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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I'm proud to announce that my latest album, "Metroid: Organ Transplants" has entered the final stage of video production and is about to be released on Youtube, ContreBombarde and as free downloadable CD/DVD images around the New Years Day. What started out as an "accidental recording", over the past two months has grown into a personal tribute to the most stunning orchestral OC remixes attributed to the Metroid franchise: My third orchestra+organ play-along album contains nine OC remixes by various artists, all of them in a similar style, as if the original composers would have had a silent agreement that, one day, these pieces were intended to be put together. The glue between all of the tracks is suggested by the album title — they're all enhanced and backed by a three-manuals French-Romantic Cavaillé-Coll pipe organ, which I added on top by playing along in two live sessions (yes, I love plays on words, hence the album title). This adds even more drama, gravity and a bunch of particular highlights. Since the additional pipe organ track was recorded in 7.1 surround, the original OC remixes, which served as the re-remixing basis, were also upgraded to 7.1 to fit the setup. The recording and mixing process, credits research, video material research, storybook and composition, album art, media production, etc. took about three months of spare-time work — definitely my most ambitious project so far and an interesting first contact with DAWs in general and Ardour 6 in particular. The album will be available for download via my discography at http://en.wpoa.de/WPOA-MOT as a stereo CD image, as a DVD image with both a 5.1 surround sound and a 2.0 stereo track including a full 45min video cut of Metroid gameplay, cutscenes and artwork created by other people on the web (let's call it "the movie cut"), in lossless FLAC format with 7.1 channels (the "golden master") and will be accompanied by PDFs with cover/inlay/label artwork, separately for both the CD and DVD, which I put together for personal hardcopies that I usually give away to friends and family as a gift. Track list: Putting Down On Zebes (by @Protricity, part of https://ocremix.org/album/3) Footprints On Zebes (by @Slimy, https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03306) Kraid Begins (by @AJiLe, https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01890) The Crimson Depths, (by @Sam Dillard, https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02275) Into The Green World (by @Sam Dillard, https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02515) Beyond The Glass (by @Sam Dillard, https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02927) Mother Brain Suite (by @beckett007, https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01675) The Galaxy Awaits (by @Nutritious, https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01804) Mission Complete: Ending Suite (by @Sam Dillard, https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02648) The following album teaser video is available on my channel. Once the release is prepared, this thread will be updated with the final link to the YouTube premiere of the full album video (stereo only, since YT still doesn't support surround sound in their audio tracks). I'm eager to know what you think about it -- and, hopefully, I'm going to meet at least some of the original remixers at the premiere! Hope you'll enjoy the show!
  2. Watch me play along live to " The Witcher -- Wild Hunt" concert recording from Cracow, Poland. This is one of my VGM training sessions, in which I love to put some more gravity into epic game soundtracks to make them even bolder. As I have no sheets for this, everything you'll witness is caught up by ear, from notes to chords, dynamics to tempo, rhythm to articulation. Enjoy this unique on-the-fly composing experience!
  3. If so, I think I'd need @Sam Dillard's permission to do so --- and you could help me to convince him by leaving your upvote in the comments. The more, the better! I'd really be hyped if people in this community had an interest in a successor to Metroid: Organ Transplants and to let me build this 1h45m monster! IMHO, Sam's work is just BREATHTAKINGLY PHENOMENAL. However, sometimes you can add even more cherries on top of the sundae... ^^ Let's make this the world's most buttered and sugared icecream milkshake candybar piece of soundtrack awesomeness on this planet! EDIT I'm talking about his most recent album, Metroid Cinematica Recharged, which was released just a few days ago on July 1st 2020. Watch his release trailer here:
  4. Trials of Mana, also known as Seiken Densetsu 3, is the 1995 successor to the famous SNES "Secret of Mana" JRPG and, back then, was published only in Japan. About two years ago, in April 2020, fans were gifted with a full state-of-the-art remake after a quarter of a century, during which fan-translated ROM versions toured all around the planet. Being one of these fans, I recently finished multiple runs of that game and found the opening scene — and, most notably, the orchestrated soundtrack — to be one of the major highlights of the remake. Needless to say that this called for an "organic" extension. For those who own a 7.1 surround system, an 8-channel FLAC file can be picked up here to get an impression of what it will sound like in my living room: URL: http://via.woody-mc.de/to/AhilFIYNgjiwMgZq Player: Current versions of Media Player Classic are able to properly play multi-channel FLAC files. Production side note: The audio you can hear in the ContreBombarde upload at https://www.contrebombarde.com/concerthall/music/52536 consists of four individual 7.1 live recordings. I recorded these inone go while playing to the looped OST; later I cut the whole recording into pieces of the respective OST length and synced them up to the OST recording. All volume/intensity/registration changes are solely originating from the organ; absolutely no subsequent volume changes/fades have been applied in the audio workstation during post-processing. Also, all registrations were made manually using the stepper, where it was a challenge especially for the final chord to keep a precise timing. I know comments are extremely rare on my pieces, however I'd be eager to know whether one can distinguish the separate recordings in the final VIDEO cut, as it would give me a hint on my next project(s) in terms of fine-tuning multiple recording layers. Thanks in advance!
