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Super Mario 64 - Dire, Dire Docks


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Hey Txai, thanks for posting this. I always wonder what the songs on the judges' decisions forum sound like. I did listen to the whole thing, and it sounds like you've got enough material in there for about five songs. ;) Some of the effects are really great, though, and I think if you adopted a very critical ear you could edit out what doesn't work and stitch together what does, assuming you are still working on this. Anyway, good luck with your future projects!

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My thoughts:

I should mention first that though I think this has some serious merit, I'm not a fan of the overall style you used.

My biggest gripe is that I was waiting the entire time for the song to pick up, and it never did. It's a long song too, so that didn't help on that front.

There's a lot of interesting musical ideas in here, but I'm not sure they come together like they should. It's one chill sequence flowing into a slightly different chill sequence, flowing into another. I would have loved this if it was more dynamic. I'd like to see it pick up energy at some point.

I also think you could have used a better variety of instruments. It's 100% soft synths. 100%.

That said, excellent production quality, and again, good musical concepts.

You sound like you're done working on this.

My advice to you is to work on other stuff for a while and eventually come back to this one. You could make this into something very special.

You may just have to take a fresh look at it.

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A lot of the instrument choices and some production issues make this a bit annoying to listen to, but the arrangement sounds good. It's pretty varied, but feels somewhat cohesive despite that. Good stuff, but I'm not surprised you were rejected. The aforementioned instrument choices could use some fixing up. Not that there's a problem with synths, it's that they could be a bit more varied and more complex. Better mixed, all that.

Keep trying to get one past the J's.

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It's pretty varied, but feels somewhat cohesive despite that.

I agree completely. There is a certain feel to the whole mix which binds it together.

Very nicely done, though it feels like it should end at a few points. Maybe tie those together a little bit? That's my only suggestion. Otherwise, I think it's excellent and a different style (kinda chippy) which would add diversity to the site.

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