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Announcing 'Alter Ego' - Debut album by [TWEEX] - Released on June 17, 2008

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Ladies and gentlemen, the time has arrived. Presales are available NOW for ALL HARCOPIES of the album!

THIS LINK will take you to the CDBaby website where you can order a copy of the ALTER EGO CD which will be shipped out on Tuesday Jun 17!

CD Baby might tell you that they are OUT OF STOCK, but THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARE!!!!!

Hard copies will go fast, but NEVER take what the CDBaby page tells you for FACT!!! Always order first and if there is a problem, they will let you know, but NEVER hesitate to order. I can't stress that enough! If you have doubts, CONTACT ME AND ASK!!

ANY questions you may have, feel free to email me (brian at tweexmusic dot com), IM me on AIM (brianma14), PM me through OCR, or any other creative way you come up with!

Also, you should know that there are now AUDIO CLIPS OF EVERY SONG!!!! Mind you, these samples are LOW QUALITY but it will give you a great idea of what the album is about!

Tell your friends to check it out; they will NOT be disappointed!

Get excited everyone, the album is within reach!

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I told tweek that if he reminded me, I'd buy one.

He reminded me, and I bought one. Looking forward to it! And to having a cd of which even less will be pressed than there were of my Project Majestic Mix cds, something I didn't think possible. :D

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Pre-Ordering mine as soon as I get home from work. Loving alot of the samples so far; Bipolar and Danse Macabre are stand outs so far with some bitchin synth leads.

EDIT: Downtown sounds like good porno musikz.

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Well, CD Baby has messed more of this album up than anything else!!

Bad news for me, the CDs won't be distributed on the 17th.

Good news for you guys, the CDs will arrive before the release date.

Despite CD Baby's inexcusable numerous mistakes, let's keep those orders coming!!

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Yeah I got a mail from CD Baby saying the shipped it yesterday too. Man I love that mail, funniest ever.

Our packing specialist from Japan lit a candle and a hush fell over

the crowd as he put your CD into the finest gold-lined box that money

can buy.

Such a shame that box always seems to get lost on its way here.

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Glad you guys have been enjoying the album so far.

Everyone else, drop in and let us know what tracks you enjoyed. I know all the artists will love to hear their work was well accepted!

Let's keep up those sales!

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