  5. It's been over a decade now since my first (unsuccessful) submission, so I thought it could be worth a retry with one of my more recent live improvisations, which might be a bit...uhmmm...unconventional. Meanwhile, I've dug deep into the world of pipe organs as an autodidact, with many lessons learned already and even more to still learn -- but decide for yourself as you take a listen. Hope you'll enjoy! Submission Information Name of game(s) arranged: "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" Name of arrangement: "Temple Of Time: Chant & Carillon" Name of individual song(s) arranged: "Temple of Time" Link to OST: https://fi.zophar.net/soundfiles/nintendo-64-usf/legend-of-zelda-the-ocarina-of-time/44%20Temple%20of%20Time.mp3 Download Links Submission audio (FLAC 2.0ch 16bit 44.1kHz): http://via.woody-mc.de/to/Q90hnnkQBOVdSipq Original recording master (FLAC 7.1ch 16bit 48kHz): http://via.woody-mc.de/to/9vnNo0P0MQShcRBN VOD illustration: https://youtu.be/u4MjElSvRVI Additional Comments Following my childhood dream and fascination for pipe organs, to become a self-taught pipe organist with a focus on VGM and movie soundtracks was an unevitable destiny with regards to my hobby and passion. Thus, the live improvisation on one of TLoZ:OoT's most notable themes is somewhat a milestone for me, as I was able to put that big cathedral grandeur and acoustics into a piece that would be more than fitting as an OST for the place where the game actually placed the original. In fact, "Temple of Time: Chant & Carillon" consists of two interwoven movements, namely the chant portion in the first half (resembling an "accompaniment" to the vocals heard in the OST) and the carillon section, which refers to a "carillon piece" in the context of pipe organ music; these try to imitate the ringing of church bells through fast arpeggiated chords while the main melody is often played with the left hand on another manual or with even the feet using the pedals, featuring a different registration (= timbre). The piece itself features almost the full dynamic range of the organ with a more or less linear increase, reaching its first culmination point at a striking dissonant chord around 6:10, before it enters the finale section which eventually utilises "full organ" (= all stops activated) for the final chords cadence (hope you'll own a decent LFE to enjoy the frequencies around ~16Hz). Just like many of my other creations, this has been played live at home using a three-manual DIY organ console with Milan Digital Audio's "Hauptwerk" as the software backbone and features MDA's "1903 Notre Dame de Metz" sample set being mapped to four different speaker pairs. The "audio artifacts" you might notice, such as key attacks, blower noise and some hizz from certain pipe ranks are indeed intended to be present in the final recording and are both a sign of realism and paying attention to the details when the sample set was recorded as well as they're vital for the authenticity of the piece's final recording. It should be noted that this exact recording -- like pretty much all of my music -- is a unique on-the-fly improvisation, which means that it cannot be revised or otherwise be "polished" in any way, not even for a resubmission attempt. Be sure to watch the VOD if you'd like to see the pictures that I had in mind when I improvised this (and for some nice goosebumps during the final measures -- at least I hope so).
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