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  1. I'll make this short: I am seriously underwhelmed -- and, in fact, a bit disappointed.
  2. Not one but TWO people have quoted me in this thread? I R t3h f4m05!
  3. ...I've come to the conclusion I was bit wrong about my first review. I'll say yes, it is a good song -- but as a remix I'm still a bit disappointed. The overall handling of the source material is less-than-superior -- the original melodies get drowned out in the massive arrangements. That is not to say that is not good. It is, in fact, excellent, to the point of being a mini-masterpiece. But ONLY as a stand-alone tune. It does not go well with the original song. Which, in this small case, is actually alright.
  4. I'll be the first to say that nothing could beat Injury's treatment of this same material, but this one comes pretty dangerously close -- from tearjerking sentimentallity to breakbeats and then a combination thereof -- just a "wow"-inducing mix all-around. Splendidly done. Good to see someone is keeping the vibrant spirit of the MM remix alive!
  5. I've been waiting way too damn long for someone to do justice to "Clockworks" and I'm very, very glad someone could pull it off with such a flair for the insanity that the original track had oozing out its pores. Brilliantly done.
  6. "Back to the roots" indeed...this mix was, I think, what the original composers had in mind for what the original track was to sound and feel like. Very nicely done.
  7. Anytime that someone turns a "Sonic" song into a dance anthem, it's worthy of undue praise -- and this is, most definetly, worthy of undue praise! Excellent bassline, effective use of the original melody, while still being true to the derivative source-material Very nice stuff!! HOLY SHIT IT'S MY 100TH POST! WHOOOOOA!
  8. FINALLY Landstalker gets a remix!! Took y'all long enough... This one is a strange one, I'll admit. For those that don't know, it's the song that plays when the Island Map is displayed. That being said, it's pretty faithful to the original, even if it is a bit crackheaded and occasionally dissonant in some parts. Overall, a very well-done bit. I like.
  9. I must regret to say...this mix is inferior to that of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern's. I mean, where did the original melody go? I'm rather disappointed, as DJ-P usually delivers with such quality.
  10. Eerie and gut-wrenching, a wonderful rendering of one of the most tender and emotional tracks in videogame history.
  11. Brutal as it is completely and utterly geeky -- the old sci-fi movie samples, the heavy guitarwork on the main theme -- but that is what is so Goddam great about it. Fucking spectacular, gentlemen. Rosencrantz and Guildernstern are most certainly not dead!
  12. Sampling here of one of the best dance songs of all time -- The Vengaboys - "Paradise," and hence the title.
  13. This is like something out of one of the sicker 70's horror movies, like Creepshow on acid...this is incredibly creepy.
  14. From the time I was in fourth grade until I was in 8th grade, I experience every imaginable horror that adolescence had hurl upon a hapless human being. By the time I was 14, I was recognizably not a boy anymore, but something else, something older and stronger and yet more vulnerable. The rift in-between was one of constant upheaval and iconoclasm, so that the traditions of the past were tossed out completely in favor of the uncoming rush of Lust, Ambition, and Intelligence that made me who I was. Whoever that little boy of 9 and 10 was, or had been, he was dead by the close of the millennium. The change that was yielded was one that was nearly traumatic, and one which left deep scars on my psyche. For many years, there was no closure to my sudden maturation, even less closure for that period had me become in the process. This song filled the gap. It's subject is one of the most sublimely beautiful videogame tracks ever made, "The Prelude" from Final Fantasy IV. The famous spiraling arpeggio that millions of gamers the world over hold with love and gratitude is set to a trance beat, and would indeed be appropriate at a rave. In the background is the soaring orchestral section found in FF IV's version of "The Prelude," a magnificient off-setting to the rhythmic trance beat. The song, I recognize now, can be a fitting anthem for the time period between 1996 and 2000, the painful years of growing up and becoming something much different than what I had started out as -- for though the song is deleriously happy, as all Rave music is, there is a palpable melancholy to it, replicating in synthesizers and mixers the feeling of looking at a picture of a dead relative -- infinite loss the years heal over, memories of whole worlds and empires gone and vanished with Time. Over all of it is the famous, soaring Arpeggio, the enchanting promise of far-off worlds and amazing adventures -- of the bubbling excitement of simply being a child, entranced, as it were, with the entire world. Nothing in the world could come close to being as beautiful.
  15. I really like this piece. The vocal samples added to the overall effect of being ultra-robotic (like the original track!) and the samples of the security lasers from Quick Man's stage are just awesome. DOWNLOAD THIS!!!
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