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  1. Title is still a work in progress I was going back through some really old tracks I had start and came across this little gem. This track is over two years old and finally got a proper work over now that I have better plugins. I also got the chord structure from a very famous piece of classical music can you guess it?
  2. The only experience I have with SMS is hearing djp gush about it endlessly, hence making ReMixes for it, thus eventually inspiring me play the first Phantasy Star back in 2002 (on emulator, and once more in 2015 [on the same emulator for the most part, until I realized there are way better ones after more than a decade passing, somehow successfully transferring the save files over despite them being a different file type, by simply renaming it to them, with no guides on how to do that that I'm aware of]). I think it's equal to, or better (this, personally), than FF1 for the NES. I have not thought about listening to the rest of the system's library of music even once, though, despite really liking the music to Phantasy Star. Then I ran across this video with fully mysterious to me music, making it a nice treasure trove. The music is really bright, less gritty than NES perhaps, making it relieving to hear, as a contrast I suppose. Maybe the NES has better variability, and sometimes layers, even smoothness (however, Galaxy Force is sounding really smooth right now!), though, and maybe some better musicians, overall, too. Maybe the atmosphere given as initial influence for the console's creation was primarily being overly happy-type music (also true since the samples bring that out), so that's the line artists went with, for a larger portion for its library. Yet there are still tense tracks, like the one at 25:35. Like the NES, it seems to require taking a break before listening to too much; but maybe a more refined or thought-out list could prevent that.
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