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Diablo III

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I've been doing really well ever since finding this weapon.  Hoping to clear rift 50 before season's end, but I'd like to find ancient IK or Wastes gloves first.

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/19802338/patch-230-ptr-preview-6-23-2015   OH GOOD LORD I WANT ALL OF THIS SO BAD! I hope the ptr is in early july. :3c

Yeah this is definitely an on-off game.

Gotta say I am really impressed with D3 development overall. Bliz is doing a great job of keeping the game fresh and balanced. Currently handling T4 without much trouble on my HC Monk, who has almost 1m damage and 30m toughness :D

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i am planning to buy this next time the base game and/or reaper is on sale for a reasonable amount. any suggestions on characterization? i played the 360 version as a monk and found that an entertaining playstyle, but i only did the game once through and didn't do any of the higher levels or max my character out much.

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I was just made my first crusader in all this time (long time) to play with it on this season, so I have even lesser idea than you on how to play it (Without copying builds, that's too boring).

Let's see what makes the crusader so loved.

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