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OCR TF2: New Server forthcoming - new server IPs and other stuff


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Never did I imagine it exploding the way it did with so many regulars though, or the server evolving the way it did. Originally I couldn't fathom the thought of a viable server for the community with alltalk on or even a hint of micspam accepted, and yet it happened and gameplay hasn't suffered too much for it I feel. Better yet, people enjoy being able to talk to everyone and it has fostered much interaction that you won't see on many other servers. The server has been moving away from my vision for it and more towards the community's vision, and in a way I'm relieved that it has done so. I'm perhaps too rigid of a person in some ways to implement policies of my devising that is amenable to most of the OCR TF2 community.

The best servers I've played on have been alltalk servers. It's just so much better when you can get to know the people you play with. OCR has brought along a strong feeling of community and friendship that I have not seen in any other server I've played on, ever. Although I have to say after playing on a few other non-alltalk servers, I miss the ability to strategise without announcing to the other team. I know you tried a plugin a while back. In a week or so I'm going to start investigating teamspeak and ventrilo to see if they would be viable alternatives to give teams a chance to do that again or alternatively, provide an alltalk channel, because both programs could be listened in by the other team. Ultimately, we'll have to agree on something, unless I want to just have my private channel. This is just a heads up.

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D-Lux is Yahoo?


Figured I'd add some pictures myself. I may add a few more when I'm less in a rush, but here are two of my fondest memories while playing TF2. And they happened just a few days ago!

This is all as Terrorist Sniper, by the way. Terrorist Sniper is using ONLY Jarate and the Kukri, for those unacquainted with my methods.



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I would love to try it, Kiyobi.

@ Powerlord: What happened to the headset?

Lets just say that I don't lose my temper often, but when I do, things have a tendency to break.

Anyway, I have a new headset, but it's one of those where the earpieces completely cover your ears. Meaning that I can't do my usual thing of piping the TF2 sound output to my stereo while just using the headset mic.

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Also, Brushfire has been added to admins again!

you forgot someone~

Also I'm not sure if it was this server/atmuh's servers or just being able to play tf2 on a decently sized screen that improved my performance.

I can say I'm happy I started playing on here with spleen, who once again showed me a community I enjoy, and have stuck around in.

not ocr u fags just the tf2 sever :3

ocr suxs a fatty

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I meant to post this last night, but my login expired and it ate what I wrote D: Anyway.

Initial impressions of cp_clash (the map Kiyobi linked to):

First off, aesthetics. I actually like the generic texture work and spartan layout; feels like TF2 in Gmod. YMMV.

The cap points are interesting. Being almost totally enclosed like that will require some re-thinking of defense in general, I think; the preponderance of cover walls and long sight lines mean sentries are significantly less effective, and significantly more vulnerable. Those areas are a bit like junction in that players with splash damage (pyro, soldier, demo) have the opportunity to cause a lot more havoc than normal.

Personally, I like this aspect as well; the sentry gimping in particular means that teams will need to adopt a more dynamic strategy for defending their points. A lot of people will hate it, because they're babies and can't adapt; their loss, in my opinion.

Onto space. The map feels huge; maybe too much, but I don't have any particular suggestions on how to dial it back. I used to main scout, so it doesn't really bother me; the central area makes it kind of a problem, though. Running around out there, I felt very exposed. Given that you have to cross the map to cap your points, that's probably going to lead to unpleasant experiences for players.

All in all, I like it. The concept is solid, if a bit advanced for TF2, but we got used to Steel, I'm sure we could get used to this. Just needs playtesting, tweaking for balance and player enjoyment, and you're good to go.

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Since we all love Badwater so much: http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/99909

And my friend put up cp_clash_a2 for those who want to keep track of how the map's coming along. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?wmwhlgmvxnw

You think we could get it on this server? Friend tried running one himself, ultimately failed.

Can't be any worse than cp_badwater, and we've got that on there.

Downloading a2 now.

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Since Gold Rush seems to take freaking forever (the server was on Gold Rush when I arrived home an hour ago and is still there now), I've bumped the time on it down from 50 minutes to 45 minutes. Since the max time of one round is 38 minutes (3x 1 minute startup times, 5 min start, and 6x 5 minute time extensions), this should still make it always run twice even if one team manages to get the first six points and lose on the last, but occasionally reduce how many times the map repeats if the rounds are shorter.

I also disabled Sudden Death

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Dear everyone who is on my team.

If you see me playing Sniper, yes, I am probably going to be one of the lower people on the scoreboards, and I am sorry.

I'm trying ot learn it, but I seem to have hit this wall. My mind keeps wanting to fire one second after it's too late.

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Also, why did you disable Sudden Death? Just on PL maps (i.e. overtime) or on all maps? In either case, that sucks.

On all maps, because I thought it pissed people off. It also seems to favor the currently losing team on specific maps (Fastlane, Badlands) because they already have the classes set up to camp resulting in a Stalemate.

How about melee only sudden death? I'd pay for that.

There may be a plugin to do it, but it's not a built-in. This would also be disadvantageous for:

1. Medics with Ubersaw equipped (slower attack)

2. Pyros with Axeinguisher equipped (lower damage)

3. Scout with Bat (lower damage)

and advantageous for:

1. All classes with more HP (Heavy, Soldier, Demoman)

2. Scout with Sandman (stun)

3. Heavy with KGB (a kill = 5 sec of crits)

4. Spies (instant kill backstab, cloak and disguise may still work depending on how plugin worked)

As for the disguise working, it depends on if it just stop weapon changes from working or if the Last Disguise function is also blocked.

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