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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 'Chemical Plant Zone' (listen with headphones)


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This is a remix I have done of the chemical plant zone on sonic 2.

Please listen to this in headphones, as due to automation, panning and the sounds involved, this remix sound much better in headphones than through speakers.


I hope you enjoy it and make sure you give feedback!



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I'll start out by saying that I had my doubts about this remix from the get-go simply because if I'm told "works best if you listen to it under this condition" then often that's to cover up inadequacies. At the very least I suggest a slightly different approach.

The drums seem way too tiny in this, especially the snare. They get lost in the mix very easily when the slightest hint of harmonizing happens. Try bolstering them with single hits.

I really like the arrangement, but for the most part this mix seems way too simplistic, especially in the synth-programming department. I can understand wanting to keep synth sounds fairly 16-bit sounding but at the very least have a line or two with some monster you've created to show that you can indeed create a monster. Stylistic remixes are cool and all but on OCR, you have to flex your shit. Arrangement-wise, I feel like you've done it for the most part and I like a lot of the improvisations you've done, but they don't really have the impact that they should because there's no sense of tension and release to your song. The reason for this is that all of your synths sound fairly cheap and 16-bit. One thing you could do is replace the bass with a growling reese-ish deal, having the filter flare up whenever a hole provided itself. You could also bolster up one of you lead synths with another saw wave or something and try gating a bit for the melody, kind of like Adam Freeland's tune Glowsticks (you tube.com/watch?v=NEtrHjKGn3g). Point is, don't be afraid to show of your monster synth lines, the production on everything else is nice enough but I wanna hear some oomph!

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[X] Low-quality samples

[X] Drums have no energy


[X] Abrupt ending

PERSONAL COMMENTS (positive feedback, specifics on checklist criticisms, any other thoughts)

I'll admit to being guilty to using 5.1 speakers here. Anyway, here we go.

Drums are loud, but they don't have any bite. I don't agree with some of the same use... the percussion is nice yet the guitars are so poorly synthesized I'd be attacking them even from a genesis.

The ending flies, but it's rough. I think you might do well to start winding down a bit sooner.

This mix has a nice feel to it, but the solos just don't feel right. Most of your synth work has a nice raw feel to it, but the solos feel soft and slurred, they just don't work.

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Listened to this in my headphones. My first concern is the first 1:20 or so is probably too close to the source material, it might be enough to have the mix rejected. The next bit is a nice changeup, but some of the transitions felt a bit too abrupt to me (particularly the ones at 1:35 and 1:46, it felt like there wasn't anything in the preceding section that set either of these changes up, if that makes sense - basically, I felt like the flow was lost at both of these points).

Other than that, I have to agree with the previous two posters that the sound samples were a bit low-fi. They give the song a bit of a flat feeling. I think changing the samples would give the song a nice bit of depth.

I don't know that I have much of a problem with the drums, unlike the first two. To me, they have a very similar quality to the drums from the original song, which ties them together more effectively.

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I guess I'm the only one here who loves low precision bit-noise. I think it sounds pretty good.


Not only do the drums just not have the energy, they sound 80's cheap. Well, the whole song sounds 80's cheap, but the drums, I don't feel like accepting. Through long parts of the remix, you just have them play the beat. I'd like to see more activity/variation in those areas.

To give your song a little more texture, maybe you could add just one non-16-bit noise?

They might think it's too close to the source, might not. I've seen songs get away with being close as long as they have a lot of stylization.

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