a lot of worthwhile stuff for the time they take to say it. Please, more clips like this. [/rant] Anyway, I enjoyed the show despite your feeling that there was too little to talk about (or abowoot...sorry). Rayza, I liked your subtle hint at the end for Rama to start recording in a larger room with the door closed. I'm glad that you mentioned that DJP sent that one mix right on through past the judges--it's important to mention things like that, since they don't happen very often. You might want to mention Israfel's departure from the Judges Panel next time. Okay, that's all for now. Good work, I love you guys, keep on trucking.
  11. I'll bet they aren't going to hook you up with that fine 75 dollar T-shirt anyway.
  12. Thank you. I'm glad to hear an opinion on it other than DarkeSword's. (I of course always value your opinion, DS)
  13. I heard somebody talking about how Apple and other corporate giants are somehow marginalizing the independent folksy podcast...sources...like Podcast Alley...? Something about Apple pushing Podcast Alley off to the sidelines. Any word?
  14. It's Jive! I like this, from my initial listen. I have heard some of those sounds before too, but not for a while, and they are a welcome familiarity. They remind me of the good techno that I don't have anymore. I like what you did with Lava Reef. You took the catchy bits, made them deeper, and had them dance around in the bassline. Good work. And I'm glad you're back. I never knew of you when you were around, but I knew of your mixes, and I like them (I'm a big Sonic fan too, so I'm glad you covered those in such breadth).
  15. Woohoo! I've been gone a while--I need say that ep 004 was MARVELOUS and that the DJP interview was GREAT! And ep 008...yes! Loved the show. I'm glad that you guys brought in the basics of OCR again. Next time you do that, mention what happens when someone "reinterprets" a video game song. Good reviews, despite nobody sending you clips. On that note, I have two things to say to all remixers, current and to-be: 1. Send VGDJ a clip when they ask for one! Your flipping voice on the radio about your song! Shit! 2. Make it concise. I'm sorry, I get a little tired after 5 minutes of rambling. On the subject of Rama, his singing to the melody of "Kingdom Trial" was both original and hi-freakin'-larious. And he should stop recording in his bathroom! Get some padding, or something, cause the Rama Report sounds like I'm playing raquet ball. Great job again, Aurora and Rayza. No beer bongs, the both of you! Edit: OH SHITS THE RAYZAMIX!! SWEET!
  16. Damn! Man, I'm a sucker for a good thrash, and you guys certainly got me in that soft spot with this one. I didn't, to my surprise, leap out of my chair with my air guitar the first time I listened to this, but let's just say that I'll be listening to it many times again with the blinds closed on my windows. Music-wise: Good composition and mix. The beginning sticks out a lot compared to the rest, but that's not bad, really. The ending is abrupt, yes, but again, I like it. I never played Shatterhand, but the arrangement sounds great to me. Sweet!
  17. Do you have a higher quality picture? Or at least, any other picture? I can do it, but I'd like more to work with. I'm back! I'll try this out. Maybe I can nab a screen of my own emulator that looks nicer. We'll see what I can whip up.
  18. Ha ha! This is great! Man, this almost takes Kong in Concert down for the rank of my favorite site project. The quality of the "Rise" certainly rivals that of the "Concert," no question.Sweet work, fellows. I was staring at the completed cover art while listening to parts of this. It's fascinating: the cover--the same that I spent weeks poring over--looks different to me now. As I was making it, it stood alone. I knew it was for the project and tailored it with that in mind, but I didn't know what the main of the project was. As a part of the project, the art has been given a new depth by the music it advertises. Kirbymixer, your song is complex and well thought-out. Good start to the project. Darangen, great interpretation of the "Son of Wind" idea and pleasant sounds. I can feel the thought you put into composition. It reminds me of "Blue Water, Blue Sky" by Daisuke Ishiwatari. Adhesive_Boy, I love your music. Thank you for bringing the xylophone back from "Cry of the Chasmal Critter Chain," it's just wonderful. An awesome song. analoq, your synthesis is fabulous. Also, you kept repeating the same phrase, but it didn't sound repetetive. Nice. Rellik, why DID you fade out right when you hit the sickass whippin' cool part? Ah, no matter, your song is still pretty cool. Suzumebachi, oh SHIT! HAHAHAHA oh I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this one. Ohhhhhhhhhh! Badass. chthonic, if a square wave could launch away heroically into the night sky, it would sound exactly like "Starbound." Trenthian, yours is the only remix whose original song I have heard. If the other mixes' deviance from their originals are as interesting as yours', we have a very good project here indeed. DarkeSword, first, good working with you, and second, I really like both of your songs. Good for you for using the choral parts; they sounded cool (even if the samples had some fakey ends). And then you're back on your home turf on the second song. The piano part was particularly nice. B, G, and H, your interpretation of the theme is as thoughtful as Darangen's, and your song wraps up the album well. Congratulations folks. This rocks. I feel proud to be a small part of all this.
  19. Sweet! Man it was a beautiful morning...this morning...and I was listening to this with the windows open. The sunlight and fresh air mixed perfectly with this...mix (wow, twice in one post!). This just sounds very fresh, and it reminds me a lot of Marble Zone. Of course, you've taken it sufficiently far from the original on the funk train. Man, great stuff!
  20. That just might be the day on which to release the project. Just maybe.
  21. I'm just trying to finish the cover art. And DS: along that line, for the insert, do you want (or particularly not want) any of the stuff you wrote on the "About" page written in the insert?
  22. On "Theme of Li'l Traveller": The word "traveler" here is misspelled: there should only be one "L". Do you want it spelled with one "L" or two?
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