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Zelda: Oracle of Ages 'Essence of Lime' [See community board]

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...but I want it...NOW! And talk to OCAD about a listening party if that's the kinda kink you're looking for. We do have a registered room in ETG :wink:

I highly encourage this. Highly. I think once we have an official release date we should try to plan the listening party for the next weekend after release (depending on when that is). We would be very gracious if OCAD would host it :l

...well at least I would.

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It... it's not dead, it's just sleeping for a bit right?


I never heard back about it. But eh. Today, tomorrow, next week...it'll get posted at some point.

You mean, 'Yesterday, Today, Special Tomorrow' right? That's going to be my next song title now. Sweet.

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