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OCR Cribs (the "Post Pics of your Studio Area" thread!)

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what's the response like on them? i'm considering getting a real set of monitors instead of the cheapo gamer speakers i've got.

Anything is better than cheapo gamer speakers.

Keep 'm around though, it'll be nice when you hear your first mix on your new monitors on 'm.

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Okay, here's the mini "studio" I'm working from while on vacation at my mother in laws house in Tacoma, WA. Huge thanks to norg for lending me that Axiom 25 and his 5 string bass. In all I'm running everything off of that little laptop. Mainly working with Cubase 4, Drumkit From Hell Superior (Superior 2.0 as soon as it ships :D:D:D) and various softsynths and libraries. The instruments are a Hohner B Bass V, Carvin DC127 guitar, shitty strat copy which I have modified into a 7 string (B to B tuning) and a badass green pickup and scalloped fingerboard. Not pictured are the little practice amp that I'm running Waves GTR3 through, and my Shure SM57 that records it.


Oh, and norg and I built that awesome table together last year because I had no place to record music when I visited here. I've "modified" it (aka put hooks and hangers on it) in a way that keeps the floor and surrounding area totally free from loose cabling. My work area is totally clean and very conducive to music creation.

P.S. Yeah, I know the date on the camera is wrong, I forget to set it... :(

Woah, I have the exact same pair of headphones.

Also isn't that the same type of Carvin that Danimal Cannon uses/used?

EDIT: I'll have pics of my current setup sometime.

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Sorry to be off topic here...

ya I bought that the other day at some used game store. It's the ORIGINAL Street Fighter II.

Not Street Fighter II Turbo

Not Street Fighter II: Champion Edition

Not Street Fighter II: The New Challengers

Not Super Street Fighter II

Not Super Street Fighter II: Turbo (yes that exists)


Awesome, I've only ever ROM'd that game. :puppyeyes:

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I'm disappointed to see a lack of picture updates in this thread lately. I'd post some, but it's pretty much the same.
Yeah, the big sales are still a few months away. Hopefully this thread will get a little more love then. My setup hasn't changed much, but I do have a couple of new additions:


Sennheiser HD 280 Pro and Rode NT1-A. Mmmm, fun.

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You know that song I posted on Facebook a little while ago? I randomly decided that it needed a photo to go along with it so I setup the tripod and snapped a few with the timer. The backlighting was an unexpectedly cool effect from my lamp. It was 3am so my eyes aren't closed because I'm concentrating, they're closed because I was falling asleep :)

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This is my desk:


Here's some various amps, guitars and stuff:


Here's a wider shot of the room. The door in the middle is a closet for doing vocals and such. It's big enough for recording acoustic guitars as well. You can also see my other work station that I do my comic and other various 3D things.


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Damn that's a sweet setup. Does it ever get too hot in your recording booth?

Not really. Since this is all in a basement, it stays fairly coolish in here. Even in the summer. Unfortunately the heat pump exchange unit is right outside this room but you can't hear it too much from within the closet. There's probably some things I can do to that closet to keep out more of the noise, though. For now, it works.

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