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COMPLETED PROJECT: Legend of Zelda 'The Story of Hyrule'

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So, it's taken me a while to get back to you on this one, and for that I apologize. I still have yet to really sit down and listen to the soundtrack that I might throw down a track-by-track. By the way, I made a statement about not having the time to do editorial work. This has since been re-considered, given my massive free time of late, and if you'd like, I will take on that task. If you want an example of how I do editing, send me a PM and I'll link you to some work I did. I won't try to take creative control, and am very adaptable with creative visions. Either way, I'll try to get you a better review of the music side beyond my initial thoughts of earlier.

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All of the positive comments regarding this project are well-deserved. However, I'd like to compliment you on one track in particular- the metal remix of Hyrule Castle.

Every other redux of Hyrule Castle that I've heard just don't retain the same energy that the original SNES track did. This one is done perfectly- there's no slowing of the tempo as a cheap attempt to enhance the music- it keeps the march feel throughout. Very well done.

edit: I also want a FLAC version of this project. Very much. Is there any way it can be torrented?

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I am glad you are able to listen to the music in that there are no gaps present.

And thanks to everyone who has shown interest and got something small maybe from the story of hyrule. Respect must go to Ramaniscence as this would have all been missed or passed if it was not for him.

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The majority of traffic on ReMix:ThaSauce is from Japan. We get almost as much, if not more, hits from Japan than we do from the US.

Anyway, more people talking =P

Still need moar diggs, though.

Yeah, Ram. I actually work for that site and I was the one who pimped this project up in our weekly podcast. :)

Glad you liked my fanfic, Mithius. You know, it's the first piece of writing I ever did on a PC so it means A LOT to me. Obviously, I revamped it a few years ago because it looked so outdated and I realized that my style of writing has improved since '97.

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