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pixietricks album - See new thread for remix contest!

Jillian Aversa

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I assume you're Tim from the Netherlands, Razzy? I will ship out your CD tomorrow! Just got back from my graduation (where I had no internet), so it was just a slight delay. :3

Brad: I am also not in the Southwest area, and how does one record off the radio anyway? Tips, anybody?

In other newsssss... Looks like I am going to have to do another run of printing. I'm close to sold out for the physical copies I originally had made! @_@

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Congrats on nearly selling out the first printing!

You could record the old-fashioned way with a microphone close to the speaker on your radio :)

You should've brought Internet into your graduation ceremony. I had my DS in mine, only I didn't play it since I was in the front row. Also, congrats on graduating :)

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Bah, I need to find out when that's on in Atlanta! Well, hopefully that archive will be out soon if I miss it.

It should be on between 1 am and 2 am for you Eastern folks. But if you don't live within about 100 miles of Ciudad Juarez, you won't be able to receive the broadcast. I'm hoping for nice atmospheric conditions to boost that range a bit.

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No problem, Jill!

...Except for the fact that I hadn't yet realized that the podcast is not the same thing as the radio show.... "Hajime" will be in the radio show for sure, but it may or may not appear in the podcast. The podcast may also appear a few days later.

On a more positive note, "Hajime" will be playing somewhere between 11 pm and 11:20 pm Mountain time on KTEP.

More information on the radio show is here: http://www.newagereporter.com/playlist/viewplaylist.asp?pid=4679

Many apologies for misleading/wrong information. :puppyeyes:

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My radio promotion team doesn't target college stations, and I'm already sparing 150 free copies for this purpose. But nothing is stopping you from buying the album and showing it to them! You have my permission to burn it for the station if you were to do so.


I should clarify. If it is a reporting station (to ASCAP or New Age Reporter, specifically), I could certainly send them a promo copy. I think there are few college stations out there that actually do that, though.

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