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Out of curiosity: what purpose does the pinhole lens serve? Is it supposed to create a specific effect an ordinary lens cannot produce?

Pinhole is the purest, most simple form of photography. By learning and understanding it (along with other historical processes) one gains a more rounded understanding of photography; its history, its present, and its future. It also has a certain artistic appeal, giving up some control. With pinhole you get a nearly infinite depth of field and you get loooong exposures. some of mine run into the five to ten minute mark, which I think more properly conveys time, which is an often overlooked spacial element in photography. People are always focused on capturing the moment, a single instant. What about long periods of time? Pinhole gives you the chance to capture a "temporal average" of a place in a span of time. It's more four dimensional, like cubism; which is to say you have the physical X and Y axes, the visual Z axis, and the conceptual time axis, all of which are displayed in a single image, all at once.

A couple of more shots from my last test roll.



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I designed a new polyptych. The square ones would be 24x24 inches and the long panels would be 12X36 inches, so the whole piece will measure about 7.5 x 3.5 feet. I also added a very slight dry brush filter to hide the digital noise from being enlarged to much.

*awesome thing here*

That is really magnificent looking. How much would it cost to get that printed? Just an estimate even.

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So I've gotten really hardcore into photography now. I've posted in this thread way back with some of my shots with the PowerShot SX10 ... but I suffered from GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) and bought a Nikon D90 to replace it. One of my friends was going on a trip and needed a camera, so I cut him a great deal on the SX10 and took the opportunity to upgrade big time.

In the meantime, I've gotten a lot of great shots from both cams since last posting here. Here are some of my best. Click the photos for flickr links.



This was shot with the SX10 in Atlanta, GA. I didn't have my tripod handy and I look up to the sky and see this wonder. There's not enough light for a fast shutter, so all I could do was brace the camera against myself, use the camera's image stabilization, and take a good 20 shots and keep the best. I had to turn off auto white balance because the camera was trying to take all the brilliant yellow color out and make it grey.



This is a female Boat-Tailed Grackle I found at St. Mark's Wildlife Refuge. One of the other photographers was feeding the birds popcorn so they stuck around and I managed to get this really good shot.

Star Trails


This is a star trails photo, which means I used a very long exposure and the Earth's rotation made the stars move, creating lines. This is a 60 minute exposure. It's also using my fisheye lens. Unfortunately the light from the house produced some flare, but it still turned out fine.

This is what the same scene looks like without the star trails


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I'd be looking at about $200, retail. That includes printing and mounting. I'm asking $300 at the moment.

Wow.... a bit out of my price range I'd say, but I do hope someone (or many people) take(s) you up on it. It's really magnificent. And now that you've given me an estimate on how much it would cost just to print it, I'm seeing that it wouldn't be economically viable even to make one on my own.. hmm.

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So I have the opportunity to finally get my hands on my own DSLR. My manager is offering me his Sony A550, a 50mm f/1.4, 18-55mm f/3.5 - 5.8, and a 55-200mm f/4-5.6, and an extra battery for (effectively) $400. I don't think I can pass this one up...as much as I am trying to resist the temptation.

Here are a few test shots from my likely-camera-to-be.




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This thread has been sleeping for 4½ years. Great shots in it, very curious to see where you guys are at with photography now.

Won't call myself a photographer, but I love technical stuff... optics included. Great hobby, but my wallet would disagree. :)

Anyway, some of my stuff...

Product photo


Waterfall (hand-held)



Another urbex


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