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MAGFest 7: Jan. 1st - 4th, 2009

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OCR! Convince me/my roommate to still come to MAGFest when Metallica has a concert in DC two weeks later with Machinehead and The Sword!

I'm probably still coming. Whether or not my roommate is, though... Some of you might actually remember him from M5. He came to eat dinner with us one night, big guy with giant beard and long hair.

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hey, that's a pretty cool room. three people i've been wanting to meet =) i have a friend who might be coming and wanted to find a room elsewhere cause we didn't have room in mine - how much would it be for thurs, fri, and sat nights?

it's $99 a night plus tax if you put in the magfest code.

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what happened last year? i seem to remember your car being pretty broke the year we drove in...was that magfest 5? i don't remember.

It was old but functional, and ramined so after MAGfest, but some of the seatbelts in the back seat got broken.

Fortunately I have a new (or at least newer than the old saturn) car this time around.

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